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Stats of the Day

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visitors of the FRUIT LOGISTICA are decision-makers. They decide about the purchasing in their company, most of them even decisively. Their main interest lies in fresh fruits and vegetables, and they are looking for new suppliers and contacts. The Berlin fair will publish the overall findings from the visitor survey on Tuesday.

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people will live on earth in 2050 according to the current forecasts of the United Nations. Experts are saying that, in order to meet the demand for food, agriculture needs to innovate. The potential is huge: consultancy firm McKinsey has found that, at least in Europe, agriculture is one of the least digitalised industries.

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Disruption in Agriculture

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“Disrupt Agriculture” is the motto of the Start-Up Day at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020. Just like last year, the final day of the trade fair is dedicated to innovation. 20 start-ups are presenting new software solutions, especially those that are intended to optimise the entire value chain – from cultivation to distribution.

The service provider Dimuto from Singapore, for example, can accurately track fresh produce using blockchain, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. The Dutch start-up, Polariks, has developed a scanner for tractors that uses hyperspectral sensors to provide precise information about individual plants.

Disruption is also a common theme of the specialist events at the trade fair: now more than ever, the agricultural sector is concerned with data collection and digitalisation. Artificial Intelligence should help to reduce resource consumption and carbon emissions as well as waste.  Drones from the Dutch company Rijk Zwaan for example, can monitor the size, shape, colour, growth and condition of fruit in open areas under varying conditions.

Digitalisation should also improve greenhouse cultivation. This was the topic in the new “Greenhouse Technology” hall and at the new forum “Smart Horticulture Global”. Vertical agriculture, harvesting robots and efficient recirculation systems were presented, among other things. Parus developed LED lighting (photo) for greenhouses, whose wavelengths can accelerate photosynthesis.

The Berlin-based firm Infarm is presenting digitally controlled greenhouse units that wholesalers, supermarkets and even retailers can set up and use indoors. This can bring customers closer to production and eliminate certain delivery channels.

Be it in production or sales: innovations at FRUIT LOGISTICA focus on the question of how to make optimal use of resources and reduce pollutants and emissions.

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Three Questions to...

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Michelle Redfern, founder of Advancing Women and keynote speaker at the Global Women’s Network

Why do women in the fruit industry need their own network?
In general, it’s a strategic advantage if women share their experiences with other women. Because let’s be honest: most business is done through relationships. There may well now be more women in management positions. But in the top 500 US firms there are only five per cent and in the top 200 companies in my country, Australia, that figure is less than 14 per cent. Often, women remain stuck in middle-management roles.

What about the fruit industry?
We don’t have enough data yet. But our new organisation, “Global Women Fresh”, is now gathering information about how many women are employed in what roles in our highly diversified industry. This is helping to accelerate the improvement of our network. The industry is diverse, ranging from farming, through logistics, to sales.

What changes can we expect if more women actively shape the fruit industry?
We need more cognitive diversity and fresh thinking to cope with the major global issues. So we not only need more women, but generally more people with different experience making decisions. This is essential for sustainability and success.

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Wacky Fruits

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With its buttery-nutty taste and its crunchy texture, it reminds you of green asparagus, the Tenderstem Royale, a cross between broccoli and Kailan (also known as Chinese broccoli). Its purple-coloured stems are as tender as its green head, so that all of it may be eaten, even when raw. It takes a matter of minutes to cook and retains its crispness and its nutrients.

Sakata Vegetables Europe
Hall 8.2; Stand B11
c/o: Theresa Richards
T: +44 1622816999

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A conventional watermelon is quite large for small households. The new variety Kisy from BASF Vegetable Seeds is not much bigger than an apple. It can be halved and spooned out or peeled. It has a dark-green skin and the flesh of the fruit is red and firm. The mini melons are sold in cardboard packaging and are also suitable to eat on the go. They are grown in Spain between mid-June and mid-August.

Hall 5.2; Stand B09
Miguel Angel Jiménez Bosque
T: +34 626 022 485

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+++ Award-winning innovations: the “Yoom” tomato from the Dutch company Syngenta Seeds has won the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA). The Silver FLIA goes to the “Compostable, Flexible, Printed, Packaging” sustainable packaging from the Polish firm, Silbo. And Bronze has been presented to another environmentally-friendly packaging solution: “SoFruMiniPak” by SoFruPak Witold Gaj from Poland. +++ Strong women: the Future Lab was extremely busy on Friday morning. Over 100 women attended the Global Women’s Network at FRUIT LOGISTICA. Viviane Schappo, Monica Bratuti and Julie Escobar launched this networking event at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019. +++ A happy ending: FRUIT LOGISTICA finishes today at 4 pm. To ensure that the fruit doesn’t go to waste, the trade fair is collaborating with Berliner Tafel. This organisation collects food and distributes it those in need. Last year, this included 70 tons of fruit and vegetables from FRUIT LOGISTICA. +++

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What I've learned today...

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“I came to realise that there is no simple solution with respect to plastic. Usually, the simple answers are not the best. We need to find the right solution for each individual case, for each product and each life cycle.”

Yann Champenois
Head of Research and Development, Floreale

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“I myself work in the AgTech space. It was very intriguing to see how many different approaches there are to developing solutions in the agriculture sector. The opportunities for growth in this field are simply enormous.”

Juliet Phillips
Project Manager Europe, QLBS

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“I’m a mango producer and would like to establish contacts at FRUIT LOGISTICA in order to export our fruit purée to Europe. The most important thing for me is to find out what requirements I must meet. This morning, I bought a refractometer at the trade fair to be able to determine the sugar content of our fruit.”

Joe Cobbinah
CEO, Bodukwan Farms & Factory

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"In this industry, it’s all about green technology and technology in general. In some countries, there is still a strong focus on productivity in order to ensure that enough food can be produced. However, the transition to green technologies is also increasingly important to them."

Fariha Edrous
First Secretary for Agriculture, Malaysia

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• Each year, the show ends with a highlight: the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA). All photos and information, and especially the announcement of the winners, is available on:

• The FRUIT LOGISTICA final report with results and exhibitor feedback on the show will be published at 2.00 pm next Tuesday, 11 February:

ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA will take place between 16-18 September 2020 this year for the first time in Singapore. The move from Hong Kong should offer increased planning ability and stability. And, of course, Singapore is a very important business and trading hub in Asia.

• Save the date for the next round: FRUIT LOGISTICA 2021 will take place 3-5 February – naturally in Berlin once again.

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New sensors, dynamic cultivation plans and stickers that keep fresh fruit fresh for longer: At the Start-Up Day at FRUIT LOGISTICA, it’s all about innovation. Twenty companies are presenting their ideas for the fresh fruit sector and for increased sustainability.

The latest videos, featuring the latest insights from the trade fair and expert interviews, are available on YouTube

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