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What's new? Focusing on new products and first time appearances in Berlin.

The exclusive overview of premieres and novelties presents images and texts describing new and improved products, machinery and processes, systems and techniques, technologies, services, promotions and exhibitor campaigns. "Spotlight" is a valuable tool for both trade journalists reporting about new products, and industry professionals who want to plan their trade fair visit more effectively.

Spotlight 2020

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Can be recycled in a number of ways

Can be recycled in a number of ways
Pura Natura from Adercarta

When it comes to fresh items like fruit and vegetables, it's particularly important to consumers that they can see the contents of the packaging. One alternative to plastic is the semitransparent packaging paper Pura Natura from Adercarta. The patented produce bag from Italy is especially sustainable and tear-resistant thanks to its innovative base design. The material is moisture-resistant and complies with European foodstuff directives. Pura Natura can be recycled in a number of ways: its paper printed with ecological water-based dye is biodegradable and can be composted, e.g. as a bag for organic waste. It can also be recycled with paper.

IT-Adro BS
Hall 6.2

Contact: Mr. Luca Zurleni
Phone: +39 030 7356054


Watermelon for single households

Watermelon for single households
Small and seedless: the watermelon Kisy

Anyone who thinks normal watermelons are too large will like the watermelon KISY. With a weight of 650 to 950 grams, the fruit with a dark rind and red, flavourful flesh will fit in any shopping basket. It is easy to skin and is ideal as a snack on the go. With its seedless flesh and a Brix value of 9 to 11, it can be used in cocktails or smoothies, hence its nickname "cocktail watermelon". BASF Vegetable Seeds develops its ready-to-eat watermelon for a health- and quality-conscious target group who values convenience.

BASF Vegetable Seeds
Nunhems Netherlands BV NL-Nunhem
Hall 1.2, Booth Passage B

Contact: Mirriam Berkers
Phone: +31 475 599 392


Above and beyond

Above and beyond
The mobile scissor lift in the Benomic S-Line series from Berg Hortimotive makes it easier to work

In response to the latest safety guidelines in agriculture, Dutch company Berg Hortimotive has completely revised its range of mobile scissor lifts. The result is the Benomic S-Line series. Its development is based on Benomic's scissor lifts that were further developed with various improvements and modifications. As the first TÜV-tested pipe track cart, the Benomic S-Line scissor lift is ergonomically and flexibly designed. It makes the cultivation, care, and harvest of tall fruit and vegetable cultures convenient for the user. The platform is accessible from both sides, meaning the user can easily exit the mobile lift no matter where it is positioned on the ground.

Berg Hortimotive
NL- KZ De Lier

Contact: André Valstar
Phone: +31 6 152 57 600


Well-packaged in durable paper

Well-packaged in durable paper
cartoPaper ® packages fruit and vegetables

Owner-operated special printing company Cartomat Willich is introducing a new paper mono-packaging for FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020: standing bag cartoPaper®. It can be used for all vertical flow bag machines and is especially suited for organic products. The contents are protected from light, optimally ventilated, and visible to the user thanks to the hole punch. The paper absorbs the moisture from fresh fruit and vegetables, and its stable grammage makes it tear-resistant. The size and arrangement of the holes are freely selectable and can be adjusted to the CI. This also applies to the vibrantly coloured surface. The FSC-certified paper is made from renewable resources and is up to 100 per cent recyclable and compostable.

cartomat Willich GmbH

Contact: Cornelia Grips
Phone: +49 179-4917152


Over the field faster

Over the field faster
: The new reverse rotary cultivator from Collari makes it easier to prepare the soil for sowing.

On the occasion of FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020, Italian manufacturer Collari presents its new reverse rotary cultivator. This agricultural machine only requires one cycle to dig up stones and harvest residue, thereby preparing the soil for new sowing. It levels and packs the earth, but can also form dams and plant the seeds. Because there is no other preparatory or follow-up work, the producer saves on time. The fuel consumption is also lower, and the machine uses it efficiently. Working with the reverse rotary cultivator improves the drainage of the soil, because excess water can quickly seep away. The fine, even earth of the surface layer offers ideal conditions for the subsequent sowing or planting.

COLLARI s.n.c. di Collari Gian Luca e Valeria
IT- Castello D'argile (Bo)
Hall 7.1c, Booth B-03

Contact: Gian Luca Collari
Phone: +39 051 977022


Made in Italy for all of Europe

Made in Italy for all of Europe
Coop Italy exports fruit and vegetables from Italy around the world

As a network with offices in various European countries, Coop Italy is advancing the trade in Italian fruits and vegetables. It works with a multitude of producers of organic and conventional products in Italy, and guarantees the high quality of its products and reliable deliveries for retailers. After opening up offices in Rome, Verona and Copenhagen, Coop Italy now has a branch in Stockholm. Additional offices are planned in other European countries in order to efficiently export more "Made in Italy" products throughout Europe. The company is aided in this goal by more than 20 years in the produce market. Coop Italy is certified with the Bio Agricert seal.

