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FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 Spotlight

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Predicting perishability

Predicting perishability
Sensors monitor the ripeness of apples and pears.

When a global player and a startup join forces the result is often a groundbreaking innovation. That is the case with the partnership between AgroFresh and Strella, a specialist in sensor technology. Together, they have developed a technology that, using real-time data, monitors the ripeness of apples and pears in storage. This allows customers to make data-driven decisions regarding their stocks and obtain information on the freshness and value of their stored produce. The result is a high level of quality with minimal disruption to supplies. The new technology complements AgroFresh’s integrated digital FreshCloud™ platform which provides end-to-end data visibility and enables product quality monitoring at all points along the value chain.

FR – Saint Denis
Hall 21, Booth D-20

Contact: Patricia Borreda
Phone: +34 961 323 415

Smooth running belts

Smooth running belts
With AMMdrive, Ammeraal Beltech presents a new generation of conveyor belts.

Conveyor belts play a vital role in processing and packaging chains. With AMMdrive, Ammeraal Beltech presents a cutting-edge, positive-drive belt range designed to optimise performance and minimise costs. To achieve this, Ammeraal Beltech employs Soliflex Pro lug technology which ensures optimum tracking performance, reduces traction forces and lowers operating costs. AMMdrive belts are versatile and can be used with various types of chainwheel and sprocket. They are configured for individual applications, and according to the manufacturer enable smooth running and energy-efficient operations. AMMdrive offers seamless integration with existing positive drive conveyors. For retrofits of friction-driven systems our technical sales engineers can be contacted. The plug & play installation keeps maintenance costs down. No running-in is required.

Ammeraal Beltech
NL- Heerhugowaard
Hall 2.1, Booth A-41

Contact: Richard Duijn
Phone: +31 725 751 212

Organic-quality citrus fruits

Organic-quality citrus fruits
ANYFION exports organic citrus fruits from Greece with an emphasis on smart quality control.

ANYFION’s values are innovation, quality and sustainability. The company exports high-quality organic citrus fruits from Greece. Strict quality controls ensure its products meet the highest standards. Intelligent software helps monitor the supply chains. Every batch can be traced back to its origins in the field. ANYFION is the first European exporter of organic fresh produce to obtain provisional membership of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). The company sees itself as a pioneer of environmentally friendly, ethically sourced fresh produce.

GRC - Nafplio
Hall 8.2, Booth A-13

Contact: George Stergiou
Phone: +30 693 61 69 833

Digital helper

Digital helper
Aydi’s Field Operating System helps farmers increase their productivity.

Aydi’s new Field Operating System software helps farmers efficiently manage their workforce and operations. Using real-time data from crop-growing areas, this innovative SaaS solution helps increase productivity and reduce operating costs. An easy-to-read dashboard provides producers with an overview of investments and expenditures, which they can use to maximise profits and increase cost-effectiveness.

EGY-Sheikh Zayed
Hall 3.1, Booth D-31

Contact: Noureen Alaa

Small clip with a big impact

Small clip with a big impact
Bato’s 14-mm clip ensures greenhouse cucumbers stay healthy.

Bato’s 14-mm clip ensures optimum stem guidance when growing greenhouse cucumbers. Using these clips eliminates the need to twist the plant stems along the twine, a procedure that risks damaging it, making the plant susceptible to disease and poor yields. Bato’s R&D department was able to significantly reduce clip weight without sacrificing quality. Compared with Bato’s 15-mm clip, the amount of material used is down by 63 per cent. This allows more clips to fit in a box and on a pallet, thereby saving costs. The biodegradable material increases sustainability and avoids waste costs.

Bato Plastics
Hall 3.2, Booth C-22

Contact: Hans Luijkx
Phone: +31 (0)168 331030

Primed onion seeds

Primed onion seeds
Bejo’s primed seeds enhance onion growth.

Priming B-Mox® is the name given to Bejo’s innovative seed enhancing technology. It was designed by scientists and specialists to create robust plants from the earliest stage and obtain healthy, uniform onion crops. B-Mox® enhances seed strength, stimulates growth from the start and improves plant development. During the growth period the plants are more stress-tolerant and with their well-developed roots are generally healthier, resulting in higher yields. B-Mox® technology was successfully tested by Bejo on carrots in 2017. The result was better-developed and uniform produce.

Bejo Zaden
NL – Warmenhuizen
Hall 1.2, Booth C-13

Contact: Danielle Bruin
Phone: 31-226-396162

Sustainable salad packaging

Sustainable salad packaging
Belgravia’s line for packaging salad in paper.

Salad usually comes in plastic packaging due to the moisture contained inside. However, Belgravia has now designed a paper solution. Its line consists of FSC-certified paper and is suitable for packaging 500 gr baby leaf salads. Whenever plastic was previously used this is now fully replaced by FSC paper. FSC certification ensures that it originates from sustainably managed forests. Over the course of the two-year project, in order to ensure a long shelf life the manufacturer studied the attributes of plastic and tried to mimic or even improve on them. With this new product they have succeeded.

ITA- Azzano San Paolo
Hall 6.2, Booth A-30

Contact: Andreacristina Camozzi
Phone: +39 3462471937

Under pressure

Under pressure
cab’s HERMES Q labelling machine also handles unconventional product shapes.

