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The FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award

FLIA 2022

Prizewinning ideas to drive success

The FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA) is presented annually at FRUIT LOGISTICA SPECIAL EDITION in Berlin. It honours outstanding innovations in the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain from production to the point of sale.

Fresh products, services, technology and technical systems - which innovations would you like to present?

The ten best innovations – selected and nominated for FLIA 2023 by an expert jury – will be presented in Berlin to

  • trade visitors to FRUIT LOGISTICA
  • the international press in a series of press releases and mailings
  • more than 200 000 visitors to the FRUIT LOGISTICA website

organised by: Messe Berlin and FRUCHTHANDEL MAGAZINE
Eligible to participate: all exhibitors and co-exhibitors

...and the winner 2022 is....

“Amela Tomato”, Granada La Palma, S.Coop.And., Spain

FLIA winner 2022

Review: The 2022 Innovation Award nominees

Review: FLIA winner 2006-2022

  1. FLIA winner 2006

    „Salanova® lettuce variety“ (Rijk Zwaan, Netherlands)

  2. FLIA winner 2007

    „Vitamini’s“ – a vegetable snack (FresQ/Rainbow Growers Group, Netherlands)

  3. FLIA winner 2008

    „Intense“ – flesh tomato (Nunhems Netherlands BV, Netherlands)

  4. FLIA winner 2009

    FLIA winner 2009

    "Sweet Green Paprika“ (Enza Zaden, Netherlands)

  5. FLIA winner 2010

    FLIA winner 2010

    „Arils Removal Tool“ – der Granatapfel-Entkerner (Mehadrin Tnuport Export, Israel)

  6. FLIA winner 2011

    FLIA winner 2011

    „Limeburst Fingerlimes“ – Australian citrus fruit (Limeburst Fingerlimes, Australia)

  7. FLIA winner 2012

    FLIA winner 2012

    “Angello – Sweet & Seedless Pepper“ (Syngenta Seeds BV, Netherlands)

  8. FLIA winner 2013

    FLIA winner 2013

    „City-Farming“ – a greenhouse-concept (Staay Food Group, Netherlands)

  9. FLIA winner 2014

    FLIA winner 2014

    „BBQ Grill-Mix“ – a new convenience product for BBQ fans (eisberg Group, Switzerland)

  10. FLIA winner 2015

    FLIA winner 2015

    „Aurora Seedless Papaya“ (Aviv, Israel)

  11. FLIA winner 2016

    FLIA winner 2016

    „Genuine Coconut” - organic coconut with a special patented opening (World´s Coconut Trading, Spain)

  12. FLIA winner 2017

    FLIA winner 2017

    “Knox™” – Delayed pinking in fresh cut lettuce (Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel BV, Netherlands)

  13. FLIA winner 2018

    FLIA winner 2018

    „Pook Coconut Chips“ (PookSpaFoods, Germany)

  14. FLIA winner 2019

    FLIA winner 2019

    „Oriental Red® – Red Kiwifruit“ (Jingold spa, Italy)

  15. FLIA winner 2020

    FLIA winner 2020

    „Tomato YOOM™“ (Syngenta Seeds B.V., Netherlands)

  16. FLIA winner 2021

    FLIA winner 2021

    sorry - the winner was coronavirus Covid-19!

  17. FLIA winner 2022

    FLIA winner 2022?

    „Amela Tomato“, Granada La Palma, S.Coop.And., Spain