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Setting Up and Dismantling

All persons must also register free of charge in advance for the set-up and dismantling periods via our ticketshop.

Start of stand construction:

  • 3 Feb 2023, 7.00am to 0.00pm daily - all halls
  • Exception: halls 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1, 10.1 on 2 Feb, 7.00am to 0.00pm
  • 6-7 Feb: night works possible; ordering at least 1 day before (BECO Webshop> Permissions, Night works).

End of construction work

  • 6 Feb, until 24.00 hrs (construction)
  • 7 Feb, until 22.00 hrs (decoration)

Start of dismantling period:

  • 10 Feb: after 16.00 hrs
  • truck of 3,5t after 20:00 hrs
  • car of 3,5 t after 21:00 hrs
  • 11-13 Feb: 7.00am to 0.00pm daily - all halls

Every exhibitor is obliged to correctly equip and furnish the stand and to staff it with personnel for the duration of the exhibition.

Stands may not be dismantled on Thursday, 10 Feb 2023 before 16:00 hrs.

Stand construction personnel WITHOUT vehicle: Access from 7.00 a.m. only via the respective person entrances: Jafféestrasse (Entrance South), Masurenallee (Entrance North).

Admission is only possible with the appropriate admission authorization, which can only be obtained in advance online including registration.

When entering the premises, this must be shown together with the ID card.

Gates are not entrances for people!

During the setting up and dismantling periods setting up and dismantling passes must be worn in such a way that they are clearly visible.

Please order your setting up and dismantling passes only in the BECO-Webshop.

Sunday, 5 February 2023 : please note that HGVs exceeding a total permissible weight of 7.5t are banned from movements on Sundays and public holidays between the hours of 0000 and 2200.

Exceptions may be granted by a relevant transport authority, including for exhibitors’ vehicles, if the items transported are part of the inventory (§ 30 Abs. 3 StVO).

In accordance with § 46 Abs 1 Nr. 7 (StVO) permits may also be granted on an individual or permanent basis for particular movements:

  • 2.5 Equipment and exhibits, as well as foods for trade fairs, exhibitions, markets, local festivals, cultural or sports events
  • 2.6 Moving classic HGVs to trade fairs exhibitions, markets, local festivals, cultural or sports events
  • 2.10 Empty runs and return journeys in connection with movements as per Items 2.1 – 2.9.

To apply for a permit the following documentation is required:

  • a written application stating reasons (including details of the goods being transported) and proof that movements are necessary during the ban on HGVs
  • vehicle registration papers; in the case of non-German vehicles, if not contained in the registration papers, a corresponding official document with the total permissible weight

In accordance with § 46, 47 StVO, the office responsible for applications / permits is the road traffic authority of the district where goods are loaded, or where the applicant has their main offices or a secondary branch.

If goods are to be transported across borders, an application must be made to the road traffic authority of the relevant border crossing.

For deliveries to your stand, please use the following label:

  • Exhibitor/company
  • Hall/stand number
    c/o Messegelände der Messe Berlin GmbH / FRUIT LOGISTICA
    Messedamm 22
    14055 Berlin, Germany
  • Phone number (of the responsible person at the stand)

Please ensure that your stand is manned to accept/receive the shipment.

The trade fair management can neither receive nor store deliveries.

Fair Duration

for exhibitors:

  • Wednesday / Thursday 8.00 - 19.00 hrs
  • Friday 8.00 - 17.00 hrs

Should you require a parking space on the exhibition grounds we recommend that you order a parking pass at the BECO webshop as soon as possible.

Please note that parking passes are only valid from 8-10 February 2023 and cannot be used during the setting up and dismantling periods.