As a company specialising in labelling machines, cab markets innovative logistics and retail solutions. At FRUIT LOGISTICA cab is presenting new versions of its HERMES Q model – for applying linerless labels without backing paper for example. This reduces material usage and the environmental impact. After printing, HERMES Q automatically presses or rolls labels onto the product, or employs air pressure to ensure contactless remote application. HERMES Q can also handle unconventional product shapes. A silicone-coated punch makes it possible to label cylindrical items or angled and curved surfaces without blistering. The cab range now also features various UHF/RFID-equipped label printers, which can be used to print smart labels with microchips. These contain price and shelf life information for digital systems.

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG
DE- Karlsruhe
Hall 4.1, Booth D-32

Contact: Guntram Stadelmann
Phone: +49 (0) 721 6626-285

Plant-based packaging

Plant-based packaging
Cartomat exploits hemp’s positive features with carto hemp craftpaper®.

Hemp has many positive features. It is fast-growing, pest-resistant, captures CO2, and the extracted fibres are extremely robust. These can be recycled multiple times and improve paper quality. It is these properties that Cartomat has exploited since obtaining a licence for using hemp fibres to produce a wide range of packaging. At FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 the company is presenting carto hemp craftpaper®, its latest innovation. This new material is resistant to tension, tearing and moisture and can fully replace conventional paper.

Hall 2.1, Booth C-11

Contact: Cornelia Grips
Phone: +49 2154 8188 13

Reliable co-pilot for dispatchers

Reliable co-pilot for dispatchers
Clover Optimization for improving tour planning.

How can tour and loading schedules be optimised in the food logistics industry? In order to solve this challenge, the German startup Clover Optimization has developed a range of software solutions. They support rapid and reliable planning and resource-efficient transport. The key element is an in-house designed tour planning algorithm tested in practice with dispatchers. The product responds flexibly to customer requests, is available whenever needed and conforms to data privacy requirements. The load planning add-on is a new feature that takes changes affecting tour and loading planning into account. It takes only 30 seconds to regroup vehicle loads, ensuring better organisation in the loading bay. The specially designed algorithms take a variety of factors into account, including drivers’ rest periods and driving times as well as the various cooling categories for perishable food

Clover Optimization
DE- Berlin
Hall 21, Booth C-30

Contact: Maurice Morabel
Phone: +4915735571292

Hygienic transport

Hygienic transport
The HB3 pallet box can be used for all logistics operations in food processing.

According to the manufacturer’s description, the world’s first and only fully enclosed HB3 pallet box can be used for all logistics operations in food processing. Measuring an industry-standard 790 mm in height, with a volume of 580 litres, weighing 42 kilos, capable of sustaining stacking loads of 5000 kilos and with a payload of 900 kg, it is compatible with many systems. The hygiene box can be fitted with an RFID transponder, which makes it suitable for all logistics operations in food processing. The upper and lower sections are welded together for maximum stiffness, and rigidity can be further enhanced with three extra metal reinforcements. The cavity-free and rib-free design prevents contamination or water ingress. The seamless design, smooth inner walls and welded runners allow easy emptying and cleaning.

Craemer GmbH
Hall 21, Booth E-42

Contact: Daniel Roer
Phone: +49 5245 43-0

Fun fruit

Fun fruit
SPRIZZLE®’s colourful packaging sends out positive vibes.

EFC is advertising its new SPRIZZLE® label as an “optimistic apple“. Tasting tangy and sweet, it aims to send out positive vibes. The apple is a Sunspark (cov), a cross between the Nicoter and Honeycrisp varieties, with the skin featuring a red blush on a greenish-yellow background. The apple tastes sweet, refreshing and has a crisp and fine texture. Its eye-catching packaging is part of the SPRIZZLE® communication strategy. As well as standing out on the shelf, this apple should also be a vital part of one’s daily diet. It is currently being cultivated by a group of selected growers in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Hall 27, Booth E-75

Contact: Jan Willem Verloop
Phone: +32 475 63 02 55

Pink berries

Pink berries
The new Rose Pearl® strawberry with its pink blush colour is easily distinguished from other breeds.

Rose Pearl® Brand FL 16 78 109 cv. is a new strawberry featuring a pink blush colour, dark red seeds, an exotic tropical flavour and a light pineapple aroma. Dr. Vance Whitaker from the University of Florida is the breeder. EMCO CAL has recently introduced the brand on the European and the UK markets. Large conical berries grow as early as 50 to 60 days after planting. High yields averaging a kilo per plant can be expected during the long harvesting window from November/December until June. The plant is disease-resistant and produces firm berries with an excellent shelf life.

Ekland Marketing Co. (EMCO CAL)
Hall 8.2, Booth B-52

Contact: Monserrat Manríquez
Phone: +56989298457

Flavour to go

Flavour to go
Ready-to-use chopped and browned onions from a bucket.

