Startup Day

Der Messefreitag ist Startup Day

Junge Unternehmen mit zukunftsweisenden Geschäftsideen

Unter dem Motto „Disrupt Agriculture“ fand am 9. Februar 2024 wieder der Startup Day auf der FRUIT LOGISTICA statt - ein spezielles Format für Startups, die bahnbrechende Produkte, Projekte und Ideen vorantreiben.


Newcomer treffen die Branche

Am letzten Messetag kreieren wir einen Networking Hub für Startups und etablierte Unternehmen aus allen Wertschöpfungsstufen des grünen Sortiments. Wer mit Startups in Kontakt und vielleicht auch ins Geschäft kommen möchte, ist in der Startup Area genau richtig. Hochinnovative Startups aus der ganzen Welt haben hier am letzten Messetag ihre temporäre Homebase.

Ein weiteres Highlight ist die Startup Stage: Dort präsentieren Startups ihre zukunftsweisenden Geschäftsideen, Technologien und Zukunftsvisionen.

Die Präsentationen der Startup Stage 2024 wurden aufgezeichnet und können auf FRUIT LOGISTICA Online als Video-on-demand gestreamt werden.


Wer kann am Startup Day teilnehmen?

Alle Startups, die intelligente Lösungen entwickeln, um die Effizienz und Nachhaltigkeit in der FRUIT LOGISTICA-Branche zu verbessern, können sich für eine Teilnahme am Startup Day bewerben. Gefragt sind B2B-Geschäftsmodelle und innovative Technologien aus folgenden Bereichen: AgTech, Digital Farming, Crop Science, Postharvest Technology, Logistik/Supply Chain Management, Verpackung und Verpackungstechnik.

Die Teilnahme am Startup Day ist kostenfrei. Die Zahl der Speaker Slots und Präsentationscounter ist limitiert. Die Auswahl erfolgt durch die Messe Berlin.

Der Bewerbungszeitraum für die kommende FRUIT LOGISTICA wird im Frühjahr 2025 bekanntgegeben.



Alexandra Prümke
T + 49 30 3038 2083

Luisa Ladu
T + 49 30 3038 3224

Das sind die Top 20 Startups der FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024

Bloomfield Logo

Plant Inspection Technology

Plants need constant inspection to ensure predictable, well-timed harvests and protect them from pests and diseases. Specialty crops rely on human inspectors and drones to do those assessments. Yet, both methods have significant limitations, particularly for specialty crops. Bloomfield overcomes all these limitations with automated, direct line-of-site inspection using imaging and deep learning to assess the health and performance of each and every plant, regardless of plant type, geo-location or number. The result is predictable, larger and higher quality yields.

Cargo Produce Logo

International Supply Chain Platform

Elevate your global supply chain with Cargo Produce - the ultimate solution for exporters and importers. Seamlessly handle purchase orders, document management, container and truck tracking, temperature sensor data, and courier updates. Experience unrivaled efficiency through automated alerts, comprehensive data, and unified stakeholder collaboration, all in one convenient platform.

Dockflow Logo

Supply Chain Visibility

Dockflow empowers logistics teams to work more efficiently and pleasantly, so you can deliver better service to customers and focus on meaningful tasks. The world's first logistics enablement platform. Take back control over your container shipments now.

Fotoniq Logo

We developed sustainable and durable coatings for existing and new greenhouses. This provides them with the opportunity to improve light conditions in their greenhouses. The first permanent PAR+ coating makes light diffuse without light loss. The diffuse light is evenly distributed both horizontally and vertically improving the light and climate conditions for the crops. This results in improved product quality and productivity. The first trials in uncontrolled environments provided positive results of up to almost 6% production increase (tomato use case).

An additional benefit is that PAR+ replaces seasonal coatings, thus microplastic entering the environment.

Freya Cultivation Systems has developed a novel cultivation platform for commercial greenhouses to double productivity and increase per-plant profitability. The innovative platform - AEROFRAME - can produce leafy green yields over 120kg/m2/year and utilizes mobile, low-energy ultrasonic irrigators. The increased plant density also lowers per-plant costs, such as heating, cooling and facility upkeep and therefore increases facility profitability.

Gardin Logo

Indoor Farming Sensors & Analytics

We are a phenotyping solution that allows growers and breeders in controlled environment agriculture to increase crop yield, reduce resource usage, decrease crop variation and improve forecasting. Gardin is on a mission to ensure resilient, nutritious and sustainable food production in a changing climate. Gardin uses advanced optical sensing technology to help farmers better manage the plant environment for indoor farming and provide plants with exactly what they need to deliver higher yields with fewer resources. Gardin’s insights create a biofeedback loop between the plants and their environment such that growers can get the most out of every seed. By improving indoor farming economics, Gardin promotes sustainable agriculture.

Holocene Logo

Global Supply Chain Management

Holocene is a Berlin-based startup offering a software solution easing international logistics and supply chain operations. As a tech company, we leverage new AI/ML technologies to take over some tasks from import-export professionals. Saving a lot of time, they can focus on higher value-added tasks, while suffering from less workload and stress. Companies assisted by Holocene benefit from streamlined operations, better visibility and accountability, while having mitigated risks of disruptions.

