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July 06, 2020

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2021: Inspire by focusing on change and opportunity

Berlin, 1 July 2020 –  FRUIT LOGISTICA is reaffirming its ambition in a time of unprecedented challenge, transition and reinvention for fresh fruit and vegetable businesses everywhere by focusing its 2021 edition on the many opportunities for all those fresh produce professionals who come together every February in Berlin.

“FRUIT LOGISTICA is the platform to set scene for new opportunities for the global fresh produce business and to prepare the new global scenario”, says Madlen Miserius, Senior Product Manager at FRUIT LOGISTICA.  

“The current situation has brought unprecedented challenges to all of us,” she explains. “Changes already underway have been accelerated by this pandemic. Companies have had to adapt quickly and show great resilience. There is no doubt that 2021 is going to be a year of consolidation. Only those best prepared to face the challenges ahead of us will prosper. At a time of great change, our role at FRUIT LOGISTICA is to help you generate new business, to help you find ways to innovate and to inspire.”

As part of its continued commitment to supporting the international fruit and vegetable business, FRUIT LOGISTICA is making available for free a brand new report on the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the fresh produce industry.

“Pressing Refresh”, published by Fruitnet Media International, combines analysis from key players in the fresh produce industry with insight from Fruitnet’s international team of experts.

“Pressing Refresh” is now available at The report covers three key areas: markets, supply and logistics, and underlines the fresh produce industry’s strong determination to overcome the new challenges created by the outbreak.

For example, the report explains how Dutch tomato business RedStar has had to completely rethink staffing arrangements at its greenhouses, while in New Zealand T&G Global is now chartering its own ships to ensure millions of apples destined for Europe arrive without delay.

FRUIT LOGISTICA’s organisers are aware of uncertainties ahead for everyone even though the number of stand registrations for 2021 is already very promising. That’s why they are continuously publishing updates to their Frequently Asked Questions page. This section helps exhibitors answer their most common concerns in the run-up to the 2021 edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA.

Exhibitors who submit their applications by 31 July 2020 can be first in line to get their preferred locations in the floorplan for FRUIT LOGISTICA 2021, says Miserius.