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Spotlight 2017


Focusing on new products and first time appearances in Berlin.

This free service offers exhibitors and co-exhibitors an opportunity to present their premieres and novelties. This includes products and services to be launched at the leading international trade fair for fresh produce marketing.

The exclusive overview of premieres and novelties presents images and texts describing new and improved products, machinery and processes, systems and techniques, technologies, services, promotions and exhibitor campaigns.

"Spotlight" is a valuable tool for both trade journalists reporting about new products, and industry professionals who want to plan their trade fair visit more effectively.

Show product groups

World premiere

Two-sided labelling

Two-sided labelling
Top/bottom labelling system

The innovative "top/bottom" labelling system (photo) from the Krebeck company based in Damme, Germany, can be used to simultaneously label fruit and vegetable trays on both sides. The system consists of two synchronous conveyor belts and two labellers; each can be optionally equipped with a printing unit. Depending on the current need, the independent labellers enable labelling on both sides in one sweep, or labelling on the top or bottom of the tray. The optional printing unit for standard and thermal paper uses design software to create a variety of label formats. The "top/bottom" labelling system will debut at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

A. Krebeck Stalleinrichtung & Apparatebau GmbH
Hall 3.1, Booth C-01

Contact: Robert Krebeck
Phone: +49-5491-96670

World premiere

Fresh apple juice in just seconds

Fresh apple juice in just seconds
OR Apple Juice vending machine

According to the exhibitor, the "OR Apple Juice" (photo) is a groundbreaking, unique type of vending machine. Within a matter of seconds, it can provide the customer with a cup of juice from freshly pressed apples. Driven by decades of experience in the development of orange juice vending machines, AAT Oranfresh decided to tap the apple market. Apple growers and retailers wanting to increase the sales and popularity of apples and apple juice are catching on to the idea of using vending machines designed to process apples instead of oranges. According to its manufacturer, the OR Apple Juice – a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 – is the perfect marketing vehicle for promoting apple brands. The health-conscious vending machine business is rapidly growing around the world and represents a reliable investment on today’s market.

A.A.T. Agroindustry Advanced Technologies S.p.A. ORANFRESH
Hall 5.1, CityCube Hall B, Booth A-08, CityCube Stand B-14

Contact: Enrico Musumeci
Phone: +39-3355843279

World premiere

Collapsible, durable airfreight container

Collapsible, durable airfreight container
Aircoolbox airfreight container

Aircoolbox Limited from England is a relatively young company exhibiting at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 for the first time. The Aircoolbox (photo) presented at the trade fair is a unique, collapsible, durable, insulated airfreight container designed to flat-pack to one-third of its size for easy positioning and frequent re-use. Optimising the supply chain with a single solution, Aircoolbox keeps perishable products at controlled temperatures from 2 to 8°C and from 15 to 25°C for up to 120 hours during transit, without additional cooling agents. Deliveries are covered from source to destination, and the elimination of bulky one-trip packaging increases revenue per shipment. Eleven specially-designed insulated panels easily lock together using simple levers.

Aircoolbox Limited
GB-Hurst, Berkshire
Hall 7.2c, Booth B-03

Contact: Keith Packer
Phone: +44-1628-488760

World premiere

Uniformity and high fruit-quality pods‬‬‬

Uniformity and high fruit-quality pods‬‬‬
Seychelles pole bean

Seychelles (photo) is an attractive, dark-green pole bean that grows in a truss with very smooth and straight pods for easy picking. The stringless, round pods can be picked with various diameters and lengths ranging from 8–9 mm and 12 cm long, to 9–10 mm and 14 cm long. According to the producer, the uniformity and fruit quality of the pods is unique to this variety. Seychelles produces a light-green firm gel around the very small, slowly developing seeds. Resistant to anthracnose and BCMV, the variety has received an All-America Selections Award. The Seychelles bean is suitable for greenhouse production and can also be cultivated outdoors under cool conditions.

Bakker Brothers Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel BV‬
Hall 1.2, Booth A-08

Contact: Judith Stoop
Phone: +31-226-331364

World premiere

Tiny NFC data logger

Tiny NFC data logger
NFC data logger

An extremely small NFC data logger (image) to monitor temperature-sensitive products during transport is being presented by Blulog as a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. No bigger than a credit card, this logger can be inserted directly into the packaging and features customisable temperature limits of 15-25°C, 2-8°C or any other user-defined limits. A push button starts and stops recording. A red light-emitting diode alerts the receiver if the temperature range is breached. The receiver can monitor the entire temperature profile and in particular any breaches via a smartphone or other handheld device equipped with NFC technology. This data is then automatically uploaded to a secure cloud-based database that can be accessed via an online web portal. The logger can also be programmed with any shipping or product information.

Blulog Sp.z.o.o.
Hall CityCube Hall B, Booth E-19

Contact: Jeremy Laurens
Phone: +48-606-641176

World premiere

Concept for healthy eating and snacking‬‬‬‬

Concept for healthy eating and snacking‬‬‬‬
Body & Brains packaging

"Body & Brains" is a trademark and concept aimed at encouraging healthier everyday eating and snacking for consumers. Developed for easy opening by children and the elderly, the eye-catching skirt packaging reminds consumers of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The recloseable package is part of the Easy2Work and Easy2School concept promoting healthy snacks during the day. The website for the concept "" features healthy recipes and shows the health benefits of fruit based on scientific research. The skirt packaging (photo) is an eye-catcher on the shelves as well as in the fridge at home. According to information from the exhibitor, test marketing of Body & Brains products on supermarket shelves shows a significant increase in the sale of berries. The Body & Brains brand concept also helps retailers provide customers with healthier food.

Body & Brains – Growers Packers Direct
Hall 11.1, Booth A-10

Contact: Jacques Luteijn
Phone: +31-888-885788

World premiere

Delicate lamb's lettuce leaves without roots

Delicate lamb's lettuce leaves without roots
Lamb's lettuce leaves without roots

Since September 2016 the German salad and vegetable specialists at Bonduelle have been delivering a real novelty to the fresh-cut segment with their "Feine Feldsalat Blätter" variety of lamb's lettuce (photo). This innovative type of lettuce – a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA – will surprise consumers with its individual, high-quality lamb's lettuce leaves without roots. The product will not only impress fans of this lettuce variety, but it's also perfect for those who have previously considered it too tedious to wash and remove the roots on lamb's lettuce. With its elongated, rich green leaves and the characteristic nutty taste of lamb's lettuce, the exciting new Bonduelle product "Feine Feldsalat Blätter" will be the perfect addition in any kitchen. The new lettuce variety is the ideal basis for delicious and varied main-course salads. It can be enjoyed on its own or combined with other fresh lettuces or savoury ingredients such as ham or nuts.

Bonduelle Deutschland GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth C-02

Contact: Martin Hauser
Phone: +49-7121-1494523

World premiere

High brix value, thin rind and crisp pulp

High brix value, thin rind and crisp pulp
Mini seedless watermelons

Located in the heart of Sardinia is the small farming cooperative of Agricola Campidanese. The Lotta family and C.H. Robinson are collaborating for the first time in Europe, providing retailers with exclusive access to Gavina® mini seedless watermelons (photo). The programme provides retailers with small batches of fruit for their customers. The farm's rich and fertile soil, fresh water and coastal air facilitate the production of high-end Gavina® mini watermelons, explains the exhibitor. Carefully cultivated by the Lotta family of Agricola Campidanese, the fruit have a high brix value, a thin rind, and a pulp that is sweet, crisp and refreshing. The grower strives to produce high-quality mini watermelons while ensuring full traceability from field to table.

C.H. Robinson Europe BV
Hall 23, Booth F-17

Contact: Sarah Vergin
Phone: +1-952-6833509

World premiere

The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds
Euro E7 plastic pallets

A trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA, the Euro E7 (photo) from Cabka_IPS represents the best of both worlds by combining the advantages of wooden and plastic pallets. The forklift pockets, deck height and blocks correspond to the dimensions of a Europool pallet, allowing for the seamless integration of the pallets into storage and transport systems that were designed for handling standard wooden pallets. This comes with a number of benefits for load carrier management. For instance, the Euro E7 can be used parallel to wooden pallets in a carrier system or serve as a shuttle for defective wooden pallets. Another key advantage of the Euro E7 is its low follow-up costs – including breakage, handling, transport, loss and storage costs – and the resulting high profitability. The Euro E7 impresses users with its long service life (even with high circulation rates) and with fewer process downtimes. Furthermore, it is fully recyclable and can be remanufactured into new pallets.

Hall 21, Booth B-03

Contact: Rafael Fuchs
Phone: +49-172-4637829

World premiere

Lightweight professional curved anvil shears

Lightweight professional curved anvil shears
MINI pruning shears

MINI pruning shears (image) are professional curved anvil shears weighing just 170 g and celebrate their trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The anvil makes pruning easy on the joints with no cutting impact, while the curved shape holds the branch in place. The ergonomic grip and cutting head aligned with the branch allow the wrist to maintain a natural position, reducing strain during vineyard, fruit, olive and garden pruning work. The handle and anvil blade of light aluminium alloy and the high percentage carbon steel blade are hot forged. This method allows the exhibitor to provide a lifetime guarantee against breakage. The surface is anodised for increased durability and covered with non-slip material.

