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Invasive Insects, Climate Change and New Phytopathologica Threats: Advanced Agrotextiles for Safe Food and Climate Control

Tech Stage

February 7, 2019


Hall 9, booth B-12/B-13

Nowadays fresh producers from all over the world have to face climate changes, unfavorable weather conditions and invasive insect species.

Arrigoni Group offer them green solutions aimed to protect the plant from these threats and let it grow healthy. How? Thanks to new innovative screens & nettings with more advantages than simple protection. Specifically, these agrotextiles aim to:

  • manage the light
  • reduce temperature
  • increase ventilation in insect protection
  • save water and provide better environmental conditions for better plant development and cropping

We will present you first grower experiences with innovative screens from ARRIGONI company:

A) Thermo reflective screens – ROBUXTA® and PRISMA®
B) Insect proof netting - BIORETE AIR PLUS®
C) Rain control screens – PROTECTA®

Keynote Speaker / Presenter:

Paolo Arrigoni

Keynote Speaker:

Milena Poledica