Peeling and chopping onions can be a chore that brings tears to one’s eyes. At the same time, nobody would want to miss fried onions as an aromatic ingredient. Feldbacher is now marketing its ready-to-use chopped browned onions, already known as LieblingsZwiebel in German-speaking countries, under the English label Rooty’s Onions gently browned. The product’s shelf life is up to six months. Providing they are refrigerated, the contents of the resealable bucket can be used many times even after opening. With their sweet taste, these ready-to-use onions spice up a whole range of dishes such as casseroles, soup and gravy, without the addition of sugar, colouring or flavouring. One kilo of Rooty’s Onions is the equivalent of around four kilos of fresh onions.

Feldbacher Fruit Partners
AUT – Feldbach
Hall 21, Booth D-41

Contact: Melanie Weiß
Phone: + 43 3152 3512 15

Loose soil for healthy plants

Loose soil for healthy plants
Feldklasse’s Ruckaby rotating hoe can be used in closely spaced rows.

Feldklasse has designed the Rukaby rotating hoe for efficient weed control in rucola beds. Unlike conventional rotating hoes, it does not push soil in the direction of cultivar seedlings and cover them up. In order to avoid that, Rukaby uses a rotating blade. It means farmers can begin hoeing at a very early stage, in rows spaced 6 cm apart and above. The rotary movement in soft soil removes weeds, preventing their further growth in wet conditions. Other tools can be fitted in front of the rotating blades for preparing the soil, in order to chop and break up crusts and loosen clumps of earth. Feldklasse configures all machines to customer specifications.

Hall 5.1, Booth A-21

Contact: André Dülks
Phone: +49 176 961 501 31

A healthy harvest with AI

A healthy harvest with AI
Using optical recognition, Feldklasse Zurama selective knives process cabbage & salad crops.

AI controls the optical plant recognition feature of Feldklasse Zurama selective knives. This has lots of practical advantages. If a cabbage stem grows along the ground before it becomes upright, AI detects exactly where it has sprouted and opens the knife there. The system requires no adjustments for variety or colour. Any cabbage or salad variety can be processed without making further adjustments. Because the system recognises the type of plant, it also safely distinguishes cultivar seedlings from larger weeds. This innovation reduces the need for manual hoeing of organic crops by up to 70 per cent. With conventional crops pesticide use can also be reduced.

Hall 5.1, Booth A-21

Contact: André Dülks
Phone: +49 176 961 501 31

Ideal illumination

Ideal illumination
CultiMesh provides wireless lighting control for greenhouses.

With CultiMesh, Food Autonomy Lighting has designed an affordable plug & play solution for greenhouses. Its Wireless Mesh Platform enables quick and easy wireless control of thousands of luminaries in less than one second. The two-way communication platform is also fully compatible with all commercially available computerised climate systems. It collects and logs data, sends notifications and compiles reports for optimum lighting. The system can be easily adapted to user requirements and has been tested in practice.

Food Autonomy Lighting
Hall 3.1, Booth C-63

Contact: Keith Thomas
Phone: +44 7817161184

Automatic helper

Automatic helper
EASY DRIP makes laying drip tapes easy.

For those who irrigate their crops with drip tape, life is about to become easier with EASY DRIP. Forigo Roter Italia’s automatic system is used to unroll and cut drip tapes and is compatible with all Forigo machines. When mounted on a Modula Jet mulching and seeding machine it can be combined with an electronic foil cutter. An integrated detection system means unrolling takes place at the same speed as the tractor. EASY DRIP automatically lays down tapes and cuts them. The process is controlled via the machine’s display and carried out fully automatically without an additional operator, saving labour and costs.

Forigo Roter Italia
IT – Ostiglia
Hall 4.1, Booth B-33

Contact: Federica Forigo
Phone: 39 0386 32691

Reliable forecast

Reliable forecast
Fresh4Cast optimises the planning of operational processes.

Fresh4cast’s planning tool is a pivotal cloud-based software for the fresh produce industry, integrating diverse data sources and enabling data-driven decision-making. It surpasses traditional methods with advanced demand forecasting and sensing capabilities, enhancing speed and accuracy. Compared with conventional systems it reduces forecasting errors by up to 50 per cent and allows the creation of highly detailed, actionable plans for stakeholders. Key benefits include improving promotional effectiveness, optimising procurement and operations and reducing planning time. This tool improves operational foresight and minimises waste, aligning commercial success with environmental and social benefits. Additionally, it promotes industry-wide efficiency and coordination, enhancing the relationships between producers, distributors, and retailers.

UK – London
Hall 5.2, Booth D-13

Contact: Michele Dall’Olio

Sensing plants’ needs

Sensing plants’ needs
Gardin uses sensing technology to detect plants’ needs.

Plants that can communicate their needs boast healthy growth and bear tasty fruit. In pursuit of that concept the UK startup Gardin utilises optical sensing technology to help farmers better manage the indoor plant environment and provide plants with exactly what they need. The aim is to deliver higher yields with fewer resources and get the most out of every seed. Gardin can detect anomalies in growth, such as sub-optimal watering, several days earlier than expert agronomists, helping to minimise yield losses and improve farming methods. The system also determines optimum light levels, potentially lowering energy costs. The risk of disease outbreaks and biotic stress factors is also reduced.