Castellari s.r.l.
Hall 5.1, Booth B-21

Contact: Enrico Castellari
Phone: +39-348-9112352

World premiere

Sweet, succulent and tasty

Sweet, succulent and tasty
Cavallino Rosso mini plum tomatoes

Cora Seeds s.r.l. is promoting a new hybrid-determined mini plum tomato on the market. The highly innovative "Cavallino Rosso" variety (photo), which translates as "red horse", features tomatoes with an average weight of 30 to 35 g and a characteristic mini San Marzano shape. The tomatoes are also very sweet, with a brix value of over seven degrees. They have a deep and uniform red colour, and they shine even during the summer months. The pulp is succulent and tasty, and the tomatoes are suitable both to sell in packages or crates at the produce market – with or without the sepals – and to sell for processing. The "Cavallino Rosso" yields outstanding results when processed for tomato paste or for dried or frozen tomato products. Thanks to the tomato's "Italian look" and characteristics that appeal to the various senses, the exhibitor is convinced that the "Cavallino Rosso" will satisfy even the most discerning customers.

Cora Seeds s.r.l.
Hall 1.2, Booth D-09

Contact: Alessandro Bacchi
Phone: +39-0547-385166

World premiere

Disinfectant, fumigant and freshness management

Disinfectant, fumigant and freshness management

Decco presents three world premieres at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. DECCO AEROSOL ULTRA (image) is a full-discharge aerosol based on glycolic acid that is designed for use as a disinfectant in cold storage rooms. It is effective against many bacteria and fungi. Its discharge mechanism disperses the product evenly in the atmosphere, forming a cloud that disinfects even hard-to-reach areas such as ventilation systems. DECCOPYR POT (image) is a new fumigant fungicide based on pyrimethanil, the latest generation fungicide which is effective against a broad range of fungi and has a low toxicological profile. The product has been approved for use with stone fruit (peaches, nectarines and plums) and pomaceous fruit (pears and apples). TruPick™ post-harvest freshness management for fruit and vegetables delivers just-picked quality. Firmness and flavour are maintained by controlling naturally occurring ethylene during storage or transport.

Decco Worldwide Post - Harvest Holdings BV
Hall 10.2, Booth A-08

Contact: Rosario Herrera
Phone: +34-961-344011

World premiere

Real-time display of temperature, humidity and location

Real-time display of temperature, humidity and location
BLE delivery route solution

For the first time in Europe, the company DeltaTrak Inc. presents its innovative FlashLink Bluetooth low-energy temperature and humidity solution for delivery routes (image) at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. This wireless monitoring solution provides real-time display of temperature, humidity and location during the transportation of perishable products in refrigerated vehicles, trucks and containers. The logger sends the data to a smartphone or tablet in the driver's cab. The smart device uploads the information to a web application where it can be viewed remotely. Graphs and CSV files are emailed directly from the mobile device or web application and automatically archived in the cloud. The system also sends alerts for out-of-range conditions.

DeltaTrak Inc.
Hall 23, Booth E-06

Contact: Gerrit van Tilborg
Phone: +32-3-4556125

World premiere

New DFHV committees for convenience and young business professionals ‬

New DFHV committees for convenience and young business professionals ‬
DFHV juniors

The DFHV (German Fruit Trade Association) sees great future potential for young professionals as well as for convenience products. With this in mind, the association has established two new committees and will be announcing details across Europe at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Convenience is a growing segment for creative and ambitious suppliers. At the same time, it raises complex issues extending beyond the fresh produce sector. The aim of the proposed committee is to share information about economic, technical and legal issues in this market segment. Young business professionals represent the future of any industry. Meeting for the first time in November 2016 in Hamburg, the DFHV juniors (photo) defined two core areas for their work: future strategy and successful management. These themes include digitalisation, IT security, market trends and logistics requirements.

Deutscher Fruchthandelsverband e.V.
Hall 20, Booth B-06

Contact: Dr. Andreas Brügger
Phone: +49-228-9114510

World premiere

Virtual banana farm visit

Virtual banana farm visit
Virtual reality app "Visit My Farm"

Since 2012 consumers and partners have been able to get an impression of banana production and wide-ranging background information on plantations and workers through interactive videos on the online platform "Dole Earth". Five years later, the company is going one step further and presents a genuine 360° experience. With the virtual reality app "Visit My Farm" the banana farm tour can now be tailored for an even more individual experience. Users can decide intuitively via the app which areas in particular arouse their interest and curiosity, just as if they were really there. Visitors are taken on a voice-guided tour. They may choose to view the panorama from above on a flight around the farm or watch plantation workers on the job (image) – there are many opportunities for discovery. The app will be presented for the first time worldwide at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 and represents an exciting, informative and time-saving way of communicating production processes and complex themes like sustainability.

Dole Europe GmbH
Hall 6.2, Booth A-02

Contact: Sonja Schulze
Phone: +49-40-32906307

World premiere

Orange cultivation without chemicals ‬‬‬

Orange cultivation without chemicals ‬‬‬
Oranges from more eco-sustainable sources

In winter 2016, EDEKA started selling oranges from conventional, but more eco-sustainable agricultural sources, in selected markets. What made this special is the fact that chemical exposure to pesticides per hectare was lowered by two-thirds compared to the previous year. Critical pesticides were eliminated completely and replaced by natural pest control. The water used for irrigation of trees comes from a private reservoir fed by rainwater from the local area. According to the exhibitor, this makes EDEKA an ecological pioneer as a marketer of conventional oranges in German retail outlets. The fruit is supplied by Finca Iberesparragal in Andalusia, where the project was launched a year earlier by EDEKA in cooperation with the WWF. Each net of oranges is labelled with the WWF Panda as a reference to the joint project (photo). The oranges are sold in a number of EDEKA outlets in the Minden-Hanover region and will be presented as a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA.

EDEKA Aktiengesellschaft
Hall 6.2, Booth D-10

Phone: +49-40-63772182

World premiere

End-to-end supply chain transparency ‬‬‬‬

End-to-end supply chain transparency ‬‬‬‬
Real-time location and temperature tracking

Any break in the cold chain can have a negative impact on product quality. Emerson Cargo Solutions provides end-to-end monitoring services designed to secure the global food supply, reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. For temperature-sensitive products, each segment of the supply chain is unique ¬– with its own monitoring needs and challenges. There's no such thing as a universal solution. That's why Emerson Cargo Solutions provides special tools for each segment. Presented as a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA, the products can be combined to ensure end-to-end transparency throughout the supply chain. Instead of standalone ideas, Emerson offers customers a comprehensive package of solutions and a complete portfolio of products ranging from conventional data loggers, real-time location and temperature trackers (photo) and automated cellular-based solutions.

US Boise
Hall 8.1, Booth B-26

Contact: Nikki Hartman
Phone: +1-561-358-7029

World premiere

Reviving the brand and boosting the premium range

Reviving the brand and boosting the premium range
Jazz apple

Leading up to the 2017 pomaceous fruit season, T&G Global is presenting the rebranding of its Jazz apple as a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA. The New Zealand-headquartered grower, marketer and exporter of fresh products is launching a refreshed Jazz apple brand identity and design suite across all markets on 8 February. The company's consumer research sees this as an opportunity to reinvigorate the Jazz brand with the aim of boosting its range of premium products. The Jazz brand has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, and the exhibitor expects this trend to continue. The brand's success can be attributed to the texture and unique eating experience of the Jazz apple (photo), along with its availability and shelf life. Other significant advantages include the apple's firm peel, dense pulp and amazing versatility. Jazz apples taste delicious eaten fresh, and are also suitable for salads and cooked desserts.

ENZAFRUIT New Zealand (Continent) N.V.
Hall 6.2, Booth C-19

Contact: Joanne Jalfon
Phone: +64-27-2012645

World premiere

Biostimulant with a wide range of virtues

Biostimulant with a wide range of virtues
NAUTA biostimulant

NAUTA (photo) is an organic, ECOCERT-certified, algae-based biostimulant with various properties and effects, including biostimulation, balance, stress-resistance, lowering of surface tension, soil improvement, regulation of nutrient absorption and plant protection. The exhibitor developed the biotechnologically advanced formula in order to enhance crops. This affects many things: the activity of the plant's enzyme system as a function for balancing out hormones; the plant's resistance to stress conditions such as water or viral insecticide treatments; the impact of fungicides; the prevention of attacks by viruses, fungi or nematodes, thus boosting plant protection; and the activity of minerals and nutrients from the soil for improved assimilation. The regulation of nutrient absorption in the formation of proteins and carbohydrates as well as the transport of microelements help to improve the process of nitrogen assimilation.

Hall 10.1, Booth B-11

Contact: Jose Manuel Hernandez Cano
Phone: +34-956379021

World premiere

Reference materials for allergen testing

Reference materials for allergen testing
FAL-RFMs: Products for allergen testing

The FA Food Allergens Laboratory produces reference materials (RFMs) with specified parameter values for validating and verifying food allergen testing processes. Some of the available FAL-RFMs® are for almond, BLG, casein, cashew, celery, shellfish, egg, fish, gluten, hazelnut, histamine, lupin, milk, mustard, pistachio, sesame, soy and walnut. This range of protein types is available in various concentrations, ranging from 0 to 200 mg/kg, covering the entire spectrum of food allergen tests. All of the named products are manufactured in compliance with EN 15842:2010 and ISO 9001:2008. The specific value and its standard deviation are evaluated through the use of Biomedal or Neogen ELISA Kits® or of Generon RT-PCR Kits®. The exhibiting company is presenting its FAL-RFMs® allergen testing products (photo) as a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017

Fa Food Allergens Lab Ltd
Hall 2.1, Booth E-08

Contact: Elena Christodoulou
Phone: +357-994-55789

World premiere

Maya the Bee and her friends market fresh fruit

Maya the Bee and her friends market fresh fruit
Floor display with Maya the Bee theme

As a trade fair premiere, Faby Fruchtgroßhandel is presenting their intergenerational marketing concept for fruits at FRUIT LOGISTICA. The company has acquired the rights to the children's storybook classics, Maya, Wickie and Heidi for the new product line. Following a redesign and technical re-launch in 2013, the figures are once again being featured on television as well as in the cinema and in a musical. Faby is using the on-going popularity of the children's figures and new market research along with colourful, emotional packaging designs to encourage children, parents and grandparents to purchase and consume fresh fruits. A flexibly designed packaging series, including a display (photo), crates, foodtainers, bags and mugs, is being produced for promotional purposes. Recipes, information and handicraft instructions on the packaging stimulate active engagement with fresh fruit. This comprehensive marketing series with licenced characters is currently unique in the German fruit trade.