COOP Italy
Hall 21, Booth E-03

Contact: Rita Martini
Phone: +39 333.2228142


Longer life for fresh products

Longer life for fresh products
Bluezone technology keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer

The Bluezone® was originally developed for the US military to make its provisions last longer. Now the technology is available on the European market. In order to improve the storage and transport of produce, the system works with UV-reinforced oxidation. By emitting ultraviolet light into the air, Bluezone® quickly eliminates the hormone ethylene that makes the products ripen faster. Moulds and bacteria are also destroyed. No filters or additives that have to be replaced or disposed of are required. Thanks to this technology, which is sold in Europe by Turkish company Deisko, riper and thus more flavourful fruit can be stored without perishing. Storage temperatures can also be increased, which saves on energy.

Hall 5.1, Booth B-19

Contact: Eppo Woortman
Phone: +90 537 610 51 20


Seamless monitoring of the cooling chain

Seamless monitoring of the cooling chain
DeltaTrack facilitates seamless monitoring of the cooling chain.

With its products, DeltaTrak helps its customers closely monitor the cooling chain of perishable foods. Thanks to new USB ports on the FlashLink RTL (real-time) Prime 3G In-Transit Logger and on the FlashLink BLE (Bluetooth low energy) In-Transit Logger, data can be retrieved even more easily. The new interface gives the user direct access and allows for downloading of the data as a .pdf file. The FlashLink RTL Prime 3G In-Transit Logger monitors the temperature and also tells the user where the cooled goods currently are. It also has a light sensor. The RTL Prime 3G offers real-time reporting and creates a .pdf backup in the event that there are no mobile data available. The data can be tracked with a smartphone app without the vehicle or container door having to be opened.   

DeltaTrak, Inc.
Hall 23, Booth A-12

Contact: Linda Ng
Phone: +1 925 249 2250


Sustainably packaged in paper

Sustainably packaged in paper
The new vertical flow bag machine from GKS Packaging prints on recycled paper.

GKS Packaging is presenting its new vertical flow bag machine for the first time at FRUIT LOGISTICA. It was specially developed for the usage of completely recyclable and compostable paper. The paper is an FSC®-certified mono-material. It does not absorb any moisture from the packaged product and retains its firmness and structure. Agricultural products like potatoes or onions are easy to carry in padded or standing bags with carrying holes. The machine's sealing module can be used to give the bag a papier mâché window. The machine's CO2 footprint is minor. It has a modular structure and its components are exclusively made from recycled and recyclable materials.

GKS Packaging b.v.
Hall 3.1, Booth B-05

Contact: Roland Witvoet


Harvesting more efficiently

Harvesting more efficiently
Harvesting, sorting and weighing with the VENTUM harvesting machine from Hortech

According to Italian manufacturer Hortech, the harvesting machine "Ventum" is over 50 per cent more efficient than traditional models. This increase is due in part to an air tunnel with two conveyor belts, one of which moves almost twice as quickly as the other. This allows for looser distribution of the harvested goods, making it easier to clean them via air stream. The machine also automatically packages the harvested goods into boxes and monitors its speed. The harvest can thus be directly brought to the transport vehicle, which means greater efficiency, flexibility and saved costs for the producer. And because the driver is sitting directly above the harvesting machinery, they have complete control over the harvesting work.

Hall 5.1, Booth A-13

Contact: Luca Casotto
Phone: +39 0499515369


Smart and compostable

Smart and compostable
With Biopac, McGarlet introduces completely compostable packaging.

With Biopac, Italian fruit importer McGarlet offers a new, sustainable, plastic-free packaging for its fruits. The stable basis of Biopac offers a cardboard base made from FSC-certified wood fibres that protects the fruit during transport. Wood, a renewable resource, is completely biodegradable. This also applies to the transparent, plastic-free films and all labels, which are compostable and can be thrown out with the organic waste. Printed on the base is an easily comprehensible infographic that explains proper disposal to the user. A QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone also directs the user to recipes based on the exotic fruits in the packaging.

IT- Albano Sant'Alessandro
Hall 1.2, Booth A-12

Contact: Alessandro Belotti
Phone: +39 348 6342215


Potatoes to go

Potatoes to go
The Pickup from Parmentine facilitates the manual transport of potatoes

The days of unwieldy potato sacks are over. French producer Parmentine has developed packaging like a handbag. It is called "the Pickup" and facilitates not only easy transport, but also environmentally friendly disposal. The packaging is biodegradable and compostable. Its production creates up to 70 per cent less CO2 than normal packaging. "The Pickup" is made from FSC-certified paper is bio-based and created from cornstarch. Texts and images are printed with water-based ink. With sizes from 800 grams to a kilogram, Parmentine suits the packaging to the needs of small households. "The Pickup" will be available in French supermarkets and hypermarkets starting in 2020.

