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Young companies with future-oriented business ideas.

Under the slogan ’Disrupt Agriculture’ the third FRUIT LOGISTICA Start-up Day will take place on 07.04.2022 - a special format for start-ups developing groundbreaking products, projects and ideas.

Hall 9: Where newcomers meet established companies

On Friday hall 9 turns into a networking hub for start-ups and established companies within the entire fresh produce sector. Hall 9 is the perfect place for key decision-makers who would like to get in contact with highly innovative start-ups from all over the world on the last day of the fair.

Another highlight is the Start-up Stage showcasing young companies presenting their business models and talking about new technologies as well as their future visions for the industry.

Who can participate in the Start-up Day?

All start-ups that develop smart solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability in the FRUIT LOGISTICA sector can apply to participate in the Start-up Day. B2B business models and innovative technologies from the following sectors are in demand: agtech, digital farming, crop science, postharvest technology, logistics/supply chain management, packaging and packaging technology.

Participation in the Start-up Day is free of charge. The number of speaker slots and presentation counters is limited. The selection will be made by Messe Berlin.

The application deadline for the Start-up Day 2022 has expired, therefore registrations are no longer possible.

Review 2020: Top 20 Start-ups

Agranimo creates micro-climate intelligence data products to increase predictability and increase the efficiency of fruit and vegetable production and supply chain. They created a big data engine which connects their own patented cost-effective wireless sensors, as well as existing sensors to help reduce water and fertilizer usage, estimate disease risks and benchmark production. Agranimo uses plant genetics and physiology to provide unique yield forecasting algorithms and connect farm to the supply chain.

DiMuto solves challenges of global supply chains with theire 360 Trade Solutions Platform. Using blockchain, IoT and AI, they digitize fresh produce for traceability and more. Through data from supply chain visibility, DiMuto empowers small-and-medium agrifood players with their cost-effective solutions – trade financing, new market access, product marketing and data analytics to tackle global trade. To date, they have tagged and tracked 100 million fruits for global companies in over 7 countries.

The first decision support system based on sensors, predictive agronomic models and artificial intelligence. It helps growers make the best decisions, improving agrochemicals and irrigation management, allowing to get a healthier, more abundant yield with minimum environmental impact. It works in open field, protected crops, greenhouses and vertical farms and is designed for the hard work. Wireless and solar-powered, it is 100% waterproof, resistant and has no detachable parts. Practical and efficient as farming machines, no setup or installation needed.

Fresh Agriculture Technologies developed MapMyApple, a mobile software application that helps small and medium size apple growers to achieve new levels of performance by providing dynamic growing plans and technology for pests and disease protection and recognition, in real-time.

Using patented technology of multi spectral sensors and computer vision / AI technology, FruitSpec provides a report, highly accurate fruit yield estimation, from the early immature green fruit stage, six months before picking, when critical decisions are made, for agronomy optimization, logistics (pickers, transportation, packing-house work orders) and marketing.

Gearbox makes future colleagues to work smarter with vision, AI & robotics. The most recent innovation is GearSense: realtime monitoring with AI. By automating the monitoring and analysis of crops and fruits in a growing environment with smart camera’s and sensors, it is possible to measure growth, quality and development in the cloud platform daily. The new insights help to optimize the cultivation process and improve quality.

LettUs Grow designs hardware and software for indoor farms, using a patented aeroponic technology. The systems grow plants 70% faster than hydroponics (the current method used in indoor and vertical farms), need no pesticides and reduce the consumption of water and fertilizer by 95% compared to field growing. By reducing the resources needed and maximizing yields, the farms improve the efficiency, sustainability and profitability of indoor farming.

PATS automates insect control for horticulture. The solution not only monitors, but also proactively eliminates flying pest insects in air, with bat-like drones. This prevents the spreading of pests throughout the greenhouse and reduces crop damages and losses in a sustainable way, without the use of insecticides. The service offered by PATS is focused on relieving the grower from time consuming and repetitive tasks involved with crop protection.

Pixofarm is a mobile application, which helps apple producers optimize their harvest. By getting accurate and real-time information about fruit growth and production forecasts, producers have the control over their orchards and can manage their resources more efficiently, reduce uncertainty and take measures to optimize season’s outcome. All they need to do is going in the field once a week and take pictures of a certain number of apples using their mobile phone and our stickers.

Soil Scout enables land use related water and energy optimization in an unprecedented detail and ease by providing a future-proof below-ground monitoring system. Soil Scout provides the only wireless sensors capable of transmitting moisture, temperature and salinity data in near real-time out-of-sight performance from up to 2 meters / 6 feet below the surface, for up to 20 years, maintenance free. Soil Scout takes monitoring to the next level by providing a detailed view into in-field variation, enabling their customers to expand the Precision Agriculture approach to all land use challenges, smart farming, irrigation control or turf quality optimization.

Stable's price risk management platform enables food and farming businesses to effectively manage their exposures to volatile commodity prices through parametric insurance contracts linked to over 3,000 global indexes.

StixFresh developed a food-safe sticker that can extend the shelf life of fresh fruit by up to two weeks, by simply peeling and applying the sticker to the fruit. This simple solution can be used at any point along the produce supply chain. Their vision is to become a global leader in developing and commercializing groundbreaking and innovative technologies that will significantly reduce food waste via all-natural and safe methods.

Strella Biotech combines biosensing and IoT to directly measure and predict fruit ripeness at various steps of the supply chain in real time. By predicting a fruit's maturity level days (and sometimes months) in advance, packers, distributors and retailers are able to better optimize their supply chain. Their goal is to help decrease costly and environmentally damaging food loss while improving the quality provided to consumers.

The Equal Food Company is building a platform for farmers and buyers to make good use of surpluses and ugly products that are currently wasted. Farmers are enabled to generate additional revenues, while buyers can access 2nd class produce in real time, making their sourcing more sustainable and achieving a positive bottom line impact of 20%-40% through cost-savings.

Tridge’s mission is to reduce information asymmetry in cross-border agricultural transactions. The combination of data intelligence and human network creates a trusted B2B ecosystem where validated buyers and suppliers can connect naturally. Furthermore, through granularity technology, Tridge collects and structures scattered trade information. With Tridge’s price, export, and production data, combined with their information on market trends, importers and exporters can make informed decisions.

tsenso GmbH digitizes the food supply chain and provides next-level food safety and freshness analytics for industry and consumers. Their cloud- and hardware-based solution makes the food supply chain transparent for producers & retailers and offers intelligent post-harvest shelf-life analytics.
The dynamic best-before date = precise info in the remaining shelf-life, minimizes food safety risk, reduces waste during logistics and at the POS and makes superior product quality & freshness visible to consumers. They are also planning to introduce Blockchain technology to improve food traceability and sustainability.

The FRESCO approach of Vertigo Technologies is a new sensing technique allowing investigating the internal properties of fresh fruit non-destructively, with high throughput and with high accuracy. They do that by using microwave techniques, with much higher penetration related to conventional near-infrared based techniques. The improved performances will allow increasing the quality of the product for the end-user, while avoiding the big losses of fresh produce in the chain related to inefficient quality control.

Fast detection of dangerous bacteria (E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, etc.) for the agrifood sector. Today, test results come only after products are marketed, a cause for recalls & health hazards (i.e. the deadly 2018 romaine E.coli outbreaks caused a 40% market drop for US lettuce). Yarok developed a kit with reagents and AI-driven software, used with a few off-the-shelf laboratory tools, providing accurate results in 45 minutes instead of days. Tests for leafy vegetables are validated and ready.

Start-up Day


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