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Young companies with future-oriented business ideas.

Under the slogan ’Disrupt Agriculture’ the fourth FRUIT LOGISTICA Start-up Day will take place on 10 February 2023 - a special format for start-ups developing groundbreaking products, projects and ideas.

Hall 9: Where newcomers meet established companies

On the last day of the fair, Hall 2.1 became a networking hub for start-ups and established companies from all stages of the green value chain. Anyone who wanted to get in touch with start-ups and perhaps do business with them was in exactly the right place in the Start-up Area. Highly innovative start-ups from all over the world had their temporary home base here on the last day of the fair.

Another highlight was the Start-up Stage where start-ups presented their forward-looking business ideas, technologies and visions for the future.

The events of FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022 were each streamed live and are available on-demand here: FRUIT LOGISTICA online

Top 20 start-ups at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022

The fresh food supply chain has always had tight profit margins, and an even slimmer margin for error. Consumers’ demand is rising for high-quality produce year-round, and every retail store has a different definition of what that means. Wholesalers and distributors unable to manage this complexity are undercutting profits by selling premium produce too cheaply or receiving claims for not meeting expectations. We have an AI-powered platform that allows fresh produce suppliers to see and understand quality data across the supply chain, so they can more accurately match the right quality to the right customer and be more profitable and competitive.

AgroSustain develops highly effective, biological fungicides and coatings to protect fruits and vegetables from molds and to reduce fruits ripening from farm to fork. The products of AgroSustain will be applied primarily after the harvest in packing facilities at the producer or at the distribution prior to storage or transportation, following by making sales of biological fungicides for the field application.

BlueShark Purification is a hard tech company that manufactures postharvest ozone and ultraviolet light solutions. We disinfect fruits and vegetables at 10 ppm of ozone and then destroy ozone in the air using ultraviolet light. We have solutions without chemical residues in fruits and vegetables, very powerful disinfection and we are very concerned about people's safety.

BuyCo uses the latest technologies to simplify, secure and optimize container shipping management. BuyCo allows their clients team (shippers) and partners (carriers and forwarders) to easily work together on shipments, automate tasks, upload documents and manage their responsibilities from one single platform.

Connecting Food is the first blockchain solution in the world to track and digitally audit food products in real-time from farm to fork. Founded by agrifood experts, we used our direct industry knowledge to build a platform which leverages data to create value, improving internal traceability & food safety, while reducing food wastage. We also help brands and retailers improve their external transparency via a QR code & storytelling, restoring consumer confidence in food. Here is a short video introducing the company.

Corvus Drones specializes in crop monitoring in greenhouses with a fully automatic flying drone. The drone is suitable for different sensors or cameras and is therefore universal for data collection in many crops. Corvus is working with various developers on applications in the field of germination and crop growth. The first available applications are seed germination and leaf area detection. Corvus won the Greentech Amsterdam Innovation Award 2021 and the jury was impressed by the drone, the application, the collaboration with computer vision companies and the subscription-based business model.

Sunlight is most essential for plants to grow. But the need for efficiency and the uncertainties of climate change are pushing food production indoors. Existing artificial lights waste energy and can't imitate the sun spectrum close enough. We have lighting solutions that bring the sun's spectrum indoors and come with unprecedented energy efficiency. In the future we want to make it possible to grow any crop at any place in the world.


Farmable is a Farm Management Platform designed by growers, for the unique needs of fruit and tree crop growers. Our Platform works across devices, namely mobile, tablet and desktop through a combination of our Farm Management App, and add-on modules.

FruPro is the digital marketplace for the Fresh Produce industry. We are connecting the supply chain improving communication, expanding your network and trade reach. FruPro provides visibility of the supply and demand of the live market, automating day to day manual processes on a compliant marketplace, offering secure payments and the ability to manage your financial risk. The platform will streamline the end-to-end supply chain to help companies to respond more quickly to market changes while boosting operational efficiency and reducing waste through redistribution.

greenhouse formula

Greenhouse Formula helps high tech greenhouse buyers to understand how much profit the greenhouse will bring them and prepare a professional business plan. Now, greenhouse buyers either do calculations themselves as much as they can, or order a business plan to a professional financial expert. Most often first option is non-professional and prone to errors. The second option can be very expensive. We offer greenhouse buyers to use our online tool for assessing the profits. It also provides a professional business plan in a PDF format which can be shared with banks, partners, government agencies for financing purposes.