UK – Abingdon
Hall 5.1, Booth A-50/B-50

Contact: Damiana Price

Lifting seedlings to new heights

Lifting seedlings to new heights
Green Automation’s vertical germination towers make growing leafy greens more efficient.

Germinating leafy greens vertically makes optimum use of greenhouse space. Green Automation has designed germination towers that maximise the productivity of its fully automated growing system. They create a perfect environment and more space for germinating. This also increases yields and introduces more flexibility to the growing process. After sowing, the seed troughs are transferred via conveyor belts and a series of lifts directly to the germination towers. After germination, the plants are automatically moved and placed on the growing line for their subsequent journey via greenhouse to harvesting.

Green Automation
Hall 3.1, Booth C-41

Contact: Ville Wilkman
Phone: +358 504677889

Rapid weighing and packaging

Rapid weighing and packaging
The ELIXA SPC 21 automates weighing, pricing, wrapping and labelling.

At FRUIT LOGISTICA the Fabbri Group is presenting its new ELIXA SPC 21 integrated stretch wrapper. The first of a series, the new machine was designed in collaboration with Bizerba, a German company specialising in weighing and slicing technology. The new machine automates processes such as weighing, pricing, wrapping and labelling. The ELIXA SPC 21 has a plug & pack mode, automatic tray detection, and can be adjusted for a single foil 280 mm wide. It features a reel change function and high-quality Bizerba labelling system. The ERP software is compatible with systems from Bizerba and the Fabbri Group. A technical support and spares service contact can be reached anywhere in the world. The high-quality wrapping foils of the Fabbri Group can be used in a conventional manner and are organically based and compostable.

Gruppo Fabbri Vignola
ITA – Vignola
Hall 1.1, Booth D-51

Contact: Sara Pomesano
Phone: +39 059 4739432

Peeling at the touch of a button

Peeling at the touch of a button
The Spargel To Go machine relieves supermarket customers of peeling chores.

HEPRO® ’s world innovation Spargel To Go promises an end to the chore of peeling asparagus. Described by the manufacturer as the “world’s smallest asparagus peeling machine“, it has been designed for self-service and peeling white and green asparagus. The customer is not required to make any machine adjustments and can rely on perfect peeling results. In the case of green asparagus the lower third, previously discarded, is now peeled, which means users get more asparagus for their money. The stylishly designed Spargel To Go is easy to operate and offers an interactive shopping experience. It complements HEPRO® ’s range of peeling machines and juicers, such as the Pina To Go pineapple peeling machine.

Hall 1.1, Booth C-33

Contact: Lucas Klein
Phone: +49 5242-5797938

Avocados without secrets

Avocados without secrets
The Naked Avocado products have a fridge shelf life of one month..

Together with the French startup Infuseo, Hall, a global avocado specialist, has designed a product series for keeping avocados fresh. ’Nothing to hide, nothing to waste’ is the slogan under which the ripe, freshly prepared avocados are marketed. These are sold as halves, cubes or guacamole. The avocados remain fresh on the fridge shelf without preservatives for up to one month. This is the result of Infuseo employing high-pressure processing (HPP) for pasteurisation. After the avocados, sourced from Hall’s global network, have ripened at the company’s facilities in France, Infuseo also processes them in France and packages them. The packaging method was designed specifically for HPP technology. Clear packaging with a minimum of 50% recycled content is used.

Infuseo, Halls
FR-Rungis, ZAF-Mataffin Nelspruit
Hall 5.2, Booth D-30

Contact: Wulfran Grupy
Phone: -

Bite-sized melon chunks

Bite-sized melon chunks
The MMC 150 chops melons into bite-sized chunks.

The MMC 150 manual melon cutter chops melons into bite-sized pieces. Beforehand, the melon must be peeled, halved and cored, and is then placed on the machine plate. Depressing a lever cuts the fruit into 15 or 20-mm thick slices. The next step is to feed the slices through an insert using a slider. The result is perfect melon chunks, ideal for fruit salad or individually portioned snacks. The device can chop up to 360 melons per hour.

DE - Kehl am Rhein
Hall 1.1, Booth A-20

Contact: Christina Maier-Streif
Phone: +49-(0)7854-9646-161

Paper packaging meets salad

Paper packaging meets salad
La Linea Verde’s new salad variety is packaged with recyclable paper.

La Linea Verde’s new paper-packaged salad variety is the product of a new innovative agricultural project, which makes use of advanced agriculture 4.0 technologies for cultivating the plant. Bred in collaboration with the best European seed companies, the variety always produces crunchy leaves. Its water consumption in a protected environment is low, and pesticide use is 70 per cent below the legal limit. Food safety is guaranteed with a new paper bag packaging that combines plastic and is 100 per cent recyclable.

LA LINEA VERDE (Co-exhibitor of Ortomad)
ITA – Manerbio (BS)
Hall 4.2, Booth B-24

Contact: Matteo Laconi
Phone: +39 030 9373611

Microwaveable potatoes

Microwaveable potatoes
Le Bistro potatoes in a convenient microwave bag are easy to prepare.

