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Startup Day

Friday is Startup Day

Young companies with future-oriented business ideas

Under the slogan ’Disrupt Agriculture’, the FRUIT LOGISTICA Startup Day will once again take place on 9 February 2024 - a special format for startups developing groundbreaking products, projects and ideas.


Newcomers meet established companies

On the last day of the fair, Hall 2.1 becomes a networking hub for startups and established companies from all stages of the green value chain. Anyone who wants to get in touch with start-ups and perhaps do business with them is in exactly the right place in the Startup Area. Highly innovative startups from all over the world will have their temporary home base here on the last day of the fair.

Another highlight is the Startup Stage where startups present their forward-looking business ideas, technologies and visions for the future.

The Startup Stage presentations 2023 were each live-recorded and are available as video-on-demand on FRUIT LOGISTICA Online.


Who can participate in the Startup Day?

All startups that develop smart solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability in the FRUIT LOGISTICA sector can apply to participate in the Startup Day. B2B business models and innovative technologies from the following sectors are in demand: agtech, digital farming, crop science, postharvest technology, logistics/supply chain management, packaging and packaging technology.

Participation in the Startup Day is free of charge. The number of speaker slots and presentation counters is limited. The selection will be made by Messe Berlin.

The application period for the Startup Day 2024 will start at the beginning of October. We will publish further information soon.



Alexandra Pr├╝mke
T + 49 30 3038 2083

Luisa Ladu
T + 49 30 3038 3224

These were the top 20 startups at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2023

7Sense has developed a wireless irrigationcontrol system that saves water, protects crops and frees up time for farmers. Using non-intrusive flow detection (international patent pending), the sensor detects any loss of water and alerts the farmer.The sensor gives farmers complete control of the irrigation process and decreases the need for manual monitoring. The sensor is easy to mount or retrofit to existing systems, meaning equipment can be modernised instead of replaced. It is also extremely simple to operate, as farmers only need to push one large button.

Our startup reuses waste from agribusiness to create solutions that improve the conservation of fruits by replacing waxes and fungicides for export fruits such as citrus, mangoes, avocados and ginger. Our value proposition is chemical free, sustainable with the environment and circular economy. Our technology is patented by 3 global PCTpatents.


BloomX is a groundbreaking startup that has developed a bio-mimicking pollination technology. Solving growers' major challenge of honeybees inefficient pollination work, we improve profitability through the improvement of crops productivity & quality, enable certainty & control over the entire pollination process and support sustainability goals.


Smart irrigation solution which automates irrigation systems and leads to a reduction in water and energy use while saving the farmer time as everything can be managed from a PC/phone.


Our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable supplychains. Chill-Chain has created software that facilitates more feasible ways for companies to create efficient, transparent and sustainable supply chains, all while saving on logistics spend. The software provides revolutionary data and analytics to pinpoint inefficiencies within a supply chain, such as low vehicle fill, poor routing, driver capacity and empty runnings. Solutions can then be drawn, implemented and tracked in real time, as to how resource redistribution can increase utilisation and efficiency while also reducing carbon and monetary costs.


Digifield provides small and medium growers the chance to access directly international markets. As soon as growers become capable to cover a bigger part of the supply chain, their business model becomes more sustainable and rewarding. Wholesalers do benefit as well as they receive produce from a shorter supply chain and can differentiate against competition. Digifield does practically 3 things:1) Upscale growers skills; 2) Guarantee Quality with Remote Image Computing 3) Coordinate the Logistic between Grower and Wholesaler


Freshflow is an AI-powered replenishment solution for grocery retailers, built from scratch for the unique challenges of fruits &vegetables. It allows grocers to have fuller shelves and less waste by optimizing order quantities for fruits & vegetables: estimating short/variable shelf lives, dealing with weighted products, seasonality, wrong inventories, etc.


We believe in a sustainable future in which not a single piece of perishable goes to loss. One-third of the food produced is wasted. We need to change how we store and transport perishables worldwide. Freshsens has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) to prevent perishable loss by extending and predicting lifetime after harvest. By using the platform, our users can get substantial margins, fresher fruits & minimized losses.


iComplai is an early warning system for the early detection of risks in the food supply chain. The system serves both the buyers as well as the growers of the fresh fruit industry. The growers can benefit from early warnings that could impact their crops, for instance due to weather changes. Fruit buyers/ importers can see the potential risks with supplier and raw material selection and adjust their controls accordingly. iComplai platform scans daily for new risks, feeds them into the machine learning system and the results are sent customised to users, depending on their area of interest. Our product is already in the market and we are serving customers like Mars.