Konzept Green Logo

Organic Fertilizer, Biostimulant

Nourish your crops with Love Green, the leading organic fertilizer! Our state-of-the-art solution boosts and improves photosynthesis, resulting in water savings of up to 50%. Witness accelerated growth and robust health, reducing the reliance on fungicides and pesticides. Love Green guarantees a substantial Return on Investment, offering a sustainable choice for crop care. Elevate your agricultural practices with Love Green: Where Growth Harmonizes with Sustainability. See the difference!

Logistikbude Logo

Digital Reusable Asset Management

Logistikbude is an out of the box SaaS solution that enables companies to automate the management of reusable objects (e.g. pallets, trays, boxes). This allows existing inventory to be used more efficiently and reduces staff costs. The long-term goal is to become the central data hub for reusables. The product is live since Jan 2022 and currently used by more than 15 customers with hundreds of users and millions of assets.

MiFood Logo

Robots for Agriculture

The MiFood Robot automates harvesting and collecting food in farms. The robot collects and stores food items including fruit and vegetables in farms faster and maximizes crops produced and enhances sustainability increasing efficiency and reducing co2 emission on harvesting. The result is quicker harvesting time, food waste reduction, labor shortage reduction, more efficient collecting, lower labor costs, and reduced risk of accidents.

Noda Logo

Supply Chain Optimization

The Noda platform enhances the fruit industry's supply chain through advanced technology, optimizing key operations from the field, through the supply chain to the market. It equips users with a robust data platform for smarter decision-making, supported by predictive estimations, strategic farming practices, and real-time monitoring. Designed for user-friendly simplicity, the platform operates seamlessly offline in remote locations. Noda includes comprehensive tools for fleet tracking, harvest management, packing optimizations, quality control, market demand, and stock management, all aimed at simplifying tasks and boosting profitability.


Commercial Market Intelligence

APEX is an AI-driven platform developed by PEAX Data that aligns supply and demand in the food & flower industry. Centralize all your market insights in one place, from which you can easily create analyses and reports to make data-driven commercial decisions. We remove gut feel from the equation and go from Excel to APEX!

Our mission: "a demand-driven market by 2030!" We strongly believe that the use of data & AI will be a gamechanger in the industry and holds the key to realise our goal.

Polybee Logo

Greenhouse Technology

Polybee is automating pollination and yield forecasting in fresh produce using drones and AI. Our paying customers are the world's biggest breeding companies and greenhouse growers in Australia and Western Europe. Our yield forecasting solution helps breeders and growers collect 1000x more measurements at >95% accuracy, whereas our pollination solution improves yield for greenhouses when prices are high. Currently we serve tomato growers, with strawberry, grapevine and spinach in the pipeline.

RapidAIM Logo

Digital Crop Protection

At RapidAIM, we provide highly accurate, real-time pest detection information and forecasts to growers so that they can take faster and more targeted management action. Our award-winning IoT sensors use capacitance sensing and the world’s narrowband networks to send instant alerts to the grower’s phone via our app when target pests are present. This enables growers target their control at the time of day when pest is most active and then validate when the control is working.

SkoneLabs Logo

Quality Monitoring with IoT & AI

Simplifying the quality monitoring for food businesses using smart devices and AI. We aim to reduce the food loss by keeping the quality high. We do this by predicting the quality changes and spoilage in advance. Product: Small smart device and AI suggestions.


Integrated Pest Management Tool

Early insect infestation alerts to use the insecticeds in an efficient way. Full automated data driven service to farmers, crop protection companies, ag distributors and for the governments.

Treetoscope Logo

Precision Irrigation Management

Treetoscope developed the first and only commercial device that senses the internal water flow of a plant and directly measures its water consumption and real-time irrigation needs.

Our innovative platform uses the gathered information, along with other data points using AI technology to produce irrigation insights that help farmers make informed decisions instead of guesswork and save precious resources.

Tunable Logo

Gas Sensor Technology

With Tunable's unique and ground-breaking gas analyser technology and AI we enable our customers to turn invisible gases into valuable data. Recently we have set our eyes on the Fruits & Vegetables (F&V) industry. We can provide value to the F&V industry by using our technology to monitor, detect and control ripening and even decay of fresh produce after packaging efficently, accurately and at scale at various points in the value chain. We have several pilots ongoing with different players in the industry and we have seen exciting results. From being able to detect different types of mould development on apples in CA-rooms to helping distribution centers detect rot in pallets. We help combat food waste, improve efficieny and reduce costs.

Useeble Logo

Quality Monitoring in the Supply Chain

Useeble produces smart inks that will revolutionize expiration labels. Our inks are time-temperature responsive and visually indicate, through a colour change, whether a produce’s threshold conditions have been surpassed in its supply-chain. Our technology addresses the inability of manufacturers to guarantee quality preservation of product during production and transportation and provide business and consumers with certainty of produce quality.

We have been developing our technology for 4 years and currently have a functioning prototype ready for scaling.

Voltiris Logo

Agrivoltaic Solution for Greenhouses

Voltiris pioneers the world's first photovoltaic modules specifically designed for greenhouses. Our cutting-edge spectral filtering technology transmits the essential PAR-light directly to crops while transforming the remaining frequencies into renewable power. The innovation unlocks the golden combination the sector has been waiting for: generate solar energy without loosing light. Voltiris empowers growers to lead the charge in the energy transition without compromising their crops.

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