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Meet the Expert – Tim Watkins, Sinclair

The video shows a Meet the Experts interview with Tim Watkins, Sinclair.

The pressure on fresh produce companies to avoid damage to the environment is greater than ever. And one area in which environmental sustainability is a key concern is in labelling.

The billions of labels that are attached to fruits and vegetables sold all over the globe every year remain an important tool for fresh produce brand marketers. But in the past few years, the materials that these stickers are made from has come under particular scrutiny, and indeed tougher regulation.

This has encouraged label suppliers to make them more recyclable and compostable, even if the demands placed on them vary from market to market.

In this video, Tim Watkins of Sinclair International, the world’s leading provider of adhesive labels for fresh produce, talks about this sustainability question and some exciting new developments that the company is working on to meet the environmental challenge.

“A lot of markets haven’t decided yet what they want, they just know that they want more sustainable products,” he explains. “We are optimistic that we are going to have a good solution to the market by 2024.”

Watch this video to deepen your understanding of the various new demands placed on companies who label their fresh produce, and of the potential solutions in development to help meet that emerging challenge.

This video was produced in partnership with Fruitnet Media International.