Stepping forward the vertical farming industry to the most advanced tecnique: AEROPONICS. This basically means that greens grow up vertically ( -95% needed water + 100% pesticides free + 100% nickel free + unique taste)


Mavuno is an Agri & FinTech startup empowering African smallholder farmers with satellite imagery and machine learning: through our subscription for pre-financed farm inputs and services, farmers can effectively double their yield.


At Nat4Bio we develop organic coatings to protect fresh produce from spoilage and decay. Our coatings are transparent, odorless and tasteless, and their main functions are regulating the gas exchange between the fruit and the environment, delaying the ripening process, and providing active protection against microbial pathogens. Our MVP is being test on citrus, avocados and berries. It has shown high effectiveness against post-harvest pathogens (over 90% for Penicillium and 75% for Botrytis), and also strong results in shelf life extension (+5 days and 15% weight loss reduction on avocados, better firmness and reduced browning).


NOUGENIC offers a computer vision-based solution that automatically counts fruit and makes harvest estimates using photos on a smartphones. Everything is processed off-line with fruit still in early stages. It is robust, inexpensive, simple, and has no usage limits per area or number of photos. Small and large growers, cooperatives, fruit exporters and governments have a scientific tool to help their crop estimates and improve logistics from field to fork.


Using blockchain and IoT, OBORTECH is building the Smart Hub, a fully digital platform for all actors in supply chain. The actors can remotely collaborate in a digital and decentralized blockchain network regardless of their size and IT capability. The platform is suitable for cold-chain monitoring and requirements for cross-border and long-distance shipments where trust is needed to be built among multiple parties via tamper-proof data. See our demo video here:


Organifarms develops farm robots that automate labor intensive processes, such as the harvest, quality control and packaging of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses and vertical farms.


At RapidAIM, we provide highly accurate, real-time pest detection information and forecasts to growers so that they can take faster and more targeted management action. Our award-winning IoT sensors use capacitance sensing and the world’s narrowband networks to send instant alerts to the grower’s phone via our app when target pests are present. This enables growers target their control at the time of day when pest are most active and then validate when the control is working. RapidAIM technology can be set-up in minutes and rolled out in high densities across wide areas.


RipeLocker offers a state-of-the-art, dynamic, vacuum technology for growers/ packers to extend the postharvest life of perishables. RipeLockers are a disruptive, innovative solution to ensure and maintain the quality, increase the value, and extend the seasonal availability of perishables during long-term storage and transportation to retailers and consumers. Our vision is to reduce food loss and waste by helping growers/ packers, retailers, and consumers keep perishables fresher longer.


Up to 50% of the food we produce goes to waste, amounting to over $2.6 trillion in losses, including $700 and $900 in environmental and social costs, respectively, every year. As a result, there is a dire need to develop solutions that will safely and sustainably extend the shelf-life of food. At Ryp Labs, we've developed a natural and safe formulation that can be applied to avariety of surfaces, including stickers, labels, and sheets, to increase the shelf-life of produce. In pilots with Walmart, Aldi, Westfalia and others, our food-safe sticker, StixFresh, has been shown to double the shelf-life of fresh produce, by simply peeling and applying the sticker to lose produce or its packaging.

Smart Watering_Logo

Cloud-connected hardware that helps fruit growers automate drip irrigation using sensors and artificial intelligence.


The entire fruit- and vegetable sector uses dataloggers to monitor storage and transport. Those dataloggers are single-use and add to the giant amounts of e-waste. We have the perfect solution. We make paper smart by integrating chips and sensors. With that we are able to measure temperature and humidity. To unlock the data, just tap your smartphone. Paper can be customized and clients have access to our dashboard to monitor their worldwide data. And the best part: our paper is 100% recycable.

STARTUP DAY 9 February 2024
Beginn of application Beginning of October
Location Hall 2.1
Presentation language Startup Stage English
Presentations of the Startup Stage Available on FRUIT LOGISTICA Online as video-on-demand