With its Le Bistro brand, Landjuweel markets easy-to-prepare convenience products. Seasoned baby potatoes are the latest addition to its range. Contained in an innovative bag, these are steamed in a microwave oven. The packaging automatically adds seasoning from a separate herb compartment which only opens just before the potatoes are done to make sure you enjoy their full flavour. Le Bistro Seasoned Baby Potatoes in a microwave steam bag come in two flavours: grenaille potatoes with paprika, and tomato & onion rouge potatoes with black pepper, garlic and garden herbs.

NL- Oosternieland
Hall 1.2, Booth B-51

Contact: Robin Smit
Phone: +31 (0) 595 454207

Less plastic for fresher mushrooms

Less plastic for fresher mushrooms
MULTIVAC TopWRAP™ ensures mushrooms are safely transported and stay fresh a long time.

MULTIVAC’s TopWRAP™ is a sustainable packaging concept specifically designed for handling mushrooms. It consists of cardboard trays sealed by self-adhesive labels without the use of a labelling machine. With the MULTIVAC TopWRAP™ labelling device the packaging process is fully automated, which significantly reduces costs. Combining cardboard trays with transparent cellulose labelling means the packaging is completely plastic-free. Even with foil labels featuring packaging windows the plastic ratio is no more than ten per cent. The special method used to make MULTIVAC TopWRAP™ labels ensures mandatory adhesive-free areas remain on the inside. Consequently, the labels are approved for direct food contact. After use, the packaging elements can be easily sorted into individual recycling bins.

MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG
DE - Wolfertschwenden
Hall 2.1, Booth A-10

Contact: Ronald Helmel
Phone: +43 6641634753

Quality is assured

Quality is assured
QualityInsights™ uses image detection and AI to monitor the quality of fresh products.

With it QualityInsights™ cloud-based quality management platform, Optiflux supports producers, logistics experts and traders worldwide with cutting-edge image detection and AI technology by automatically assessing attributes such as size, colour, shape as well as defects. Products can be monitored at every stage, ensuring consistent quality at every point in the value chain. QualityInsights™ can be integrated seamlessly with StorageInsights™. This combines quality assessment data with registered storage and transport conditions, enabling a prediction of storability and shelf life. As a result, the right batch can be selected to match buyers’ expectations at exactly the right moment. This minimises losses, improves product quality and increases market success.

BEL – Houthalen-Helchteren Rhein
Hall 3.1, Booth C-70

Contact: Niels Bessemans
Phone: +32 (0) 11 39 75 98

Durable banding solutions

Durable banding solutions
Double-sided printing on band labels reduces costs and material usage.

360-degree printing around your product ensures that the Banding Label steals the show on any shelf. Furthermore, the option of double-sided printing implies that it offers ample space for all product information. The resulting cost and material savings provide benefits for both your finances and the environment. Optimum Group™ Max Aarts achieves this in collaboration with their partner, Bandall, through their concept Branding by Banding.
The banding labels are made of paper and can be recycled, as certified by Germany’s Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS), an independent authority. The FSC® certification and Platinum ECOVADIS ranking underline the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Optimum Group™ Max Aarts & Bandall
NL – Enschede
Hall 1.1, Booth D-40

Contact: Luuk Wessels
Phone: +31 (0) 53 428 24 28 /

All kinds of flavours

All kinds of flavours
Cauliflower and broccoli florets bring colour to the table.

Cabbages such as broccoli and cauliflower are members of the brassica plant family. For its new Rainbow Mix, Peviani has purchased the most tender, nutritious florets from producers in southern Italy and combined them into a maze of colour. But there is more to this product than its looks. The tender buds are easier to pick and they cook more rapidly. Brassica florets can be eaten raw, steamed or fried, any way you choose. Children are also fascinated by this healthy vegetable and its iridescent mix of violet, orange and creamy white. The sustainable packaging has an eye-catchingly designed label describing the product’s qualities and colours.

IT – Siziano
Hall 2.2, Booth C-22

Contact: Ilaria Monteverdi
Phone: +39 0382 6785249

Stopping harmful fungi

Stopping harmful fungi
SANITATER uses herbal extracts to protect plants from harmful fungal diseases.

Fungal diseases are a serious danger to the healthy growth of strawberries, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Pioneers for Fertilizers Production from Jordan has designed SANITATER for these types of fruit and vegetable. The special liquid formula contains herbal extracts and is designed to efficiently combat fungal pathogens in the soil. Among other diseases it can be used to treat fusarium, phytophthora, pythium, rhizoctonia and sclerotinia, which can massively damage plant roots. With SANITATER, fruit and vegetables can experience healthy growth.

Pioneers for Fertilizers Production
JOR – Amman
Hall 27, Booth D-62

Contact: Jehad Yasin
Phone: +96 2795552349

Well shaken

Well shaken
The vibratory shaker conveyor can be combined with distribution systems.

At FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024, PROEX FOOD is exhibiting one of its new vibratory shaker conveyors and distribution systems. The manufacturer’s systems are durable, energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free. They are ideal for wash-down environments, as they have few moving parts and their electromagnetic drives are IP69-rated. Antimicrobial-treated leaf springs are employed for extra safety. Beyond safety, they handle product load and transit very well. The machines also safely break up clusters. A multi-head feed optimises dosing. The system is efficient and durable. Standard and custom designs are available, for example for fruit, vegetables, lettuces, berries and leafy greens.

