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FRUIT LOGISTICA 2023 Spotlight

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Very juicy

Very juicy
The amount of juice in Agricola Lusia’s ’I Succosi’ oranges is especially high.

With ’I Succosi’, the citrus fruit specialist Agricola Lusia is presenting a new category of oranges that are especially juicy. They guarantee the same amount of juice per fruit regardless of variety or origin. This finding is the result of a six-year study carried out by the company and Ca' Foscari University of Venice. The goal is for every ’I Succosi’ orange to yield the same high amount of juice, which is achieved by a patent-pending method. Guaranteeing the amount of juice has many advantages. It creates a unique product whose cultivation is thus profitable. The fruits all have a uniform quality which promotes customer loyalty. With its innovative packaging Agricola Lusia has also reduced plastic consumption by 30 per cent. Its Treedom initiative promotes the planting of citrus trees in emerging countries.

Agricola Lusia – Citrus Specialist
I – Lusia (RO)
Hall 2.2, Booth C-30

Contact: Manuel Dazzo
Phone: + 39 3441854108

Delicate dip

Delicate dip
A diffferent kind of broccoli: with Brocomole, Anecoop is also minimising food waste.

With Brocomole, Anecoop is presenting a new vegetable dip at FRUIT LOGISTICA. It consists of 97 per cent fresh broccoli and avocado. Janus Fruit, the company’s subsidiary, produces it under the brand name Easy by Bouquet. It joins a range of other specialities such as avocado and chickpea hummus, as well as classic and spicy organic guacamole. In consumer surveys Brocomole impressed with its appearance, colour, aroma, flavour and texture. 72 per cent of respondents said they would buy it again, and 78 per cent would be willing to eat more broccoli that way. With its dips Anecoop also minimises food waste by making the most of its companies’ products, thus reducing its carbon footprint and creating added value.

Anecoop S. Coop.
Hall 18, Booth B-01

Contact: Carlota Pardo
Phone: +34 96 393 85 58

Strong roots

Strong roots
Duobiotic Alpha is a new fertiliser based on bacterial strains.

Biorizon Biotech, a co-exhibitor of Extena, is presenting its new Duobiotic Alpha biotech solution at FRUIT LOGISTICA. It was developed from bacterial strains and offers great potential for farming. Duobiotic Alpha activates the macro and micro-nutrients that naturally occur in soil and transforms them for better plant absorption. This makes the soil more fertile and crops more resistant to pests, especially around the roots. Duobiotic Alpha increases the polyphenol content, so that harvested crops stay fresh longer.

Biorizon Biotech SL (on the stand of Extenda)
Hall 18, Booth C-20

Contact: Ismael Pérez Rodríguez
Phone: +34 674070014

Everything under control

Everything under control
The bucket made from Social Plastic® rPET represents a safe packaging solution for fresh produce.

With its Bk model, short for Bucket, Carton Pack is marketing a practical bucket suitable for cherries, cherry tomatoes and berries as well as grapes and dried fruit. The innovative EasyOpenSystem features a hole, so is easy to open. A handle forms part of the bucket, making it more manageable and reducing material consumption. Made entirely from rPET, the bucket consists of Social Plastic® rPET, i.e. plastic recovered from ocean waste. This reduces environmental pollution and benefits the livelihoods of those collecting it. The programme behind this effort provides care and education.

Carton Pack S.p.A. / Fresh produce packaging
I–Rutigliano (BA)
Hall 4.2, Booth B-13

Contact: Massimiliano Persico
Phone: +39 0804771440

Efficient transportation

Efficient transportation
Chillchain’s software makes it easier to set up efficient supply chains

Chillchain’s innovative software makes it easier to set up efficient, transparent and sustainable supply chains, while users save on logistics costs. The software visualises the entire supply chain and collects consolidated data that highlights inefficiencies. This saves time and eliminates errors that can occur in manual processing. The data is made easily readable on customised dashboards and provides information on where saving energy and reducing traffic emissions is possible, for example. Chillchain’s software rationalises operational procedures and shows how redistributing resources can increase capacity and efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint and financial costs.


Contact: Indi Kubisa
Phone: +44 7413 903 860

Data for a better harvest

Data for a better harvest
Delphy Digital’s quality management systems make crop planning easier.