Faby Fruchtgroßhandel GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 20, Booth A-08

Contact: Johanna Berg
Phone: +49-4142-819228

World premiere

Improving uptake efficiency and soil stability

Improving uptake efficiency and soil stability
VEGAND® plant-based fertiliser

VEGAND® (photo) is a plant fertiliser containing natural ingredients that release nutrients and microorganisms to improve uptake efficiency and soil stability. The quality of the fertiliser components ensures that the organic nitrogen from 100% plant-based sources is released gradually. The presence of selected plant proteins and amino acids improves soil chemistry and optimises the activity of microorganisms. VEGAND® contains organic nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium and vegetable carbon to support plant nutrition and soil composition. The exhibitor's objective is to help growers develop a new fertilisation concept that takes into account the new soil protection techniques. The product composition interacts with soil microorganisms ¬– the key to good soil fertility.

Fomet spa
IT-San Pietro di Morubio
Hall 10.1, Booth A-02

Contact: Angelo Giambruno
Phone: +39-045-6969004

World premiere

Extended shelf life and less weight loss

Extended shelf life and less weight loss
Fresh Demo innovation in the supermarket

By imitating the natural process of mist formation, the Fresh Demo innovation can significantly extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. It will be presented for the first time worldwide at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The fine mist droplets evaporate and keep the produce hydrated and cool without becoming wet. This technology was developed to reduce food waste and maintain freshness throughout the supply chain. The most innovative aspect of the technology is that the mist can be used at any phase of the supply chain, from post-harvest to storage, transport, and the supermarket shelf (image). Studies on the European Commission-financed Fresh Demo project have shown promising results. In one study the shelf life of strawberries was extended by 25% and their weight loss reduced by 70%.

Fresh Demo
Hall 20, Booth B-06

Contact: Rogier Klein Sprokkelhorst
Phone: +31-413-487000

World premiere

Vegetable juices for every occasion and every taste

Vegetable juices for every occasion and every taste
Fruit and vegetable drinks

Fruity Line develops new delicious and innovative product lines each year. In 2017 the company will introduce new concepts and a range of uniquely tasty fruit and vegetable drinks (image) as a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA. "I'm Veggie" vegetable juices feature improved recipes and an outstanding new design. Transparent bottles display the natural colours of the vegetables to best advantage, from deep red to lush green. There is a wide range of vegetable juices to suit every occasion and every taste. In addition to the "I'm Veggie" line, the exhibitor has developed a delicious whey protein drink with real fruit taste called I'm Strong. It's a great way to give the body an energy boost. The new "I'm Fresh" lemonade is a refreshing thirst-quencher. It is produced using a sophisticated technique combining natural water with the most flavoursome cold-pressed fruits.

Fruity Line B.V.
Hall 1.2, Booth C-04

Contact: Ellen Arts
Phone: +31-344-672030

World premiere

Modular production system for maximum adaptability and capacity

Modular production system for maximum adaptability and capacity
Logika sorter

Although FUTURA is a young company, the employees are highly experienced in the production of electronic fruit and vegetable sorters. The exhibiting company is planning to bring low-cost technologies to developing countries interested in electronic fruit sorting and is introducing its Logika sorter at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 (photo). This modular system is extremely versatile when it comes to handling high production volumes. The machine is also user-friendly, thanks to multifunctional software and an intuitive user interface. The "Futura Sorting" app enables remote machine operation. Logika sorters handle standard fruits and vegetables as well as dates, pomegranates, avocados, mangoes and other fresh produce.

Hall 3.1, Booth A-11

Contact: Omar Papi
Phone: +39-0547-632749

World premiere

Impurities sorted out in the field

Impurities sorted out in the field
BellaVista baby leaf harvester machine

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 is where Gemini, the Newco joint venture of Raytec Vision and Cultiva, will be celebrating the world premiere of what the exhibitor describes as the first baby leaf harvester machine with patented optical sorting system. The machine allows impurities to be sorted out during the harvesting process in the field. According to the exhibitor, the BellaVista (photo) is a combination of state-of-the-art sorting technology and an entirely new generation of high-performance harvesting machines. Its main features include a clean, high-power engine providing maximum performance with minimum emissions, and the simple, intuitively operated human machine interface with a reliable industry standard. Thanks to its automated traction and four-wheel drive, the BellaVista is easy to operate and manoeuvre. Maintenance costs have been reduced with faster work routines and optional remote monitoring.

Gemini S.r.L.
IT-Taglio di Po
Hall 3.1, Booth B-12

Contact: Diego Casini
Phone: +39-0426-377021

World premiere

Fast and cost-effective seasonal tying systems

Fast and cost-effective seasonal tying systems
Tomato ties

TIEFIX rolls and TIEFIX-HD tying pliers are an ideal solution for fast and cost-effective seasonal ties in vineyards and orchards, in horticulture (image) and in nurseries. The tool produces the tape in a single movement and combines twisting and cutting in a single operation. The biodegradable tie decomposes in six to eight months, while the photodegradable tie requires eight to ten months. Instead of having to be cut off at the end of the season, the decomposed tie simply drops off. This saves a lot of time. The 250 and 500-metre TIEFIX rolls dramatically reduce tying time by enabling continuous, seamless dispensing. And the precisely wound TIEFIX rolls can be managed quickly and cost-effectively with the new light and convenient TIEFIX-HD tying pliers, a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

General Plastics Srl
Hall 7.1a, Booth B-03

Contact: Cristian Franchi
Phone: +39-06-8889941

World premiere

Advanced freight tracking and up-to-date sailing schedules

Advanced freight tracking and up-to-date sailing schedules
App-based freight tracking

As part of an online initiative, GoGlobal has integrated its online tracking software in a mobile application (photo). This not only provides advanced tracking of freight and cargo through integrated EDI systems anywhere in the world, but provides up-to-date sailing schedules from which shipments and containers can be booked in real time. The app – a FRUIT LOGISTICA trade fair premiere – includes container packing list information, the export document status with waybill courier information, and a search function indicating PUC blacklist status. The app provides notifications of bookings with stacks closing or SI cut-offs and customisable push-notifications providing information on arrivals or delays in trans-shipment, ports of discharge and container collection by consignee. This enables users to access their data and cargo information online at any time from their smart devices – whether at home, at the office or on the go.

GoReefers Logistics (Pty) Ltd
ZA-Bellville, Western Cape
Hall 11.1, Booth A-03

Contact: Derick Robertson
Phone: +27-82-7834278

World premiere

Organic products from the highlands of Ethiopia

Organic products from the highlands of Ethiopia
Organic products from farms in the Ethiopian highlands

GreenPath Food has developed a network of permaculture farms that produce a variety of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs (photo) in the nutrient-rich volcanic highlands of Ethiopia. These farms are designed to mimic nature – similar to a forest in which many different types of plants naturally grow intertwined together. When crops are planted in this way, they deter pests, provide nutrients and hold water for one another, which prevents the need for synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, reduces the reliance on irrigation and continuously improves soil quality. As a result, GreenPath's permaculture farms abundantly produce high-quality products that are truly organic and sustainably grown at highly competitive prices. The products are having their European premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The exhibitor focuses on "superfoods" that have high nutrient density and strong consumer demand. All products are EU Organic certified.

GreenPath Food
ET-Addis Ababa
Hall 3.2, Booth C-18

Contact: Jacie Jones
Phone: +251-966922121

World premiere

GIS technology supports agriculture‬‬‬‬

GIS technology supports agriculture‬‬‬‬
CAD/GIS solution for farms

GreenTop is a valuable resource for corporate governance in cooperatives and farms. Launched in 2016, the GTApp can be used for field activities, tracking and cost analysis on smartphones and tablets. FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 is where the company is presenting important new advancements for the use of GIS technology to support agriculture. Innovations include a complete CAD/GIS solution for farms (photo), with features ranging from surface mapping to complete field management. Farmers can use the tool to track all field activities, starting with system planning. Support for daily administrative tasks, including costs, field activities and employee time tracking, is also included. An important new tile will make using GreenTop quicker and easier, thanks to cartographic functions and the option to connect with weather stations and identify real-time field activities.

Greentop – Software per L'Agricoltura
IT Pomezia
Hall 4.2, Booth A-08

Contact: Francesco Cucchiaro
Phone: +39-06-89995048

World premiere

Sustainable plant bag for growing tasty tomatoes

Sustainable plant bag for growing tasty tomatoes
Sustainable plant bag

Greenyard Horticulture presents a sustainable plant bag (Grow Bag, image) for the cultivation of aromatic tomatoes as a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The bag is fully compostable and filled with 100% organic substrate, and is being marketed as an alternative to conventional rock wool. It can be used to cultivate different varieties of greenhouse vegetables such as tomatoes and sweet peppers. Tomatoes are particularly susceptible to the "crazy roots syndrome". This is significantly inhibited by the new grow bag with its unique chemical, physical and biological properties. The grow bag represents a more sustainable alternative for growers because it is made of natural products and is completely compostable. Trials in Belgium have also shown that tomatoes cultivated on an organic substrate were found to be more tasty.