HAIP Solutions has been working in the development of user-oriented hyperspectral imaging (HSI) camera solutions since 2018. Our products based on spectral technology are used in the fields of plant breeding, agriculture and forestry, food industry, recycling and geology. We strongly believe that spectral imaging can contribute to making the world a more sustainable planet. uses artificial intelligence to help farmers and agricultural suppliers to mitigate risks and make more informed decisions. We help farmers to reduce labor, energy and water consumption in irrigation. For agricultural insurers, fertilizer, seed, farm equipment and crop protection manufacturers, we provide field-specific data to heavily accelerate product development. Through our AI-based analysis of satellite imagery, we know what's happening on the field.

Lite+Fog is developing the next generation of highly efficient and profitable vertical farms through their proprietary solutions and technologies based on fogponics. Through a unique architecture, less maintenance costs and a process management system, operational costs and capital expenses can be lowered to a point where vertical farms can compete with greenhouses on costs, all while being more reliable and more than 40 times more productive.

LYRO is the creator of the world's first fresh produce pattern packing robot. Our robot can handle 100s of different fruits and vegetables and can be installed to retrofit existing packing lines in less than an hour. Even better, no upfront capital outlay is required by the customers as LYRO offers a robotics as a service model, where you are paying only for the robot's packing hours.

AgTech startup with the mission to empower African smallholder farmers with modern technologies. We offer a community platform through which farmers gain access to pre-financed organic crop protectants and fertilizers, enabling them to increase their harvest yields by 2x. Income risks are managed by predicting harvest yields with satellite imagery and machine learning.

One third of food is (still) wasted, of which 40% is fresh produce. This is a 1T$ issue to the food industry, resulting in 10% of all CO2 emmission, and uses up 25% of all our fresh water. Used on food which is not consumed. OneThird has developed a method to predict shelf-life of fresh produce. We're using an optical scanner together with AI algorithms and a smart data information platform. The system can be integrated in existing quality procedures. This gives decision power to growers, distributors and retailers to get the right product to the right place at the right time. Resulting in increasing efficiencies, saving millions of euros and preventing >1/3 of their food waste.

SMEs are always on the losing end when it comes to quality related cargo damage in transit. From rising inspection costs to lengthy and complex claims processes. OPTIMIZ enables fruit buyers and sellers to remotely inspect the handling and quality of fruits at pre and post shipment levels and to optimise their claims processes in case of damage in transit.

Organifarms develops farming robots for greenhouses and vertical farms, to automate labor-intensive processes, such as the harvest, plant care, quality control, and pollination of fruit and vegetables. The first product is a harvesting robot for strawberries. Key component is the image recognition software for the detection of position, ripeness, and quality of the fruit.


Pixofarm is a digital solution, which empowers fruit producers worldwide to get the most out of their orchards by providing reliable yield monitoring and forecast data. With these data, they can increase their production and efficiently plan and optimize their operational activities like logistics, packaging, warehousing, sales and marketing. We use artificial intelligence, machine learning and image processing technology to accurately detect, measure and count fruits and calculate forecasts.

Unispectral have developed the Monarch - a hyperspectral camera for precise agritech market that can be connected or embedded inside mobile phone. Monarch™ NIR Portable hyperspectral Camera is designed for growers, lab and supply-chain partners and consumer. Bringing the lab to the field, enables pre and postharvest detection and classification. Pre harvest use cases: plant or fruit health monitoring, nutrients monitoring, water stress, pest detection, pesticide residues detection. Postharvest use cases: fruit defect classification, fruit ripe classification, monitoring fruits on conveyor belt or fruit classification by consumer in supermarket.

Start-up Day


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