Data is becoming increasingly important in every crop sector. Using quality management systems (QMS) to collect and analyse data can help optimise crop planning. QMS Tomato from Delphy Digital helps suppliers, consultants and growers optimise their cultivation plans. This solution makes it possible to plan strategically according to company targets, along with weekly adjustments. It can be used to reliably influence decision-making regarding plant spacing, pruning and climate strategy, for example. QMS-based root-cutting determines the extent to which the roots of each tree in an orchard are cut back. The first step is for the farmer to determine a growth category from data obtained by drones. The result is a chart which can be exported by the platform and used in the field.

Delphy Digital
Hall 3.2, Booth C-46

Contact: Max van den Hemel
Phone: +316 22705379

Real-time data offers greater control

Real-time data offers greater control
DeltaTRAK enables real-time data-driven tracking of produce.

Produce often travels long distances before it reaches the customer. Real-time data not only provides transit information on where a shipment is or when it will arrive. It also tracks the route that produce takes and its ambient conditions. With its FlashTrak Cloud Services, DeltaTRAK offers global supply chain actors a turnkey solution with a data-driven decision-making capability. FlashLink NOW users are able to log information on the location, temperature, lighting, relative humidity and physical shocks in real time and upload it to FlashTrak. The shipment data can be monitored via a user-friendly interface at any time and be integrated seamlessly into other systems with API. This results in improved tracking, efficiency and profitability. The new tool helps minimise claims, increase profits and reduce waste.

Hall 23, Booth A-22

Contact: Alex Kingston
Phone: +1-925-249-2250

Robots make light work

Robots make light work
EARIS makes packaging farming produce easier with cobots.

What defines cobots is their ability to work with humans on automated processes. EARIS harnesses the ability of machines to package fresh produce on pallets. In addition to marketing automated palletising solutions with cobots by leading makes such as Universal Robots and FANUC the company is also a pioneer in developing special grabs for palletising and depalletising farming goods. The company also develops automated solutions for processes such as packaging, boxes, tipping fruit onto packaging lines and PLU labelling. Companies can transfer repetitive, laborious and hazardous tasks to cobots, thereby reducing the pressure on workers. These can then carry out more specialised tasks in order to increase their company’s productivity.

Hall 18, Booth C-20

Contact: Javier de la Torre
Phone: +34 697 884 127

Pale berries

Pale berries
EMCO CAL’s white strawberries have a deliciously exotic tropical flavour.

EMCO CAL’s new premium white strawberry variety Florida Pearl® Brand FL 16 78 109 cv is an all-new visual and taste experience. Dr. Vance Whitaker of the University of Florida designed this fruit with a deliciously exotic tropical flavour and a delicate pineapple aroma. Harvesting, from November to June, can take place only 50 to 60 days after planting these conically shaped berries. The new variety promises high yields averaging over one kilo per plant. The firm berries have an excellent shelf life. The flavour and appearance of fully ripened Florida Pearl® berries with their dark red seeds in a white to light pink skin and with their white flesh offer inspiration to both chefs and bartenders for new dishes and drinks.

Ekland Marketing Company of California, Inc.
Hall 8.2, Booth B-52

Contact: Monserrat Manríquez
Phone: +44 7873271008

Keeps fresh longer

Keeps fresh longer
The freshness compartments make sensitive vegetables last longer.

In order to transport sensitive produce such as courgette flowers over long distances these must be kept fresh. In order to achieve this, in a research project together with the University of Tuscia, OP EUROCIRCE developed SHU EHG technology. Systems thus equipped are able to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer periods after harvesting, thereby improving them and making them exportable to distant profitable markets. PureAirIon systems can be used in transportation, health facilities, offices and especially in the food industry. The use of catalytic hydrate photooxidation technology (PCO-EHG) makes it possible to eliminate, fungi, bacteria, viruses and fumes both in the air and on surfaces. The freshness compartments significantly extend storage times.

IT-04019 Terracina (LT)
Hall 4.2, Booth A-31

Contact: Simona Barbisan, Simone Dalla Valle
Phone: +39 773 756222

Smart lighting for greenhouses

Smart lighting for greenhouses
Smart lighting systems for greenhouses from Food Autonomy.