Hall 5.2, Booth A-03

Contact: Nancy Goovaerts
Phone: +32-15-324296

World premiere

Lower surface tension and better absorption

Lower surface tension and better absorption
Hydrozrob H-PET packaging trays

Hydrozrob H-PET is a packaging material (photo) with modified properties to reduce surface tension and absorb condensation on mushrooms and other packaged products. This material helps improve shelf-life compared to conventional r-PET. Tests showed that H-PET absorbs more moisture than PP, a standard packaging material for mushrooms. The lightweight, low-carbon material with organic and inorganic fillers can be completely recycled. Its texture makes it remarkably tactile and its non-plastic appearance enhances shelf appeal. H-PET packaging offers all of the robust properties of PET and thus meets the demands of modern packaging systems along with supply chain requirements. The material's improved weight-to-strength ratio eliminates stability problems.

Holfeld Plastics Ltd.
Hall 8.2, Booth A-06

Contact: David Riley
Phone: +44-7714-520718

Machines for harvesting lamb's lettuce and for aspiration

Machines for harvesting lamb's lettuce and for aspiration
HOOVER XL aspirator

The "SLIDE VALERIANA ECO" electrical machine for harvesting lamb's lettuce has an automated system to load and unload the product into and out of the bins, managed by a PLC and a Hortech microprocessor. Its two gears enable it to reach a working speed of 0 to 5 km/h and a travel speed of up to 10 km/h. It is equipped with modern three-phase brushless asynchronous engines that eliminate any need for maintenance. It also has new 48 V batteries with a power of 450 A/h. The "HOOVER XL" (photo) is a powerful machine designed to aspirate crop residue and leaves that are left on the field during the process of harvesting table-ready produce. It has four steering wheels, and the suction unit is fitted with a side-shifting cutting bar. The machine features a driving seat positioned as far forward as possible to ensure full control of the cutting bar, and it has stabilising wheels beneath the cutting bar.

Hall 4.1, Booth A-11

Contact: Luca Casotto
Phone: +39-049-9515369

World premiere

Balanced growth and anti-stress fertilisation for all cultivation types

Balanced growth and anti-stress fertilisation for all cultivation types
High-tech fertiliser

RS technology, an innovative manufacturing process developed by the exhibiting company, reduces the size of particles in suspension and improves the fertiliser's affinity with the plant. RS technology enables micronisation of the particles in a solution that can be spread evenly on plant surfaces for better penetration of leaves and roots. The special advantages of this process inspired Hydro Fert to further develop two of its best products: Grow Quick and Vigor L Rapido (photo). Both can be used in organic agriculture and will be making their trade fair debut at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Grow Quick (photo) is an organic nitrogen fertiliser that stimulates balanced growth throughout the cultivation cycle. Vigor L Rapido (photo) is a biostimulating product that provides anti-stress fertiliser for all cultivation types.

Hydro Fert s.r.l.
Hall 10.1, Booth B-12

Contact: Francesco Di Pietro
Phone: +39-0883-513494

World premiere

Measuring system for controlled atmospheres‬‬‬

Measuring system for controlled atmospheres‬‬‬
LabPod Mini

LabPod Mini (photo), a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA, can be used to test the reaction of fruit or vegetables in a controlled atmosphere with less than 0.1% oxygen and to measure the respiration and respiratory quotient (RQ). It is ideal for post-harvest laboratories working with controlled atmospheres and respiration rates in a controlled temperature environment. LabPod Mini has a capacity of about 10 kg of production volume in 300 x 400 mm standard plastic crates. Respiration and RQ are measured regularly and automatically with integrated, high-precision sensors. Atmosphere control is stopped and the changes in oxygen and CO2 levels caused by product respiration are measured and used to calculate and display the respiratory rate. The central control unit supports up to 32 LabPods, including all standard and mini models. Configurations can be set on this panel or by remote control.

Hall 4.1, Booth C-06LabPod Mini

Contact: Leonard Manning
Phone: +44-1892-831702

World premiere

Significantly increased nutrient uptake efficiency

Significantly increased nutrient uptake efficiency
E-Max Release Technology

E-Max Release Technology (image) represents a breakthrough in controlled fertiliser release and is suitable for crop plants like vegetables, soft and hard fruits, agricultural row crops and tropical plants. The technology involves a special fertiliser that significantly improves the efficiency of nutrient absorption. Higher crop yields are achieved using less fertiliser, with the aim of enabling sustainable, intensive agriculture. E-Max Release Technology is a FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 world premiere. It reduces nitrogen loss by minimising leaching, volatilisation and denitrification. Trials in a variety of crops worldwide found that crop quality improved and yields increased by as much as 20%. These results are achieved with a positive return on investment.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers
NL-CD Waardenburg
Hall 10.1, Booth B-10

Contact: Sander Selten
Phone: +31-655702983

World premiere

Cardboard trays made from recycled tomato plant fibres

Cardboard trays made from recycled tomato plant fibres
Cardboard tray made from recycled tomato plant fibres

Nothing in nature is lost, everything is transformed. Inspired by nature, Idyl developed the "Tribu Ecolo" brand of cardboard packaging for tomatoes (photo) made from recycled tomato plant fibres. The exhibitor is showing ways to reduce the resources required for production, packaging and consumption. After harvesting, the stems and the leaves of the tomato plants are collected and shredded. The resulting fibres are mixed with recycled paper and used to manufacture the cardboard material. Using green waste from tomato plants helps reduce deforestation. This new, 100% recyclable ecological packaging will celebrate its world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

Idyl sas
Hall 21, Booth E-01

Contact: Brigitte Sénéchal
Phone: +33-4-90242001

World premiere

Various automation systems and many additional benefits

Various automation systems and many additional benefits
In-line machines for bucket packaging

Thanks to ILPRA's great experience in the design of both tray sealing and filling/sealing machinery, the company is presenting an innovative in-line machine for bucket packaging (photo) at FRUIT LOGISTICA. This line can satisfy different production needs, from small to high-speed productions. Completely customisable, it can be equipped with various automation systems such as the automatic denesting unit, automatic dispensing system, automatic sealing system, automatic snap-on lid device and an automatic rejecting system for sorting out unsuitable buckets. All Bucket Line models can work either in sealing only or in MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) conditions. These machines are designed with several additional benefits such as sealing material (film and trays), sanitization facilities, gas-flushing technology and the ability to operate in a single- or double-step system.

Hall 3.1, Booth C-08

Contact: Velka Martelli
Phone: +39-03842905

World premiere

End-to-end monitoring of the entire supply chain‬‬‬

End-to-end monitoring of the entire supply chain‬‬‬
tempmate.-GS data logger

According to information from the exhibitors, the tempmate.®-GS (photo) is the newest real-time monitoring solution on the market and is celebrating its world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA. Featuring innovative sensor and communication technology, GPS and real-time alerts, the tempmate.®-GS is the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective GSM disposable temperature and humidity data logger. In combination with the convenient tempmate.®-Cloud solution, data can be easily checked, manages and analysed online. The global connectivity via the GSM network provides continuous monitoring of the entire supply chain. Using the new tempmate.®-GS saves time and money by making it possible to take immediate action when a problem occurs during transport or, in some cases, even before. In combination with the tempmate.®-Cloud, tempmate.®-GS provides a variety of unique features to provide continuous information about the current status of a shipment or equipment.

imec Messtechnik GmbH
Hall 8.1, Booth A-26

Contact: Lisa Reule
Phone: +49-7066-9150236

World premiere

Healthier plants and 100% eco-friendly

Healthier plants and 100% eco-friendly
Double Tray System

DTS, the Double Tray System (photo) from Ina Plastics, is an innovative solution for seedling propagation and hydroponics. This new product consists of a top layer for sowing and transplanting plugs and root cuttings, and a rigid bottom layer that provides support when suspended on propagation rails. According to the exhibitor, the product's intelligent construction makes DTS a superior alternative to Styrofoam EPS trays. Compared to EPS, DTS offers numerous advantages when it comes to productivity, logistics and lower price – without the EPS drawbacks, because it produces healthier plants and is 100% eco-friendly. DTS has already been introduced in most operations throughout Greece and is being used by many companies worldwide. Various sizes and cell-count configurations are available. The 300 and 171 cell variations measuring 67 x 33cm are celebrating their world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

Ina Plastics SA
Hall 8.1, Booth B-25

Contact: Kostas Tsonakis
Phone: +30-210-5580126

World premiere

Retaining nutritional qualities and original flavour

Retaining nutritional qualities and original flavour
INOVFRUIT chestnuts

INOVCHATAIGNE SAS was founded in 1999 and is based in Mussidan, Dordogne, in southwestern France. The company specialises in the processing of chestnuts and controls the entire chain of production – from the cultivation of the chestnut groves using their own technical service, to the harvesting, processing and marketing of chestnuts in France and throughout the world. A unique and innovative mechanical process for cold peeling skins enables INOVFRUIT chestnuts (photo) to retain their nutritional qualities and original flavour. According to the exhibitor, the brand "INOVFRUIT, A Fruit Differently" affirms this special expertise and guarantees consumers a quality approach at every step of the process.

Hall 22, Booth E-14

Contact: Dominique Beaumont
Phone: +33-553-804808

World premiere

Melons with Rainforest Alliance certification

Melons with Rainforest Alliance certification
Rainforest Alliance certificate

Itaueira, a Brazilian producer of REI and CEPI melons, is the first South American melon grower to receive the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal (photo). This sustainability certificate was awarded after careful assessment of all key criteria in September 2016. Melons with this seal are being presented as a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. All melons and watermelons produced by the company are now certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The melons are grown on farms in the Brazilian states of Piauí, Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte. These agricultural operations meet strict environmental and social standards. They support the preservation of wildlife, soil and water, protect the environment, safeguard workers, families and communities, and help improve their quality of life.