USA – Menomonee Falls
Hall 4.1, Booth B-40

Contact: Jay Cryer
Phone: +1 414 626 5741 (USA)

Optimum netting

Optimum netting
WRAP-PROOF netting for vineyards is hail, weather and wildlife-proof.

For growers of fruit such as apples and olives, specially designed netting plays an important role. It protects crops from the sun, wind, birds and insects and also aids harvesting. WRAP-PROOF netting for vineyards is hail-proof and a new addition to the range of Retificio Padano, a manufacturer from Italy. It is specifically designed for Guyot-type vineyards, which employ a special pruning method. The netting is made of tear-resistant HDPE monofilament and protects vineyards from hail, birds and any other wildlife potentially harmful to vines. All netting variants are made in Italy.

Retificio Padano
ITA - Ospitaletto
Hall 5.1, Booth B-20

Contact: Maurizio Bernard
Phone: +39 348 2491585

Robust tomatoes

Robust tomatoes
Rijk Zwaan’s Rugose Defense label denotes highly resistant hybrids.

The tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) is the curse of every tomato grower. It stalls the ripening process, causes yellow skin patches and renders the fruit unfit for sale. Because it is easily transmitted entire harvests have had to be destroyed. Rijk Zwaan has developed hybrids under its Rugose Defense label that are highly resistant to the virus. These have been tested in practice and are compatible with all commercially available rootstocks. Leading growers have confirmed their agronomic benefits.

Rijk Zwaan
NL-De Lier
Hall 1.2, Booth D-13

Contact: Jan Doldersum
Phone: +31 6 20 39 02 99

Automated packaging

Automated packaging
The Schur®Star Pure Paper Bag consists of recyclable paper.

The arrival of The Schur®Star Pure Paper Bag means that for the first time the market has a paper bag that can be automatically filled and sealed. The bags are supplied ready-made to the customer on a string. The design ensures a consistent machine feed and bagging process. They are made from pure unbleached paper with no coating and are recyclable. The specially designed material features a strong fibre structure highly resistant to tearing and puncturing. Non-paper content accounts for only 0.6 per cent of the material. The bags can be adapted for practically any product and packaging process. They can be customised, for example with a stand-up base and holes for ventilation and are suitable for any kind of fresh produce not requiring airtight packaging.

Schur®Star Systems
DE - Flensburg
Hall 2.1, Booth C-30

Contact: Katarzyna Konik
Phone: +48 506 934 583

Compostable labels

Compostable labels
Sinclair’s new T50 compostable banana label.

With its EcoLabel™ – T50, Sinclair has designed a fruit label for hand application to bananas that decomposes along with the skin. This is the perfect solution for brands looking to reduce their environmental impact. The label is OK compost HOME (OKH-S0728) certified, ensuring the product’s suitability for home composting. The T50 fruit label breaks down within roughly a year. It is available in various shapes and sizes and is an attractive option for customers looking to reduce waste and be eco-friendly.

Sinclair International
Hall 4.1, Booth B-22

Contact: Duncan Jones
Phone: +44 7970 725 752

Freshness out of a bag

Freshness out of a bag
Produce stays fresh longer in a LifeBag.

The longer fresh produce remains fresh, the less food waste there is. Making its world debut at FRUIT LOGISTICA, SMP SRL’s LifeBag prolongs the shelf life of fresh produce. LifeBag is an innovative bag that ensures food stays fresh. Nutrients remain fresh too, so that the bag also supports a healthy a diet. Discarding produce too early is no longer necessary. The bag protects resources and minimises the environmental impact.

Hall 6.2, Booth A-51

Contact: Enrica de Martino, Annalisa Lauro
Phone: +39 0883526148,,,

Safe packaging for a long voyage

Safe packaging for a long voyage
StePacPPC’s Xflow™ roll stock film can be used in automated packaging.

With its Xflow™ roll stock film, StePacPPC markets an alternative to manually packaged pouches and sachets. Xflow™ is a polyamide-based design. The film creates a modified atmosphere and modified humidity (MA/MH). The unique sealing layer enables smooth and efficient automated packaging of loose produce. During storage and shipment the packaging keeps products fresh longer by being permeable to water vapour and air. The US food industry is already using Xflow™ to package green beans, spring onions and sliced mushrooms. It is also used to package blueberries and cherries for long-distance shipments from South America.

Hall 5.2, Booth C-22

Contact: Hila Nagel
Phone: +972-52-6097349

Ready for shipment

Ready for shipment
Xgo™ film packaging slows the ripening of passion fruit during shipment.

Xgo™ film is designed to slow the ripening of passion fruit, ensuring the fruit retains its quality despite the long sea voyage from Colombia to Europe. Since it is already packaged for retail sale the fruit needs no repackaging on arrival. The main component of StePacPPC’s Xgo™ roll stock film is chemically recycled polyamide 6 from BASF. It is particularly suited to automated packaging and ensures that fresh produce retains its quality, resulting in less food waste. The film, which contains recycled artificial resin, also contributes to a functioning circular economy. StePacPPC is the first company to use recycled material in modified atmosphere packaging for fresh produce, thus meeting increasingly strict food packaging standards.

