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Quality Logistics for Quality Produce

Logistics Hub 2021 will be held again alongside Fruit Logistica.

The tried and tested format of 20 individual presentations, including two panels will be retained allowing trade visitors to listen to individual presentations on perishable logistics and cold chain.

People have to eat and that they will continue to buy fruit and vegetables from abroad. This we know. But there is always room for improvement and presenting new ideas about preserving fresh produce from harvest to market.

Logistics is critical and starts as soon as the fruit is picked from the tree. As we learn more and more about logistics the more we see that it can act as an important differentiator.

Sea freight, airfreight and overland freight are the three modes used to ship and care for fresh produce in transit. Let’s make it even better and work together!

As the room for error in the perishable supply chain gets smaller, the risk of failure does not disappear. Actually far from it, it may be possible to manage risk better using the improved knowledge and more accurate predictive technology. The fear of failure remains an intractable problem.

moderated by: Alex von Stempel.