In order for plants to grow and be nutritious they need the right amount of light. Food Autonomy Greenhouse Toplights feature wireless dimming, a multi-channel option and independently controlled fans. In addition to their smart functions their output exceeds 1040 watts. Wireless dimming means that with uniform lighting they are extremely effective. They are also cost-efficient and can be used for pinpoint illumination. Independently controlled integrated fans offer better heat management, evaporation and photosynthesis. The smart lighting systems can also be retrofitted with intelligent functions.

Food Autonomy
Hall 3.1, Booth A-50

Contact: Keith Thomas
Phone: +44 782 501 0082

Well sorted

Well sorted
The Futura Technology packaging system is specifically designed for dates.

At FRUIT LOGISTICA Futura Technology is for the first time displaying its new system specifically designed for dates. After being pre-sorted manually the dates are washed and dried. Because of their irregular shapes a second line employs two separate devices to ensure full capacity. A segregation system is then employed to check the dates for various parameters including weight, diameter, length, width and colour. The system also detects flaws such as yellowing or loose skin and moisture. Fruit packaging can subsequently be integrated into the system. The fruit is sorted into boxes by size.

Futura Technology
Hall 1.1, Booth B-42

Contact: Selighini Paolo
Phone: +34 71833328

Perfect climate

Perfect climate
The HiLo polytunnel features mechanical venting solutions.

High tunnels protect sensitive fruit and vegetables during their development, for which Haygrove now offers mechanised ventilation. With the HiLo polytunnel, farmers can choose between one or two apex vents in combination with a smaller roller vent on one side for optimum air exchange. The HiLo tunnel reduces the time and labour involved in efficient tunnel climate management. Opening and closing tunnels no longer costs extra time and money, and growing crops becomes more efficient. A range of venting options offers extra control.

Hall 3.1, Booth B-52

Contact: Darya Nefedova
Phone: +44 7483018546

A breath of air

A breath of air
Hazel BreatheWay® for more freshness inside packaging.

Fresh fruit shipped and held in storage over long periods may suffer negative effects. In particular temperature fluctuations due to an interrupted cold chain increase the breathing rate of fruit in packaging, which raises the CO2 concentration inside. This can promote fungi growth, causing the produce to lose weight. In order to prevent this, Hazel Technologies is marketing its Hazel BreatheWay® solution for extra freshness. Its patented breathable membrane has been developed to ensure an optimum atmosphere for berries during transit and storage on their way to the consumer. Hazel BreatheWay® was designed to handle lengthy transit periods and unforeseen supply chain situations with unexpected temperature fluctuations. This innovation ensures an optimum climate for fruit by maintaining a balanced atmosphere inside the packaging, enabling produce to reach its destination in perfect condition while also reducing waste.

Hazel Technologies
Hall 23, Booth A-10

Contact: Kellen Stailey Martin
Phone: +1 (331) 454-6020

Solar power for more growth

Solar power for more growth
The new Hextech greenhouse container for sustainable vegetable growing.

At FRUIT LOGISTICA Hextech is for the first time presenting a new greenhouse container that harnesses solar power. Using special technology, it amplifies the sun’s rays, thus improving crop quality and yields. It also minimises the use of LED lighting, resulting in energy savings of up 80 per cent. With the help of Hextech water technology these greenhouses produce their own water supply, reducing water consumption in farming. Carbon from the atmosphere is also converted to create CO2 fertiliser. This greenhouse has already been used to successfully cultivate sensitive plants such as tomatoes, paprika and cucumbers.

Hall 3.1, Booth A-22

Contact: Tanay Akgun
Phone: +90 5061377801, +90 2124030216

Driverless logistics

Driverless logistics
Driverless machines optimise greenhouse logistics.

A new system from Hortitech International fully automates transportation of greenhouse crops to sorting and packaging areas as well as transport vehicle loading and unloading. The systems are designed to function with various packaging types and sizes. Switching from crates to boxes can be done at the touch of a control panel. Separate modules and a wide range of functions ensure the machines can be flexibly deployed. With its custom solutions, the system helps make greenhouse work more efficient.

