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Wednesday, 5th February

Stats of the day

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93 countries
are represented at this year’s FRUIT LOGISTICA: the trade fair has never been as international as this. In total, there are 3,300 exhibitors and visitors from 135 countries. By the way, the partner country for FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020 is the home of the banana, anone, avocado, papaya and many other fruits: Ecuador.

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2.2 million tonnes
That’s how many carrots were produced in Uzbekistan in 2019, according to the European Statistics Handbook. That makes the country the second-largest carrot producer in the world – only China grows more. Only a small proportion of the root vegetables are exported. Nevertheless, Uzbekistan is the main exporter in Central Asia.

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New markets, new opportunities

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With exhibitors from 93 countries, FRUIT LOGISTICA is an international marketplace for the fruit trade and therefore an ideal place to discover new markets. This year, Hall B in the City Cube is dedicated to “Booming south-east Europe”. There are larger stands and new regional products.

Agron Mehmeti, executive director of the Albanian import and export company, Doni Fruits, is presenting apples, mandarins, tomatoes and leeks on his stand (photo). “Due to its excellent climate, Albania has the potential to export more fruit and vegetables in future, such as apples, which are currently our principal export,” he says. Thanks to government subsidies and private investment, export volumes will increase, according to Mehmeti. Bananas, citrus fruit and dried fruit are primarily imported from Argentina, Peru and the Middle East.

The European Statistics Handbook is devoting a separate chapter to south-eastern Europe for the first time this year. According to this, the Western Balkan States of Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and North Macedonia are recording a three-percent growth in gross domestic product. The handbook’s authors see great potential for Serbia, where production of orchard fruit, in particular, has increased in recent years, especially its principal export, namely apples and plums. Serbia is a world leader for the export of frozen raspberries. Germany is its main customer in this segment, followed by France and Belgium.

The Balkan State’s stand at FRUIT LOGISTICA is twice as big as last year, which says something about the importance of the fruit and vegetable trade, says Veljko Jovanovic from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “In the coming years, we will increasingly focus on the EU market, not only with raspberries, but also with nuts and tomatoes,” he says. To do this, they’re working closely with some very small companies. These must all be able to comply with international regulations and to expand trade with the EU.

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Three questions to...

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Damien Castagnier, Head of Fruit and Vegetable Procurement, Monoprix, France, winner of the FRUIT LOGISTICA Award for Retail Excellence (FLARE) in the category Berries

How important are fruits and especially berries for your company?
The fruit and vegetable sector accounts for almost ten percent of our business. Three things are important to us: environmentally-friendly cultivation, biodiversity and taste. Strawberries are a major market in France. However, we’re also continually developing the berry categories, with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Our supplier, Fruits Rouges, mainly sources fruit from France. In high season, it can guarantee that almost 100 percent of the fruit is of French origin. 

Which berry is your bestseller?
Our bestseller is loose blueberries, which is currently an exclusive offer. Our customers buy three times more of products in loose form.

What is your biggest challenge?
Freshness and quality are not a problem, but packaging is a real challenge. Plastic decomposes extremely slowly, so we use cardboard, compostable bags and currently still use recycled plastic. Our “Detox Plastic” project aims to eliminate the use of plastic packaging for the entire product range by 2021.

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Wacky Fruits

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The Uurú banana (which translates as "gold") already has its typical aroma even when it's still green. It reminds of the dessert banana Gros Michel, which was almost entirely wiped out by Panama disease. The Uurú is cultivated in Ecuador, without deforestation, with efficient consumption of water and with renewable energy sources. And speaking of sustainability: this year, a QR code on the peel took journalists to FRUIT LOGISTICA's digital press kit. This saved around 10,000 sheets of paper.

Weichert GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 5.2, Stand A03, contact: Ralph Fischer, T: +49 171 732 22 77,

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Sometimes they’re a subtle purple colour, sometimes a bold lilac, other times they’re almost black: Yoom tomatoes develop a different appearance depending on the latitude at which they are grown and the number of hours of sunlight they see. However, according to their producer, one thing remains constant: their high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content. The little vitamin boosts are perfect as a snack or as an addition to salads. This is also thanks to the tomato's interesting flavour: a good balance of sweet and sour, with a tangy umami taste at the same time.