Itaueira Agropecuária S/A
Hall 23, Booth B-01

Contact: Adriana Prado
Phone: +55-85-40089113

World premiere

Continuous sorting of fruit

Continuous sorting of fruit
Fruit colour sorter

The digital fruit colour sorter (photo) presented by Jiangxi Reemoon Technology as a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017, is a cost-effective optical sorting solution for citrus fruit, kiwis, apples, avocados and other fresh produce. To ensure fruit quality and customer satisfaction, it provides continuous sorting by separating the fruits into different colour groups and sorting out inferior and unripe goods. The sorter uses an ultra high-resolution, industrial-grade digital camera LED lighting system developed in Germany for holographic data acquisition. The objective is to obtain high-quality images from large volumes of data. Reemoon optical sorting technology enables accurate sorting by colour, size, shape, volume, density, blemishes and skin damage, rotting, and other indicators on the surface of fruit and vegetables. It uses UV, chromatography and grey-scale processes to detect differences in colour.

Jiangxi Reemoon Technology Holdings Ltd.
CN-Ganzhou Jiangxi
Hall 6.1, Booth B-20

Contact: Hill Zhou
Phone: +86-797-33388996001

World premiere

High level of sulphur complexes and organic acidity

High level of sulphur complexes and organic acidity
Black garlic

Black Garlic (image) is not a garlic variety – it is raw garlic refined through long fermentation at a particular temperature and humidity. After fermentation, the garlic fructose and amino acids create an ammonia condensate and complete the garlic enzyme browning reaction. During this process the garlic changes colour from white to blackish brown to black. Hongwannian Black Garlic, a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA, is made exclusively with high-quality Jinxiang garlic. Research by the Garlic Institute at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found that it contains a high level of sulphur complexes, which can help to prevent cancer, as well as organic acidity, which is very beneficial to the human body. It is prepared using international production technologies and with international experts ensuring strict controls on production.

Jinxiang County Huaguang Food Import & Export Co. Ltd.
CN-Jining City
Hall 5.2, Booth C-13

Contact: Cathie Sun
Phone: +86-13853729425

World premiere

Navigational aids for bumblebees

Navigational aids for bumblebees
Natupol Excel beehive

Bumblebees have orientation problems when daylight is reduced by factors such as the use of artificial light during the darkest months of the year or extra layers of poly covers. The ‘bee vision’ features on Natupol Excel hives (photo) are designed to help bumblebees navigate in these and other unfavourable conditions. Natupol Excel, a European premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017, is specifically developed for crops with a high number of blossoming flowers, including cherry tomatoes and (straw)berries and can be used in illuminated greenhouses. Strategically placed reflective cues on the boxes and additional colour cues around the hive entry improve visibility. This conforms to the visual spectrum of bumblebees and improves pollination results. The hive has a bigger colony, large ventilation holes equipped with a smart intruders block and 19% more sugar water for increased and longer pollination.

Koppert Biological Systems
NL-Berkel en Rodenrijs
Hall 1.2, Booth D-08

Contact: Judita Bokrosova
Phone: +31-5140444

World premiere

Vegetable spirals cut non-stop

Vegetable spirals cut non-stop
SPIRELLO 150 vegetable slicer

The SPIRELLO 150 (photo) cuts large quantities of vegetables – from carrots and potatoes, to pumpkins, radishes, beetroots, courgettes and celery – into decorative spiral strips. The blades quickly and cleanly cut a vegetable into metre-long strips at speeds of up to 680 revolutions per minute. A length-adjustable knife can be used to optionally shorten the strips in an intermittent cycle. The machine is equipped with swappable magazines. While one magazine processes the vegetables, the other can be stocked with new raw material. This enables the SPIRELLO 150 to operate non-stop. Vegetables are held in place by a centring device, which can be adapted to the product according to customer requirements. This makes it possible to process vegetables up to 15 cm in diameter, 30 cm in length and a maximum weight of 2.5 kg. The machine will celebrate its trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

KRONEN GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik
DE-Kehl am Rhein
Hall 3.1, Booth A-05

Contact: Kathrin Benz
Phone: +49-7854-9646160

World premiere

Smoothies made at home ‬‬‬

Smoothies made at home ‬‬‬
Blend it! smoothie kit

L'Insalata dell'Orto SrlL'Insalata dell'Orto has launched its "Blend it!" smoothie kit project. The ki enables consumers to make 100% natural smoothies with fresh, healthy ingredients supplied exclusively by the company. The exhibitor points out that "Blend it!" (photo) is a direct, natural evolution of the company's cornerstone products. This applies to the consistent quality control of raw materials and products, as well as to the careful attention focused on the needs and demands of increasingly health-conscious consumers. The idea for pre-packaged smoothie kits originated from the company's experience gained in the processing and packaging of IV range products. The kit provides customers with all the necessary ingredients to prepare a 100% natural smoothie. Smoothie kits are available in different fruit and vegetable combinations to ensure a wide variety of flavours and sufficient vitamin intake.

L'Insalata dell'Orto Srl
IT Mira Venice
Hall 4.2, Booth B-10

Contact: Cinzia Busana
Phone: +39-0415675206

World premiere

Better absorption and translocation of iron

Better absorption and translocation of iron
IronGlep 7WPG, Kytos LG and SunStop LG

"IronGlep 7WPG" (photo) is a new, iron-based micro granulated biostimulant fertiliser with a 7% iron content enhanced with plant-based amino acids and vitamins. It improves iron absorption and iron translocation with any soil pH value. IronGlep 7WPG is even safe when used in high doses. "Kytos LG" (photo) improves plants' defense systems, increases their stress resistance, induces cell reinvigoration and prevents zinc deficiency. Strong, healthy plants are better equipped to resist adverse conditions. Kytos LG is approved for organic farming. "SunStop LG" (photo), like the IronGlep, is celebrating its European premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. It produces a semitransparent reflective film that can reduce harmful IR and UV radiation, without reducing the photosynthetically active radiation. Its high calcium content increases the uniformity, intensity and shelf-life of the fruit.

L.Gobbi S.r.l.
IT-Campo Ligure
Hall CityCube Hall B, Booth D-23

Contact: Roberto Iaboni
Phone: +39-335-7773948

World premiere

Light lunch or meal‬ on the go‬‬

Light lunch or meal‬ on the go‬‬
Wellness salads in a tray

With its "DimmidiSì" brand, La Linea Verde claims to be the Italian market leader in ready-to-eat salads in trays. The company is presenting the world premiere of two 100% vegetable-based original recipes (photo) at FRUIT LOGISTICA. This creates a new wellness line within the "Il Piatto Unico DimmidiSì" product line. Nutritional information printed on the package complements the product appearance. Salads are a key source of vitamins, fibre and protein, especially when they contain seeds and dried fruit. This applies to the salad mix with Aloe, goji berries and sunflower seeds as well as to the mix with cranberries, pumpkin seeds and nuts. "Il Piatto Unico DimmidiSì" offers a selection of ten salads in trays, fresh and ready to eat, ideal for a light lunch or a meal on the go. The serving kit includes a fork, serviette and dressing to make this product a delicious and convenient lunch solution.

La Linea Verde Società Agricola SpA.
IT Manerbio
Hall 4.2, Booth C-02

Contact: Valérie Hoff
Phone: +39-030-9373611

World premiere

Stainless steel slides and bearings

Stainless steel slides and bearings
Onion peeling machine

The Large Onion Peeling Machine from M&P (Engineering) Ltd from Manchester, England, is presenting its Large Onion Peeling Machine to the international trade specialists at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. It has been further improved and modernised and is able to top, tail and peel onions with a diameter of 45 to 115 mm. The latest model (photo) now has stainless steel slides and bearings. Even the slitting knife cams are made of stainless steel. The exhibitor is now offering the option of a waste auger that discharges all the onion skins out of a 200 mm diameter outlet, allowing for easy removal of waste. A new option is also available for access platforms, which are likewise manufactured from stainless steel and are equipped with GRP treads, providing easier access to the machine.

M&P (Engineering) Ltd
Hall 3.1, Booth C-10

Contact: Pamela Nugent
Phone: +44-161-8728378

World premiere

Less downtime and fewer wearing parts‬‬‬

Less downtime and fewer wearing parts‬‬‬
Sliver removal machine

According to the exhibitor, the Marcelissen sliver remover has for decades served as the leading machine when it comes to removing small pieces from the product stream after cutting. Key features include the machine's sorting quality, capacity, efficiency and ease of use. The manufacturer is presenting a new, higher capacity sliver remover (photo) at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. This machine is even easier to use and maintain, with less downtime and fewer wearing parts. Customers now have the option to individually set up the machine and adapt to their specific requirements. The new model includes variable roller and bearing options along with a choice of different settings. The manufacturer has also discovered that with a few small changes, new sliver remover is ideal for use as a feed unit for optical sorting machines.

Marcelissen b.v.
Hall 3.1, Booth C-10

Contact: Carin Denessen
Phone: +31-77-4752002

World premiere

Optimal moisture balance in closed packaging

Optimal moisture balance in closed packaging
FreshGuard HC

McAirlaid's has developed FreshGuard HC (HC: Humidity Control): a pad that ensures the ideal moisture balance is maintained in closed packs. The FreshGuard HC (image), a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017, creates ideal storage conditions across the entire supply chain for MAP-packed soft fruit, salads and herbs. Like all McAirlaid's products, FreshGuard HC is produced without any synthetic binders or latex. It is available in black or red, in rolls or pre-cut. FreshGuard HC begins absorbing humidity from the atmosphere at low humidity levels and binding condensation in the core, minimising mould, unpleasant odours and discolouring. FreshGuard HC naturally maintains quality on long transport routes, in fluctuating temperatures and over extended storage times.