Hortitech International Sp. z o.o.
Hall 3.1, Booth B-02

Contact: Krzysztof Korzeniewski
Phone: +48 539 954 242

Big data in potato storage

Big data in potato storage
iHotraco employs data for more efficient storage.

iHotraco Storage Data was designed for the potato and onion industry. With its practical use of big data, the system assists crop storage and according to the manufacturer forms the basis for modern farming. iHotraco Storage Data collects crop storage data securely, automatically and reliably using state-of-the-art data communications technology. Completed data records are stored in a standard format in a central location and can be easily accessed via management dashboards. The system lets farmers efficiently monitor all stages of harvesting. The combination of storage and field data provides an overview of the entire process, enabling farmers to streamline workflows for optimum results.

Hall 4.1, Booth C-41

Contact: Puck Deumens
Phone: +31 77 3275020

Protection and growth

Protection and growth
New Protev fertiliser stops bacteria and stimulates growth.

If bacteria infect a plant they can halt its growth. Hydro Fert’s new Protev fertiliser has a dual effect. On the one hand it prevents plants becoming infected and on the other it stimulates growth. Made from plant extracts, this trade fair innovation strengthens resistance and fertilises organically all in one. Repeated use improves fertiliser uptake and increases the chlorophyll content of the leaves. Protev was tested both in the laboratory and outdoors and is suitable for every type of fruit, vegetable and ornamental plant that is susceptible to its growth being halted by bacterial stress. The plant-based composition ensures that the physiological functions of plants remain unaffected. Farmers now require only a single product instead of many, which saves money and protects the environment.

Hydro Fert srl
Hall 1.2, Booth B-13

Contact: Dr. Francesco Di Pietro
Phone: +39 0883 513494

Digital helpers

Digital helpers
HZPC Holland has unveiled a new online tool which supports potato growers.

What is the most sustainable potato variety for my soil characteristics? HZPC’s Even Greener online tool has the answer. With its many different potato varieties the company is actively promoting global food security, and many are highly sustainable. The HZPC website at offers a guide to selecting them from the many products available. A flexible model developed together with customers lists the main criteria for a truly sustainable potato variety. They include a marketable yield, efficient fertiliser use, storage capability, pest resistance and fresh water consumption. These are parameters which the in-house growing centre has measured over several years at various locations around the world.

HZPC Holland B.V.
NL–XG Joure
Hall 20, Booth B-50

Contact: Hans Langedijk
Phone: +31 513 - 48 98 88

Safely packaged in paper

Safely packaged in paper
Inkarta packaging consists of renewable natural materials.

Paper is regarded as sustainable and can be recycled. In order to support the circular economy Inkarta has designed packaging that consists mainly of paper and cellulose hydrate. All materials are plant-based, renewable and without plastic. The transparent window can be returned to waste paper recycling. The packaging also significantly benefits its content’s longevity. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, is resistant to ultraviolet oxidation and compatible with standard packaging systems.

Hall 2.1, Booth B-23

Contact: Giuseppe Merloni
Phone: +39 0547600819

Quick cooling

Quick cooling
The suction box by InspiraFarms Cooling can be used to pre-cool a single pallet.

When fresh fruit is exported, correct temperature is decisive for prolonging shelf life. With its range of pre-coolers, InspiraFarms Cooling reduces the time it takes to cool pallets, crates and other containers. Pressure can be adjusted from 150 to 300 Pa. The airflow can be configured too. Up to 20 pallets can be processed at the same time. The smallest and cheapest solution is the suction box, which has room for one pallet. This entry-level model saves energy, is easy to install, can be easily moved around if necessary and can be set up in existing cold rooms to ensure rapid pre-cooling. The systems can be expanded as required.

InspiraFarms Cooling
Hall 26, Booth C-63

Contact: Paula Rodriguez
Phone: + 44 (0) 20 3893 2420

Networked processing

Networked processing
KRONEN presents its new processing line for lettuce and leaf vegetables on the stand.

In order to intelligently and efficiently weigh, wash, dry and sort lettuce, mixed lettuce and leaf vegetables, KRONEN has designed a new processing line. This can process up to 1 tonne of baby leaf lettuce or the equivalent amount of mixed lettuce per hour. KRONEN’s innovative washing/drying technology is combined with the dynamic weighing and opto/mechanical sorting systems of its partners. This includes a range of new designs and derivatives such as the K850 drying system, the GEWA AF pre-washing machine and the helical GEWA XL washing machine. Recipe weighing belts from Synergy Systems and a mechanical sorting and UVC treatment system from HiTec Food Systems complement the line. The components are all networked, ensuring consistent processing, minimum personnel and cost efficiency. High capacity, maximum production hygiene and quality are also guaranteed.