Hall 5.2, Booth C-22

Contact: Hila Nagel
Phone: +972-52-6097349

Complex cauliflowers

Complex cauliflowers
Floreto Plus makes deleaving cauliflowers easier.

Despite their robust appearance cauliflowers are a delicate vegetable product. Harvesting, transporting and processing them can be challenging if one wants to avoid damaging the florets. With Floreto Plus, Sweere has designed a machine that makes processing them easier and more efficient. The fully automated system without a start-stop function deleaves and separates the cauliflower in no time at all. Sensors detect the leaves so they can be precisely separated from the cauliflower. This feature allows the harvesting of cauliflowers with their leaves, which protect the florets from being damaged in transit. That way, food waste is reduced and freshness and quality are maintained.

NL- Oudenbosch
Hall 1.1, Booth C-23

Contact: Marc Lauwerys
Phone: +31 (0) 6 45 412 720

All sorted

All sorted
The 3500S automatic palletizer improves storage efficiency.

The SYMACH 3500S automatic push-type palletizer is rapid and efficient. The brand-new model offers reliable and high-speed palletizing of various loads such as non-overlapping bags, bales, crates and cases. This is thanks to SYMACH combining state-of-the-art push-type palletizing with the best SYMACH palletizing platform options. The SYMACH stacking cage significantly improves stacking results. It keeps bags within pallet dimensions, avoiding product overhang. The stacked pallets are square and easy to load into a warehouse or onto a truck, thus lowering storage costs.

SYMACH Bag Filling & Palletizing
NL - Terneuzen
Hall 4.1, Booth A-22

Contact: Jan-Pieter Grootendorst (NL)
Phone: +31 621 461 394

Effective against viruses

Effective against viruses
Syngenta’s new varieties are resistant to dangerous plant viruses.

Plants infested by aggressive viruses can lead to serious economic losses. The Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus (ToLCNDV) for example can badly affect cucurbits. Syngenta Vegetable Seeds has responded by creating the Siriana cucumber and the Delfos and Alpha squash varieties for farmers in the Mediterranean. The new varieties are ToLCNDV-resistant. The Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) seriously damages tomatoes. With Syngenta’s tomatoes, ToBRFV resistance is available for all varieties and now also for four new baby plum tomato varieties, Adorelle for example. As with every new variety, strict testing was carried out in laboratories, greenhouses and under real-life conditions, ensuring only the best tomato seeds reach the grower.

Hall 2.1, Booth C-50

Contact: Jérémie Chabanis
Phone: + 33 7868 870 29

High quality due to precise grading

High quality due to precise grading
TOMRA Spectrim X ensures precise apple grading.

Powered by LUCAiTM Deep Learning technology and using optical grading, the new TOMRA Spectrim X series grades apples precisely according to quality attributes. The optical grading platform detects imperfections and defects. It is so accurate that it avoids accidental downgrades, ensuring fast and smooth processing. At the same time it minimises fruit loss and increases yields. The new technology can be seamlessly integrated with existing Spectrim grading platforms. The TOMRA Spectrim X series will also soon be available for avocados, citrus, kiwi and stone fruit.

Hall 4.1, Booth B-41

Contact: Duncan Griffiths
Phone: +64 212 248 729

The power of the coconut

The power of the coconut
Forteco Optimum coco substrate has a high air storage capacity.

Coco substrate is an aerated alternative for supplementing or substituting conventional substrate. At FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 the Van der Knaap Group is presenting Forteco Optimum for the first time on the world stage. The coco substrate has a high air storage capacity. Production involves a newly developed method that makes use of the entire husk. Its unique composition has been tested in the company’s innovation centre, with promising results. Due to its unique structure which consists of coir and a high number of short fibres, Forteco Optimum can be used as 100 per cent coco substrate. It dries quickly, making it easy to use.

Van der Knaap
NL- Kwintsheul
Hall 3.2, Booth D-53

Contact: Martin Philipsen
Phone: +31 6 13966012

A microwave-based system for measuring quality

A microwave-based system for measuring quality
The handheld microwave-based FMS-H sensor for measuring fruit quality.

Quality defects in fresh fruit are not always directly visible. FMS-H is the first handheld microwave-based sensor for measuring fresh fruit quality using a non-invasive method. The FMS-H sensor, part of the Fresco Microwave Sensing range, was designed by Vertigo Technologies to prevent food waste and make monitoring easier. The handheld sensor can measure statistics such as degrees brix, dry matter, firmness, acidity or defects in less than one second, thereby instantly providing valuable data. The microwave technology is not sensitive to ambient light conditions and ensures precise measurements. At FRUIT LOGISTICA Vertigo Technologies is exhibiting its first commercially available version for monitoring mango quality. Products for avocados, apples and pears are due to follow.

Vertigo Technologies
NL – Delft
Hall 4.1, Booth A-43

Contact: Luca Galatro
Phone: +31152784613

Safe water for healthy plants

Safe water for healthy plants
VGE Pro UV HortiGuard uses UV radiation to disinfect irrigation water.