McAirlaid's Vliesstoffe GmbH
Hall 21, Booth A-12

Contact: Sabrina Spittler
Phone: +49-2552-933415

World premiere

Premium range and online platform for tomatoes

Premium range and online platform for tomatoes
Premium range

Med Hermes Vegetable Seeds is presenting its new premium range for the European market at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017: ANAHITA, BACCO, MELITE, TOMPERINO, ROSAMBRA and URANO F1 (photo). The company's philosophy focuses on rediscovering the Mediterranean tradition of flavour and colour, especially in tomatoes and peppers. Along with their premium range, the exhibitors are presenting their new blog: An online platform dedicated to tomatoes, TomatoCult aims to open the channels of communication between growers and consumers. On the blog, consumers can find photos, videos and interviews on what's behind the agricultural production process and the products they consume.

MED Hermes s.r.l.
Hall 10.1, Booth A-07

Contact: Celia Tardio
Phone: +39-0932-669031

World premiere

Plant protection without residue

Plant protection without residue
MOWAT trailed sprayer

Ozone (O3) is a natural gas that is characterised by its oxidising and devitalising effect, depending on the amount used. The key advantage is that after it kills pathogens, there is no residue, because the gas is converted into oxygen. Low concentrations of ozone dissolved in water can be sprayed to eliminate many kinds of harmful organisms that live on plants, including fungi, bacteria or viruses. This does not does not lead to the emergence of resistant strains. The MOWAT trailed sprayer (photo) is a new machine for use in plant protection. It combines a low volume sprayer with an air-assisted boom and a patented generator for ozonised water. The movement of air ensures evenr distribution on plants for optimum coverage and protection with zero residue. MOWAT is designed for use in orchards and vineyards.

MET srl Medical Equipment Technologies
IT-San Lazzaro di Savena
Hall 4.2, Booth A-15

Contact: Federico Ponti
Phone: +39-051-4999838

World premiere

Time-saving soil management for asparagus and strawberry cultivation

Time-saving soil management for asparagus and strawberry cultivation
Profi Star machine series

Metasa is presenting a series of innovative multifunctional devices for soil management with the trade fair premiere of the Profi Star machinery line (photo) at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. These machines combine previously separate processes and lower working time by up to two-thirds. The robust ProfiStar machines loosen the tractor path and topsoil, cleanly cut the straw and form/flatten mounds. At the same time they smooth the earth's surface. The plant-conserving and fuel-saving machines are available in several variants ranging from lightweight for strawberries (Profi Star) to medium weight (Profi Star Maxi) and extra wide for large asparagus and vegetable farms (Profi Star Mega). The machines are equipped with various crumbling rollers and a flexible mounting frame for additional functions. Other advantages include the flexible use of the roadworthy machines on the front or rear tractor hydraulic systems along with adjustable height and working widths.

Metasa GmbH
Hall 8.1, Booth A-20

Contact: Jörg Primus
Phone: +49-2043-3783630

World premiere

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring
Real-time monitoring with MOST

Mobile Sensory Technologies is presenting the European premiere of its MOST real-time monitoring solution (photo) at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. This multifunctional platform can be used to ensure outstanding monitoring accuracy in a variety of industries. With a battery life of 100 days, the system can be used for long and short trips without the need to keep different models in stock. No software or hardware installation is required. Users can set their own thresholds and receive alerts and notifications via e-mail or SMS text message. MOST is reusable and requires no cradles, readers or adapters. Users can invite their stakeholders to participate in the web-based service in real-time with reports and information. Reports can be generated in the system at the touch of a button. The exhibitor's solution can be used to easily protect valuable cargo.

Mobile Sensory Technologies AB
Hall 11.1, Booth B-12

Contact: Matilda Bouchet
Phone: +46-761001604

World premiere

Pre-sorting of large produce

Pre-sorting of large produce
Multiscan S80 sorting unit

Multiscan Technologies S.L. is dedicated to investigating new technologies for the classification and sorting of fruit and vegetables, the Spanish exhibitor explains. It is also interested in further enhancing its products for and with its customers. This is how the new Multiscan S80 (image) was developed, a FRUIT LOGISTICA trade fair premiere. The unit is a solution for pre-sorting large produce like onions, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges and lemons by colour, external quality and size. It optimises the selection process by discarding deficient produce before it reaches the calibration unit. This improves the quality of the final product and the productivity of the line. The Multiscan S80 makes it possible to turn the product right around to view the entire surface. It also maximises output productivity, which may be configured with two or three outlet feeds as required.

Multiscan Technologies S.L.
Hall 7.1a, Booth B-01

Contact: Guilan Li
Phone: + 86-755-84010685

World premiere

Keeping food fresher longer

According to the United Nations, the world throws out one-third of all food produced, totalling over USD 750 billion wasted. The Food Freshness Card™ is laboratory, university and commercially tested to keep food fresher longer. This new easy-to-use technology for the food industry was presented the Grand Prix award at INPEX, America's largest invention show, and a bronze medal at the IENA Invention Trade Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. A commercial test conducted by Sodexo at a state university succeeded in preventing mould growth on bread, representing a 6% savings in bread. The Food Freshness Card™ works inside or outside the refrigerator and covers a 5 foot (1.5 m) radius. It will serve as a helpful technology at farms, in shipping containers, processing plants, markets, restaurants and in the home.

Nature's Frequencies
Hall 23, Booth A-07

Contact: Rick Hassler
Phone: +1-5085106189

World premiere

From energy consumer to energy generator‬‬‬

From energy consumer to energy generator‬‬‬
Water-cooled LED lighting

A trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA, the Finnish exhibitor is presenting a unique water-cooled LED lighting (photo) that can be combined into a heat recovery system. Integrated lighting, LED cooling and heat recovery are combined into a highly efficient energy system to transform the vertical farm from an "energy consumer" to an "energy generator". Together with the Novarbo air conditioning and heating recycling concept, this system saves up to 90% of fresh water compared to conventional greenhouses. The concepts technology has been awarded several patents with other patents pending. Netled supplies a turnkey solution that includes all planning work, equipment and installation. Robbes Little Garden Ltd has already invested in the vertical farm concept. Production started in July 2016 on an area covering 500 m² on four levels and the company is reporting positive sales results.

Netled Oy
Hall 8.1, Booth B-14

Contact: Johanna Kivioja
Phone: +358-40-5840035

World premiere

Enjoy granadillas the easy way

Enjoy granadillas the easy way
Granadilla with new straw

This innovation by OCATI simplifies the consumption of sweet granadillas. Although they are very delicious, they can be cumbersome to eat. That's why the exhibitor invented a practical straw (photo). People in Colombia typically break open the skin of the fruit. But this is not commonly known in many countries around the world. And this led to the idea for the new straw to suck out the flesh inside the fruit. Granadillas are produced all year round in Colombia. The fruit is very sweet, has a long shelf life and looks attractive young or old. It also contains proteins that activate the thymus gland in children to strengthen the immune system and increase growth. OCATI exports granadillas all year round, primarily to Europe. Along with the straw, a flow pack contains two fruits and instructions for use.

Ocati S.A.
Hall 25, Booth B-05

Contact: Daniela Manjarres
Phone: +571-884-4433

World premiere

Machine replaces manual weeding ‬‬‬

Machine replaces manual weeding ‬‬‬
ROTOSARK inter-row weeding machine

The ROTOSARK® (photo) is an inter-row weeding machine that works over the transplanted/seeded crop at 1-2 cm from the plant. Rotoblizz® is designed to avoid cutting or damaging plant roots during the work phase. Steel hooked ploughshares are welded into a circular oblique element. The two Rotoblizz® units work in front each other adjacent to the plant and only move a few centimetres into the soil. They rotate to crush the crust of the soil between the plants and remove germinating weeds. The manufacturer has attached hoes to the machine for weeding and central hillers to supply plants with fresh soil. ROTOSARK® is suitable for farms where there is a problem with manual hoeing, especially in the cultivation of organic vegetables, including garlic, corn, tomatoes, soy, celery and lettuce.

Oliver di Signorini Luciano
IT-Salizzole Vérone
Hall 5.1, Booth B-16

Contact: Moira Signorini
Phone: +39-045-6954392

World premiere

Natural ventilation and insect protection nets

Natural ventilation and insect protection nets
SVN greenhouse

The SVN greenhouse (photo) is specially designed for cultivating agricultural products in Mediterranean and other regions, where climatic conditions are unsuitable for cost-effective operation of high-tech greenhouses. It will be presented as a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The greenhouse concept includes the costs for the building and management. Ventilation is efficient and natural, since this has proven to be an efficient and cost effective approach to creating a microclimate. At the same time, securely installed insect protection nets provide an effective method for biological pest control. This enables growers to supply hygienic, healthy and safe horticultural products and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Opus et Vita s.r.l.
IT-Santomenna Salerne
Hall 8.1, Booth A-12

Contact: Giovanni Catale
Phone: +39-0828-911194

World premiere

Vegan dinner salads

Vegan dinner salads
Pausa Pranzo In Vegan

The OrtoRomi "Insal'Arte" brand was launched at the Milano Food Week 2014 and presented to international trade specialists for the first time at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2015. Introduced in late 2016, Pausa Pranzo In Vegan (photo), the new Insal'Arte line of "Pausa Pranzo" packaged salads with dressing, is celebrating its world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Vegetarian and vegan products include three different mixtures: Mopur® aromatic carpaccio with vegetable cheese, chickpeas with hemp seeds, and tofu with cherry tomatoes. Each product consists of a vegetable base of mixed baby leaf and grown up salads with two tasty vegetarian ingredients. The meals can be eaten anywhere, anytime. Each dish also includes its own dressing kit with salt, virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar from Modena g.g.A., a napkin and a small fork.