D-Kehl am Rhein
Hall 1.1, Booth B-21

Contact: Christina Maier-Streif
Phone: +49-(0)7854-9646-161

Small potatoes – great taste

Small potatoes – great taste
Baby potatoes from Landjuweel can be easily cooked in a microwave oven.

Nothing could be easier: simply place the bag containing fresh potatoes in the microwave oven, heat, and seven minutes later enjoy them seasoned and cooked. Landjuweel is marketing two varieties (red and yellow) of freshly washed baby potatoes for microwave oven use, with red and green mixed herbs, together in a bag sealed with a special zip. After the bag is placed in the microwave oven and heated it opens and the herbs disperse over the cooked potatoes. Steamed and seasoned, they are ready for immediate consumption.

Landjuweel bv
NL— SB Oosternieland
Hall 1.2, Booth B-51

Contact: Michiel Meijering
Phone: +31 (0)595 45 42 00

A sturdy tree

A sturdy tree
The Vlach walnut tree variety was grown in-vitro by micro-cultivation methods.

Nogalnature’s Vlach walnut tree was grown in-vitro in the laboratory using micro-cultivation methods. The company has previously gained experience growing pecan and fig trees in the same way. Compared with trees grown from seedlings the Vlach walnut tree is sturdier and more homogeneous. It is highly disease-resistant, its root development is more mature, and it thrives better in thick soil. These characteristics make it possible to achieve better and earlier yields and grow walnut trees in regions that would otherwise be unsuited. All plants are EU-certified under plant variety and plant health laws.

Nogalnature Walnut Nutnursery
ESP-La Zarza
Hall 18, Booth B-14

Contact: Gonzalo del Rey
Phone: +34 616 035 866

Well ventilated

Well ventilated
The SAT tray’s ventilation valve ensures fruit and vegetables stay fresh.

With the SAT model, Novapack Sud is presenting a new tray for fruit and vegetables. It is manufactured entirely from rPET and is available without holes for ready-to-eat food, or with surface and corner holes for fruit and vegetables. The ventilation valve on the corners are a special feature. They permit air circulation, so that products stay fresh longer. This feature makes it possible to dispense with customary lateral holes. The SAT model is available in various heights from 25 to 135 mm and an upper tray size of 185 x 145 mm. It has been tested for use with automated and industrial heat-sealing machines.

Novapack Sud s.r.l.
I–Vittoria (RG)
Hall 4.2, Booth B-30

Contact: Lisa Pisani
Phone: +39 3389209239, +39 0932985353

In the net

In the net
With the Pickup, Parmentine is marketing sustainable potato packaging.

With the Pickup, Parmentine is marketing an ecological alternative to plastic potato netting. The packaging from 100 per cent natural and recyclable materials is made from responsibly sourced kraft paper, water-based inks and a linen net. Its large window makes the product highly visible. The handle on top makes it manageable at the point of sale and for transporting home. The new one-kilo sacks are easy to stack on shelves and stay fresh longer with the consumer.

FR- Fere-Champenoise
Hall 21, Booth E-30

Contact: Laury Foiselle
Phone: +33 326427885

Freshness stickers keep fruit fresh longer

Freshness stickers keep fruit fresh longer
Ryp Labs stickers keep fruit fresh longer.

Up to 50 per cent of food crops go to waste before they reach the plate. In order to minimise waste Ryp Labs has developed a sticker that doubles a product’s shelf life. Shelf Defense (TM) is simply affixed to the outer skin. This effective method can be used during any stage of the fruit and vegetable supply chain, be it after harvesting, during storage, processing, packaging or at the point of sale. These safe, natural and food-safe stickers are made with a protected formula whose patent is pending. They are activated in the vapour phase to protect strawberries, grapes, raspberries, citrus fruits, mangoes and papayas.

Ryp Labs, Inc.
Hall 2.1, Booth B-30

Contact: Moody Soliman
Phone: +1 833 793 7374

Larger labels

Larger labels
The Large Label V6 by Sinclair can apply labels to up to 400 large fruits per minute.