VGE designed VGE Pro HortiGuard in order to protect plants from pathogens in irrigation water. This global innovation renders microorganisms harmless through UV-C radiation. The process damages the DNA of pathogens such as Fusarium TR4 and Ralstonia, a finding confirmed by research at Wageningen University, and prevents them from reproducing and spreading any further. The advantage of this method, which is designed for high flow rates, is that no disinfection by-products need be added to the water. This avoids degrading quality or causing crop damage. The system is easy to install and maintain.

Hall 2.1, Booth B-30

Contact: Ruud van de Ven
Phone: +31 88 222 1 999

Fresh off the tray

Fresh off the tray
Vilpak’s new tray is fully recyclable.

At FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024 Vilpak’s eco-friendly paper-based tray for lettuces, fruit and vegetables is making its world debut. As well as making sure products stay fresh it minimises the impact on the environment, as the material used can be 100 per cent recycled. The tray is resealable, keeps products fresh, reduces food waste and is easy to handle. It is ideal for transportation and a sustainable alternative to plastic. At the same time the contents are presented in a visually appealing manner. On request Vilpak offsets its customers’ CO2 emissions.

Hall 21, Booth C-24

Contact: Kastytis Perednis
Phone: +37069877478

Fresh knowledge

Fresh knowledge
The FreshKnowledge database provides a concise summary of research findings.

Producers are not always able to keep track of the latest research developments. The FreshKnowledge database of Wageningen University & Research concentrates vital information on storage and handling fresh produce post-harvest. Visitors to can find answers to questions on certain products, common plant diseases and safe packaging and storage. The scientifically researched findings and innovations can be accessed for free and are available as long reads, fact sheets and video presentations. With this information, Wageningen University & Research wants to share its expertise gained over many years and help producers attain their strategic and operational goals.

Wageningen University & Research
NL – Wageningen
Hall 3.2, Booth C-43

Contact: Eelke Westra
Phone: + 31 (0) 317 480 208

Vacuum freeze-dried products stay fresh longer

Vacuum freeze-dried products stay fresh longer
The Weber Vacuum Group markets vacuum freeze-drying systems.

Weber Cooling was previously known for its expertise in vacuum freeze-drying fresh produce. In 2023 the company, now the Weber Vacuum Group, expanded its portfolio to include vacuum freeze-drying. Under its new name, Weber pooled its vacuum cooling expertise with a recently acquired freeze-drying brand. The Weber Vacuum Group combines square-room technology, innovative vacuum technology and ultra-efficient drying components. With its innovative vacuum freeze-drying technology, the company targets the segment between high-end and low-cost products on the international market. Customers can expect low initial investment and reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Weber Vacuum Group
NL- Zwijndrecht
Hall 1.1, Booth B-01

Contact: Hans Juursema
Phone: +31 644 738 519

A journey to the future

A journey to the future
VR goggles offer a glimpse of avocado-growing in the future.

On with the VR goggles and off we go: Westfalia Fruit, a leading supplier of fresh avocados, is inviting visitors to FRUIT LOGISTICA on a virtual-reality trip to the year 2049. Visitors can get an impression of what sustainably managed avocado farms will look like in 25 years, when Westfalia will be celebrating its hundredth anniversary. Taking just under three minutes, the VR journey begins on a plantation in the present. VR transports visitors to the year 2049 where they can see first-hand how fruit will be irrigated, pests and diseases managed and how crop varieties will be cultivated. The presentation underlines Westfalia’s commitment to research and development. A 32-hectare laboratory farm in Tzaneen in South Africa is currently being used by scientists to test their findings under challenging real-world agricultural conditions.

Westfalia Fruit
UK – West Malling
Hall 5.2, Booth D-21

Contact: Janine Hatfield
Phone: + 44 7999 115476

Improved supply chains with AI

Improved supply chains with AI
The xFarm app improves operations management with better decision-making.

The xFarm app is an intuitive tool for improving operations management with better decision-making, thus saving time and money. The app features various modules, including an AI-powered forecasting model, and enables connectivity with IoT sensors and machinery. Large companies are already using xFarm Analytics for their agri food supply chains. Digitalisation makes them more efficient and reduces Scope-3 emissions. During digital monitoring of the supply chain, operational data is analysed in order to monitor and improve decision-making, obtain farm data to ensure traceability and track direct and indirect emissions. xFarm’s technical support provides reliable assistance if required.

xFarm Technologies
CH – Ticino Manno
Hall 3.1, Booth C-38

Contact: Valentina Dalla Villa
Phone: +39 345 8154724

Smart inspection

Smart inspection
Xspectra detects contaminants using technology featuring photonics and AI.

With Xspectra, Xnext has designed an inspection technology that detects contamination of fruit and vegetables. Be it plastic, insects, wood or rubber, Xspectra detects contaminants that evade conventional inspection systems. It takes only a few milliseconds for the system to conduct a multi-spectral analysis in real time and decide whether the product meets the required quality standards. The system employs photonics, nuclear electronics and AI. Xnext is the world’s first company to harness the potential of deep learning to inspect foods using x-rays. It can select from 1024 energy levels for an ultra-precise analysis and optimum production efficiency.

Xnext S.p.A.
ITA – Milano
Hall 2.1, Booth A-12

Contact: Emanuele Rappa
Phone: +39 02 4539 0524