OrtoRomi Società Cooperativa Agricola
Hall 4.2, Booth C-08

Contact: Zeudi Adriana Dal Corso
Phone: +39-049-7480700

World premiere

Monitoring agrometeorological data‬‬‬

Monitoring agrometeorological data‬‬‬
Agrometeorological data monitoring

Supplied by Sentek and Pessl Instruments, the complete solutions for monitoring agrometeorological data (photo) are crucial for good irrigation and plant health management. Each station is equipped with sensors for calculating ETO, providing Sentek soil moisture profiles, temperature measurement, monitoring salinity probes and determining the turgor pressure on the leaf together with leaf moisture levels to assess disease and pest risk management. All sensor data is sent to the "fieldclimate" cloud and displayed on this platform via user-friendly apps and/or on the "Sentek IrriMAX Live" online platform. The complete Pessl weather station system with drill & drop probes collects agrometeorological data, detects plants by measuring the turgor pressure, uses the highly-accurate local weather forecast and shows it to the farmer or consultant in real time.

Pessl Instruments GmbH
Hall 21, Booth F-12

Contact: Gottfried Pessl
Phone: +43-31-725521

World premiere

Vigorous, fast growing, appealing colour

Vigorous, fast growing, appealing colour
Fluence F1 hybrid chard

Red chard is becoming increasingly popular as a colourful enhancement in baby leaf salad mixtures and because of its nutritional value. The challenge in the production of red chard is to ensure an appealing, clean green leaf with red veins throughout the year. Along with the "Ampera F1" and "Volt F1" hybrids, Pop Vriend Seeds has developed a wide range of new hybrids. These include "Fluence F1" (photo) and "Ion F1", which will be introduced as a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Both are vigorous with a medium tolerance against downy mildew and bleeding diseases, and have proved to be relatively unattractive to thrips. Furthermore, they are fast growing with an appealing colour, cleaner in the plant stock and require less pesticide. In addition to red chard, the exhibitor offers green hybrid chard "Prius F1" and "PV-9013". These hybrids are also vigorous, moderately resistant to downy mildew and suitable for bundling.

Pop Vriend Seeds BV
Hall 1.2, Booth D-11

Contact: Kim Gieling
Phone: +31-228-595321

World premiere

Crunchy and juicy with a unique taste

Crunchy and juicy with a unique taste
Snow White Pear

The "Snow White Pear" (photo) is a new variety presented by the exhibitor as a European premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The producers add eggs and molasses for fermentation in the nutrient medium and then spray and water the pear trees with this mixture. This makes the pear crunchy, juicy and sweet with a sugar content of 13 to 15 degrees Brix. Eating the pear spreads a unique taste in the mouth. The pear has a long shelf life, thin smooth skin, white fruit pulp, small fruit pits and a pleasant shape. It withstands storage and transport and is suitable for worldwide export. The producer operates his own farm and can control the fruit quality from beginning to end. With a capacity of 5,000 tonnes per year, the exhibitor supplies the pears from October to May. The company recently obtained organic certification in China.

Qingdao All-Fresh Agricul Products
Hall 7.2b, Booth B-02

Contact: Judy Pang
Phone: +86-532-68085388

World premiere

Larger melons with higher brix content

Larger melons with higher brix content
Cantaloupe melons

At FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017, Spain's Meristem is presenting the excellent results of its new plant nutrition programme for melons. The combined application of Meristem's "Molibor Extra" and "Vigortem-S" products during the crop cycle of cantaloupe melons (photo) produces larger calibre fruits with a higher brix content than those obtained with similar products from other brands. Greater root development, a higher number of flowers with better fruit set and higher yields per plant are additional advantages derived from applying Molibor Extra and Vigortem-S at specific times in the crop cycles. The tests that led to these findings were carried out by an Italian agrochemical testing company in the Campania region. The corresponding details will be published soon at

Quimicas Meristem S.L.
Hall 10.2, Booth A-04

Contact: Jackie Sánchez-Molero
Phone: +34-96-1394511

World premiere

Small and sweet premium banana

Small and sweet premium banana

The QUIZA BABY BANANA (photo) is an advanced version of the banana brand introduced to the European market in 2012. This product will celebrate its world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. "Pisang Mas", the smallest and sweetest variety of the BABY banana is grown in premium quality in Ecuador. The unique flavour of this banana is achieved through an efficient assortment of highest-quality fruits from plantations certified in compliance with GlobalGAP and Rainforest Alliance standards. An excellent addition to any lunch box, the QUIZA BABY BANANA provides a huge energy boost and is an excellent source of vitamins and macronutrients. Based in Poland, the QUIZA company offers high-end logistics solutions for fresh bananas.

Quiza Sp. zo.o.
Hall 23, Booth F-11

Contact: Bartosz Szatkowski
Phone: +48-507-023829

World premiere

Ultra-pure design and high standard of hygiene

Ultra-pure design and high standard of hygiene
DRYCE optical sorting machine

DRYCE (photo) is the name of the new optical sorting machine by Raytec Vision. According to the exhibitor, the machine – a world premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 – represents a major advancement in the field of frozen and dried produce. After the dehydrating or freezing process, the machine sorts out any foreign particles along with discoloured or spoiled products. It took one year to implement the project and the innovative design with its robust, hygienic appearance. The DRYCE has an ultra-pure, safe design and provides an outstanding standard of hygiene, emphasises the manufacturer. The optical sorter is based on Decaray technology, using ten frequencies with four colours and six infrared frequencies. It creates a two-sided view with a total of four cameras and two-fold transparency. The 4K cameras ensure a high-resolution display.

Raytec Vision S.p.A.
Hall 3.1, Booth B-12

Contact: Cristian Sani
Phone: +39-0521-303427

World premiere

High quality ingredients ensure excellent taste

High quality ingredients ensure excellent taste
Ready-to-eat fresh soups from Fast & Fresco

SAB Ortofrutta is introducing its new "Fast & Fresco" brand (photo) of ready-to-eat fresh soups made from 100% natural ingredients at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Highest-quality fresh produce is harvested, processed and cooked in the shortest possible time to ensure great taste. Exclusive production technologies preserve and even improve the flavours and textures. Fast & Fresco offers 15 different recipes divided into three categories: Classic, Wellness and Premium. The soups come in a white bowl (two servings) with a paperboard wrapping and elegant graphics. Three different background images on the packaging help consumers identify each category. The Classic range, for example, features a typical red and white Italian tablecloth in reference to the wholesome, full flavour of Italian dishes.

SAB Ortofrutta s.r.l.
Hall 2.2, Booth A-09

Contact: Carlo Mazzoleni
Phone: +39-035-4491480

World premiere

Accommodates different individual packages

Accommodates different individual packages
SoFruBox (top) and SoFruMiniPak

The SoFruBox® system (photo) consists of individual packs with multiple flow-through openings and a bottomless box. The individual packages suitable for berries and stone fruits are available in sizes ranging from 250g to 500g and 1000g. A centre retaining strip in the box accommodates different individual packages. This makes the system adaptable to different customer requirements and needs. SoFruPak® (photo), another European premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017, is an eco-friendly carton designed for 1-2 kilograms of fresh berries or stone fruit. It is delivered in a folded state and can be set up in two easy steps. Key features of SoFruPak® include ease of transport, ergonomic storage, precise dimensions for pallets, and easy unfolding. The advanced SoFruBox® system offers ventilation openings in the basket combined with an innovative bottomless box.

PL-Wola Krzysztoporska
Hall CityCube Hall B, Booth E-16

Contact: Adam Sikorski
Phone: +48-725-591457

World premiere

Clusters grow in a herringbone pattern

Clusters grow in a herringbone pattern
OTELLO F1 (top left), MONICA F1, GUILTY F1 (bottom left) and ACHILLE F1

"OTELLO F1" broccoli (photo) takes 70 to 75 days to mature, weighs 800 to 900 grams on average and has a green-bluish colour with tiny pearls. It is suitable for outdoor cultivation in spring and autumn. "MONICA F1" iceberg lettuce (photo) is a vigorous plant with light green leaves, an average weight of 500 to 600 grams and good tolerance against high temperatures. The "GUILTY F1" red cluster tomato (photo) grows from medium-sized plants, a medium distance between internodes and robust clusters with five to six fruits weighing 140 to 160 grams each. This variety is suitable for year-round greenhouse cultivation, as is the "ACHILLE F1" red cluster tomato (photo) with balanced, medium-size plants and an average internode length. The clusters with five to six fruits weighing 120 to 150 grams each grow in a herringbone pattern. The four new varieties will be presented for the first time at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017.

Southern Seed srl
IT-Vittoria Provinz Ragusa
Hall 1.2, Booth B-18

Contact: Marinella Inghisciano
Phone: +39-0932-861054

World premiere

Combining taste and convenience with consumer expectations

Combining taste and convenience with consumer expectations
Multi-floret 049 broccoli

Syngenta Seeds develops value-added varieties to improve the efficiency of the supply chain and meet key consumer demands when it comes to taste, aroma, healthy nutrition and eating enjoyment. Syngenta is presenting three European premieres at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The unique new ivory-coloured "Ivorino" baby plum tomato (code 313217, trade name pending registration) supplements the well-known premium baby plum tomato family, including "Angelle" (10th anniversary in 2017), "Sweetelle", "Seychelles","Bamano" and "Bambelo". The red, round "Karelya" cherry tomato expands the exhibitor's core market with even better taste, more intense colour, longer shelf life and virus resistance. All parts of the "Multi-floret 049" broccoli (photo) are edible. This plant also offers excellent field performance and is suitable for mechanical harvesting.