Large labels on water melons, pumpkins and cabbages increase brand visibility and are good advertising. Sinclair has automated the labelling process with its patented V6 (LLV6) Large Label. The process is highly efficient, with the machine capable of up to 400 fruits per minute. With its ‘hit-on-sight’ technology and soft-touch bellows, the LLV6 easily and quickly applies food-safe labels. The robust Sinclair LLV6 labelling system can be customised for existing sizer/grading/conveyor systems.

Sinclair International
Hall 4.1, Booth B-2

Contact: Duncan Jones
Phone: +44 1603726400

Smart skin

Smart skin
The skin of Syngenta’s new Ideal MELONS indicates ripening.

With IDEAL Melons, Syngenta is bringing a cantaloupe melon with a fragrance of musk and an appealing colour to the market. What is special is that the new variety comes with a Harvest Indicator Trait, a patent-pending innovation which indicates when it is ripe for harvesting, shipping and consumption. At the appropriate time the skin changes from green to a golden straw-coloured hue. This allows the fruit to stay longer in the fields and ensure shipping to market takes place closer to the consumption date. Following its launch on the US market further trials have taken place in Central and North America, Africa, Spain, Italy and Australia with the aim of introducing the innovation worldwide. Fewer harvests reduce carbon emissions. Trait technology ensures there is less waste, while the diversity of this fruit variety satisfies consumer tastes.

NL– BK Enkhuizen
Hall 1.2, Booth C-50

Contact: Jérémie Chabanis
Phone: +33 7 86 88 70 29

Disease-resistant tomatoes

Disease-resistant tomatoes
TomaTech-Nirit has developed ToBRFV-resistant tomato varieties.

The Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) is the scourge of many farmers. This aggressive pathogen causes tomato plants to die off and stops the fruit from developing a healthy red skin. In recent years the R&D team of TomaTech-Nirit have been examining the genetic origins of ToBRF and have succeeded in identifying DNA markers that can trigger resistance to the virus. These findings have resulted in the first commercially viable ToBRFV-resistant varieties which the company is now bringing to market. They will benefit farmers and ultimately the entire value chain, by reducing production costs for example.

ISR–Kibuz Kfar Menachem
Hall 1.2, Booth C-43

Contact: Paul van Dijck
Phone: +31 6 11905289

Automated cultivation system

Automated cultivation system
HortoProfessional is a water-saving alternative to other cultivation methods.

The highly automated systems of Tomato+ mean the company is a leader in hydroponic cultivation, a practice that enables crops to grow without soil. Tomato+ designed its HortoProfessional system for industrial cultivation of vegetables and mushrooms. The advantage of this type of cultivation: compared with conventional methods it minimises the environmental impact, saves energy and reduces water consumption by over 90 per cent. Using this patented system, the plants grow in pods. It is possible to cultivate over 80 different types of vegetables, shoots and even mushrooms. AI-based software monitors all the parameters to ensure fresh natural products develop in a very short time.

Tomatopiu srl
I–Borgosatollo (BS)
Hall 3.1, Booth A-42

Contact: Daniele Rossi
Phone: + 39 030 2501314

Smart sensors

Smart sensors
Vivent Automated Plant Stress Alerts automatically inform growers.

Using innovative biosensors, Vivent is able to measure plant stress levels in real time. Software relays the relevant information and alerts growers by smartphone, who can then remedy the situation to ensure continued healthy plant growth. At FRUIT LOGISTICA Vivent is presenting a system update which informs growers of possible plant stress causes. An updated algorithm now enables improved monitoring of plants with Vivent Automated Plant Stress Alerts. This function is particularly relevant in times of climate crisis.

Hall 3.1, Booth A-24

Contact: Jose Ojeda
Phone: +41 76 208 9616

Precise measurement

Precise measurement
The new Plant Balance indicator for improved monitoring of crop development.

For those not willing to leave their crop development to chance, WayBeyond’s FarmRoad platform is the ideal solution. Based on data collected, it directs growth management towards a targeted production outcome. The Plant Balance indicator is a new feature of the software. Variety-specific crop plant status measurements (vegetative or generative) ensure that results are objective. Using this tool, farmers can steer their crops towards targeted outputs and respond rapidly if they are not in the required state. It enables them to better understand the effects of growing conditions on plant balance and also tracks performance.

Way Beyond
Hall 3.1, Booth C-48

Contact: Phil Roberts
Phone: +64 21 070 5338