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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“We have come to a point in Africa where we must consolidate our economic growth. To do this, we need innovation – creative solutions that help to improve the population’s living conditions and drive our development forward. We are able to use much of what has been tried and tested in Europe and adapt it to our local conditions, values and knowledge.”


Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, founder and managing director of ColdHubs

Stat of the Day

Stat of the Day

Twenty start-ups have made it to the Start-up Area of FRUIT LOGISTICA. Four of them come from the Netherlands, making it the most represented country. Germany and Israel also have a presence, with three start-ups each. All have something in common: they are presenting new products, projects and ideas for the sector. FRUIT LOGISTICA is organising the first Start-up Day under the motto “Disrupt Agriculture”.

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Topic of the day

New Ideas for Sustainability

According to estimates from the United Nations, around 9.8 billion people will need to be fed by 2050. And yet water, arable farmland and fossil fuels are in short supply. New forms of food production are required if we are to protect resources and not impact the environment any further. Many start-ups are working on ideas. 20 will put forward their strategies on the first Start-up Day at FRUIT LOGISTICA.

According to the FAO over 40 percent of food is being spoiled in developing countries due to a lack of storage. The Nigerian company ColdHubs offers new refrigeration cells that are operated using solar technology and are safe to walk on. They enable small producers to store their fruit and vegetables, reducing after-crop losses by 80 percent according to ColdHubs. Farmers earn more this way and are therefore able to better provide for their families. The Egyptian company SunCity also uses solar energy. It offers solar-powered pumps, which farmers can use to irrigate their fields, without having to resort to environmentally harmful and expensive diesel.

Many start-ups use robotics to simplify fruit and vegetable production. For example, over seven million tonnes of apples were harvested by hand in the USA in 2016. The harvesting robots of Israeli company FFRobotics is able to harvest 10,000 pieces of fruit per hour with their six, specially developed gripping arms and set them down gently on a conveyor. Software based on Artificial Intelligence makes this possible. The greenhouses of Canadian start-up Motorleaf also rely on AI. Data for lighting, irrigation, temperature and air humidity are continuously recorded and analysed. The accuracy of the harvest forecasts increases and the risk of pests damaging the plants is reduced.

Dutch start-up PATS Indoor Drone Solutions offers a flying innovation to combat pests. Mini drones independently identify harmful insects in the greenhouse and eliminate them. The benefit is fewer pesticides, less work and healthier fruit.

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Three Questions to... Madlen Miserius, Senior Product Manager, FRUIT LOGISTICA

Three Questions to...

Madlen Miserius, Senior Product Manager, FRUIT LOGISTICA

This year, for the first time, there is a Start-up Day. What do you hope it will achieve?

The Start-up Day is another building block with which we are reinforcing FRUIT LOGISTICA as a platform for innovation. Start-ups often think out of the box and can give valuable food for thought. This way, we are already addressing topics today that could be relevant for the entire industry in the future.

The fair is also offering a new platform for the Global Women’s Network. Why?

In the fruit and vegetable industry there are many women in management positions. We would like to give them a forum for exchange, inspiration and networking. Furthermore, five women from four continents will give lectures covering the entire value chain, in which they will share their expertise and experience.

And what comes after the fair?

We will definitely continue to develop both platforms. We are planning to host the next Global Women's Network event at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA. The Start-up Day will also be expanded further, as we have seen that it harbours an incredible amount of potential.

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Radar Retail

Just spotted at FRUIT LOGISTICA: new and extraordinary fruits and vegetables.

Radar Retail
It’s hardly known in Europe: the Lulo, a small orange also called “naranjilla” in Ecuador. Botanically, this South American fruit with a jelly-like interior belongs to the nightshade family. It is usually peeled and mixed with water and sugar in a blender to make an aromatic juice. Its subtly tart taste resembles a combination of star fruit and pineapple.

FLP - Ecuador

Hall 23, Stand E-08

Contact: Ana C. Andrade

T: +593 99-478-1800

Radar Retail
Break it open and spoon it out: with a soft, creamy and sweet flesh, the custard apple is considered a delicacy in its tropical homeland. In Mauritius, the heart-shaped fruit from the annona family is also appreciated for another reason: "Eating it can prevent cancer", says Naime Luchmun, Managing Director of Freshline Marketing.

Freshline Marketing Ltd.
Hall 26, Stand C-26
Contact: Naime Luchmun
T: +230 5477 9917

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Wrapping up FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019

For three days, all attention was on fruit and vegetables at the trade fair in Berlin. The 27th FRUIT LOGISTICA was more international than ever, with exhibitors from 90 countries. For the first time ever, there was a Start-up Day and an industry get-together of the Global Women’s Network. In the final report, the organisers and exhibitors will be taking stock. It will be published on Tuesday, 12 February with a range of statements and facts about FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019.

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China Fruit Logistica
The market in China comprises 1.3 billion consumers and is experiencing rapid growth. China has had its own FRUIT LOGISTICA  since 2018. Instead of international business, everything in Shanghai revolves around supply chains within the country. Following its successful premier, over 2,000 visitors are expected this year. There will be a special offer for potential exhibitors by the end of February: stand prices have been virtually halved to make them affordable for the Chinese market and to attract the best growers, distributors, brands and new technologies.


29 to 31 May 2019

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC)

No. 850 Bocheng Road

Pudong, Shanghai


Asia Fruit Logistica
Launched thirteen years ago, ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is now the continent’s most important trade fair for the fruit and vegetable industries. It provides an overview of the entire market and showcases new developments and products from over 20 countries. In 2019, there will be two new segments: frozen fruit and vegetables, as well as greenhouse technology. A lot is changing, especially in the technology arena, and there will be exciting insights for trade visitors and exhibitors. For all those wanting to present at this trade fair the registration deadline is end of February.

4-6 September 2019
Hong Kong International Airport
Lantau, Hong Kong

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Video of the day

Video of the Day

Databases, artificial intellligence, mini drones and robots: 20 companies present innovations for the sector at FRUIT LOGISTICA’s Start-Up Day. They are the subject of the video on the third and last day of the exhibition. The FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award will also be presented today. The video about this and further impressions can be found on our YouTube channel.


All videos and interviews at:

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Mark your calendar: The next FRUIT LOGISTICA will take place from February 5 to 7.

Until next year! – Bis zum nächsten Jahr! - À l’année prochaine! - ¡Hasta el año que viene! - Ci vediamo l’anno prossimo! - Do zobaczenia w przyszłym roku! - Seneye görüşmek dileğiyle! - Увидимся в следующем году! - 明年见!  - अगलेसाल मिलते हैं!

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