FR- Fere-Champenoise
Hall 21, Booth D-08

Contact: Thierry Lamblin
Phone: +33 3 26 42 19 20 / +33 6 82 80


More room for fresh food

More room for fresh food
Penta-Plast shows its new Agri Bins.

With its new product Agri Bins 113x113 Gran Volume, Penta-Plast is addressing the agriculture industry's need for large harvest containers. The plastic boxes are also ideal for the produce industry. They are made from robust plastic and can thus be reused many times over. The material is recyclable and complies with high hygiene standards. Agri Bins are available in three different heights: 58, 63 and 76 centimetres. They also come in a variety of colours that can be suited to the customer's wishes. Penta-Plast has been on the market since 1985 and sells its products throughout the EU. It is listed in the CO.N.I.P. (National Consortium Plastic Packaging) and actively works to utilise and recycle unused packaging.

Penta-Plast srl
IT- S.Agata Feltria (RN)
Hall 4.2, Booth D-02

Contact: Andreea Radu
Phone: +39 0547 699040


Flexible plastic pallets for secure transport

Flexible plastic pallets for secure transport
The plastic pallets in the RS series from Plasgad are a flexible solution for the logistics industry

Plasgad is introducing a new generation of pallets with its RS series. While their products were formerly categorised into light pallets for lorry transportation and moderately heavy pallets with integrated skids for heavy loads, this innovation from the Kibbutz Gadot in Israel combines these features in one product. The RS series of pallets can be equipped with various skids, making them customisable for the user's needs. They save space during storage and transport. The pallets facilitate entry with a four-way forklift and have a smooth underside suitable for usage with automatic conveyors. They comply with the general hygiene requirements and are made from recycled or new plastic. This means they can be recycled at the end of their work cycle, which protects the environment and saves on costs.

ISR-Upper Galilee
Hall 21, Booth C-05

Contact: Naama Konin
Phone: +972 543485217


Labelling large fruits in record time

Labelling large fruits in record time
The Large Label V6 technology from Sinclair labels 400 large fruits per minute

Sinclair Large Label V6 technology can label larger fruit and vegetable varieties like melons or pumpkins. The Large Label V6 uses hit-on-sight technology that allows it to label larger fruits at a speed of up to 400 units per minute. Sinclair has also recently expanded its range of labels to suit its machine. Sinclair Large labels are not available in sizes from 59 by 64 millimetres to 78 by 61 millimetres. The Large Label V6 offers a sizer interface and its height can be adjusted for a variety of fresh products. It offers its users flexible ways to mount it on a variety of packaging machines.

Hall 4.1, Booth B-09

Contact: Duncan Jones
Phone: +44 7970 725 752


Spicy asparagus with a kick

Spicy asparagus with a kick
The pickled asparagus tips from Teboza are a healthy and delicious snack

Family-owned company Teboza works along the entire chain of production, from the development of new varieties to cultivation to the sale of asparagus. And this company from the Netherlands is bringing an innovative product to FRUIT LOGISTICA: freshly peeled and spicy pickled asparagus tips in a glass jar. The pickled asparagus is made at times when a lot of fresh asparagus is available, preventing excess production on the market. At the same time, they meet customers' demand for easy-to-eat vegetables. The pickled asparagus tips' flavour is between that of pickles and normal asparagus in a jar, and the base juice is enriched with spices and herbs. This delicacy can be served cold, and is tasty as a side to a hearty snack or in a salad, for example.

Hall 1.2, Booth A-17

Contact: Will Teeuwen/ Jan Muurmans
Phone: +31 6 25032888/ +31 6 43993032


Precisely portioned

Precisely portioned
The RP1 template filler from Urbinati precisely fills plant containers.

Urbinati is introducing its new template filler: the RP1. This machine, with a funnel capacity of 480 litres, allows for the filling of round and quadratic pot shapes with soil. Customised screens let it fill the pots evenly without wasting any soil. The base density and sealing are determined by the steel blade cross-rotor, a key part of the machine. The functions of the main rotor, such as speed, direction of scoop rotation and number of rotations, are controlled by an SPS and can be easily programmed via touchscreen. The RP1 processes tablets up to a total height of 200 millimetres and adjusts the height of the middle group while the height of the conveyor belt remains constant. This is beneficial if the RP1 is mounted alongside other machines.

IT- San Mauro Pascoli
Hall 5.1, Booth B-08

Contact: Davide Barotti
Phone: Tel.: +39 334 6159392