Syngenta S.A.S.
Hall 10.1, Booth A-12

Contact: Jérémie Chabanis
Phone: +33-7-86887029

World premiere

Lighter and more resistant with earlier cultivation

Lighter and more resistant with earlier cultivation
"Raven F1" Cavolo Nero kale

Tozer Seeds is introducing a series of new products at FRUIT LOGISTICA designed to enrich the supply chain with countless advantages. For instance, the company has expanded its range of hybrid celery varieties with the new peak-season "Hadrian F1" variety. It is darker green, does not bolt quickly and is highly resistant to Fusarium wilt. Hadrian F1 is less prone to producing side shoots, thus facilitating growth and harvesting. Parsnips are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Tozer Seeds considers itself the world's most successful and innovative parsnip growing company and is presenting the new variety "Warrior F1" at the trade fair. It is whiter, can be cultivated earlier in the season and has a higher level of canker resistance. Other new products include the Cavolo Nero kale variety "Raven F1" (photo), the bunching onion variety "TZ 7580" and the wild rocket variety "Saturn". Warrior F1, Raven F1 and TZ 7580 are world premieres, while Hadrian F1 and Saturn are trade fair premieres.

Tozer Seeds Ltd
GB-Cobham (Surrey)
Hall 1.2, Booth B-04

Contact: Robin Bartels
Phone: +44-7900-983056

World premiere

Expansion in Europe‬‬‬

Transitex opened offices in two more European countries in 2016 and is informing trade visitors about the latest developments at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. The new offices opened in Sweden and Lithuania mark the start of the company's entry into northern markets. Transitex is a logistics service provider with primary expertise in fruit transport operations. With these new locations, the exhibitors can ensure that fresh produce from Latin America, southern Africa and the Mediterranean region arrives safely in northern Europe. The company's door-to-door services are personalized and tailored to each customer's needs. With its updated presence in Europe, the company is providing new market entry opportunities to fruit importers and exporters.

TRANSITEX – Transitos de Extremadura, S.A.
Hall 5.2, Booth C-15

Contact: Angela Fonseca
Phone: +351-21-8626110

World premiere

Improved germination rate and storage of seed dosage data

Improved germination rate and storage of seed dosage data
Rail bench system

The rail bench system (image) from Trinog is particularly suited to leafy vegetables and melons that are sown on a large scale. It will be presented at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 for the first time in Europe and consists primarily of a U-shaped support, a Y-type rail, an EPS tray and a seed treatment machine. An optional seeder, germination chamber and movable sprinkler irrigation system are also available. The nursery system itself offers high efficiency and excellent quality, requires little investment, is flexible for partition management, and uses reusable materials. With an automatic unit the efficiency of the business can be increased considerably to match that of a large-scale nursery. One of the exhibitor's clients now uses the system in Kenya in a 2.7 hectare greenhouse. Its many advantages include improved germination rates, storage of seed dosage data, and a greenhouse capacity utilisation of over 82%.

Trinog-xs (Xiamen) Greenhouse Tech Co., Ltd
Hall 8.1, Booth B-23

Contact: Snow Woo
Phone: +86-592-5029000

World premiere

Wide range of spiral-shaped products

Wide range of spiral-shaped products
Automatic spiralizer Mod. Streamer

There is a new trend of transforming vegetables such as carrots, courgettes and sweet potatoes into pasta-like spirals. The idea is to cut vegetables as little as possible in order to preserve their nutritional value. It is also a naturally gluten-free alternative and perfect for vegetarians. Food-processing companies have previously been unable to process large and consistent quantities of these noodle-like products and have had to rely on small commercial kitchen appliances. With the Mod. Streamer (image), a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA, the Turatti Group offers a new solution for the industry. The unit combines high performance and fantastic quality to create a wide range of spiral-shaped products with a high production volume and just one operator. The outstanding system makes it possible to transform otherwise unused parts of firm fruits and vegetables like stalks and cores into exceptional, nutritious and low-calorie products.

IT-Cavarzere (VE) Venice
Hall 3.1, Booth C-05

Contact: Dr. Alessandro Turatti
Phone: +39-0426-310731

World premiere

Planning and monitoring of all activities

Planning and monitoring of all activities
End-to-end agriculture management solution

United OFOQ is an Oracle Gold Partner and specialises in implementing the Oracle JD Edwards ERP solution. This is the only Tier 1 ERP system. United OFOQ's end-to-end agriculture management solution (image) is embedded and integrated natively in the entire ERP and will be presented for the first time worldwide at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. Among its key advantages are the ability to plan and monitor all activities related to the plantations, farms and divisions, thus increasing quality and optimising costs. The management, planning and control of supply and equipment are based on actual usage, planned activities and approved budgets. The efficient pricing uses real cost data with several flexible price models based on client relationships. The management solution also makes it possible to reproduce the quality of goods sold.

United OFOQ S.A.E.
Hall 2.1, Booth D-12

Contact: Ahmed Samy
Phone: +20-1000630201

World premiere

Instantly recognisable with V-shaped notch

Instantly recognisable with V-shaped notch
Concrete vineyard posts

The exhibitor's vineyard posts are now easy to identify thanks to the V-shaped notch (photo) – V for Valente. They are light, resistant and environmentally friendly. In fact, according to the manufacturer, they are the lightest concrete posts on the market. Manufactured with pre-stressed concrete parts, they are much more durable. Other factors that improve the mechanical resistance and durability of Valente posts include the choice of components used in the production process. The concrete consists of gravel and sand that are sifted, weighed and washed. Then PORTLAND 525 cement is used as an "adhesive" to hold the concrete together and ensure very high pressure resistance. The posts are internally reinforced for pressure distribution with steel mats with high carbon content and low shrinkage stress.

Valente SRL
Hall 4.1, Booth D-09

Contact: Claudia Peschetola
Phone: +39-049-5565855

World premiere

Stackable transparent PET beakers with hinged lids

Stackable transparent PET beakers with hinged lids
Transparent PET beakers from the DISTRIPACK line

Veripack Embalajes presents the world premiere of its new DISTRIPACK® packaging line (image) at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017. It is compact and easy to stack, secure, transport, store, and shelve. The container is suitable for a greater variety of fresh ready-to-eat products like loose berries or fresh-cut produce. The Spanish exhibitor presents a wide range of the new beakers with hinged lids, which are ideal for stacking thanks to the rounded edges on their bases and lids. Six different volumes are available: 125, 150, 175, 200, 225 and 250 gram beakers. The 250 gram version has a double-hinged lid and a spout. The packaging material consists of clear PET and is recyclable. The top and sides are available for labelling. The lid and base are ventilated and there are drainage holes on the bottom.

Veripack Embalajes
ES-Barbera del Vallès
Hall 5.2, Booth D-04

Contact: Mateo Diaz
Phone: +34-93-7291010

World premiere

Transfer of products by means of small pulley sizes

Transfer of products by means of small pulley sizes
Volta Mini SuperDrive belt

Volta Belting has been developing and designing conveyor belts for 50 years. The belts are exceptional in their homogenous material properties and are manufactured as single belts without any seams or joints. The Volta Mini SuperDrive belt (photo) – which the exhibitor refers to as the only trackable Mini Positive Drive product – is being presented at FRUIT LOGISTICA. With the new Mini series of slip-free drive belts, Volta offers a solution to replace friction-driven and modular belts. The Mini SuperDrive belt is suitable for applications requiring the transfer of products by means of small pulley sizes. The MiniSD™ design is similar to the Volta SuperDrive™ – which, according to the exhibitor, is the world leader in the field of positive drives. The product has been scaled down for a smaller pulley and is extruded from unique 55D Shore H or 53D Shore LTS material for enhanced resistance against hydrolysis and chemical impact.

Volta Belting Europe B.V.
Hall 6.1, Booth B-12

Contact: Erik Wolterink
Phone: +31-546-580166

World premiere

Factory-grown mushrooms with extended shelf life

Factory-grown mushrooms with extended shelf life
Buna Shimeji mushrooms

After a long period of research and development, the Chinese exhibitor has succeeded in perfecting the cultivation of Shimeji and Buna Shimeji mushrooms (image) in a controlled environment and presents the result as a trade fair premiere at FRUIT LOGISTICA. The substrate is carefully prepared and completely sterilised to ensure healthy growth. Harvesting takes place after an optimum period of time to achieve the best quality. The clusters of mushrooms are cut with precision from the container with a limited number of roots attached. They are then individually packed and sealed in a plastic bag on a small tray. All of these processes are supervised and monitored to ensure outstanding quality and an extended shelf life. Shimeji is a group of edible mushrooms native to East Asia. They can be steamed along with their stalks.

Yunnan Jiangchuan Huihai Farm Produce Co., Ltd.
Hall 7.2 a, Booth B-07

Contact: Guilan Li
Phone: + 86-755-84010685

World premiere

Soups with an international touch

Soups with an international touch
Soups from the world

Zerbinati wants to lend its wide range of soups an international touch with its new benchmarks "Le Zuppe dal Mondo" (soups from the world). The exhibitor is following through with an idea that originated in a social network contest organised by its marketing team. Participants were asked to name ethnic ingredients and spices such as ginger, turmeric, soy and tofu. Zerbinati created five new benchmarks to match the interest in international dishes and flavours that are increasingly in demand on the Italian market. The five new additions (image) are: the American soup "Vichyssoise" with leeks and potatoes, the French onion soup "Soupe à l'Oignon", the Mexican "Sopa de Frijoles" with black beans and rice, the Moroccan creamy lentil soup "Laadass", seasoned with turmeric, and the traditional Japanese "Miso Shiru".

IT-Borgo San Martino
Hall 4.2, Booth C-11

Contact: Michela Ciamillo
Phone: +39-0142-429207

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