Syngenta Seeds B.V., Hall 1.2, Stand D16, Contact: Rik Lootens, T: +32 475 43 84 39,

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+++ Tour: Today, FRUIT LOGISTICA was opened with a tour by German Economy Minister Julia Klöckner and her colleague from Ecuador, Xavier Lazo Guerrero. “You are selling a product that marketing experts could only dream of,” says Klöckner. “Your industry sector stands for quality and diversity, and you are contributing to a healthier diet.” At the same time, the industry is benefitting for an increased awareness of the importance of diet. +++ Health: In light of the global spread of the coronavirus, the Messe Berlin has taken some precautionary measures: at the instruction of the Berlin health authorities, admission to the trade fair is only granted to people who do not belong to coronavirus risk groups. To this end, all visitors must provide a declaration, which is also available on site. Moreover, the hygiene measures at the premises have been enhanced. +++ Innovation: “Tessa” and “Fräulein” are two new types of apple being presented at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020. “Tessa” apples combine the sweet flavour and texture of Gala and Pink Rose apples. “Fräulein” apples are characterised by a well-balanced combination of sweet and sour flavours and are extremely juicy.+++

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What I've learned today

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"I was very impressed by the 'Wunderfrucht' example: that people from different countries can come together at the trade fair, build a network and establish a company together. This shows how dynamic the industry is and that Berlin is a fantastic location for the fruit industry, too."

Madlen Miserius
Senior Product Manager, FRUIT LOGISTICA

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"It's interesting to see how knowledge and information are becoming increasingly important to FRUIT LOGISTICA visitors. In times like these, in which everything changes extremely quickly, knowledge is ultimately the best qualification for being able to live up to the challenges of the future."

Kaasten Reh
Division Manager Events & Awards, Fruitnet Media International

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“I’ve learned that not all bioplastics are completely biodegradable. I liked the comparison with plastic based on raw materials. On the one hand, bioplastics help to counteract global warming, on the other hand, their production requires a great deal of water and space.”

Océane Rennote
Project Officer, Coleacp

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“I’ve learned how artificial intelligence, whether it’s applied in fields or in greenhouses, can both improve quality and reduce waste. I also found it interesting that the investments made in this field can be recouped by doubling income.”

Maria Laura Ponce
Strategy and Business Development, Grupo Proeza

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Preview for Thursday, 6th February

• At the Logistics Hub, it’s all about digitalisation: what are the prospects for the transportation of perishable goods, and what has changed about the way traditional logistics companies operate?
Hall 26, 10.00-12.00

• Mildew in strawberries can be combatted even without the use of chemical protective agents, meaning that this can be done in a way that preserves both the environment and the crops: The potential of UV-C lighting will be demonstrated in the Future Lab
Hall 27, 11.00-11.30

• In order to reduce the damage caused during transit, Muddy Boots has developed a supply chain solution. It will be presented by Jack Evans, Head of Commercial, on the Tech Stage.
Hall 9, Stand B11, 11.30-12.30

• The Fresh Produce Forum will deal with the new legislation on organic goods and its consequences. As well as other topics, experts will showcase the potential of digital phenotyping as an opportunity for producers.
Hall B/City Cube, A01, 15.00-16.00

• This year, the Tech Stage will feature a new format: “44 minutes”, with quick updates on the latest topics. Tomorrow, the topics will include the effects that robotics are having on the cultivation of apples and bananas.
Hall 9, Stand B11, 16.00-16.44

See the entire schedule in the program overview.

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FRUIT LOGISTICA saw its first premiere the day before it officially opened: on Tuesday, the international FRUIT LOGISTICA Award for Retail Excellence (FLARE) was presented for the first time. There were three categories: Tomatoes, Berries and Merchandising.

The latest videos, featuring the latest insights from the trade fair and expert interviews, are available on YouTube.

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