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Close to 70 companies submitted their entries for the FRUIT LOGISTICA awards in 2024. Now the nominees have been announced. “Our panel of experts had quite a job to pick the ten best from a field of outstanding ideas and practical innovations“, said Kaasten Reh, director of Events & Awards at Fruitnet Media International. “On the one hand it shows the creativeness and energy the industry is putting into overcoming obstacles such as the skills shortage and the challenge of becoming more sustainable. On the other hand it reflects their sheer enjoyment at constantly working to create new flavours and improving convenience.“

The FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA) is the world’s most prestigious award for the global fresh produce industry. In addition to the FLIA award for innovative fresh produce, 2024 will for the first time witness the presentation of an FLIA Technology prize for outstanding innovations in machinery and technology.

“By presenting two awards in different categories we are able to focus even more on the industry’s drive for innovation“, said Kaasten Reh. “We cordially invite all trade visitors to inspect and try out these ten innovative products at FRUIT LOGISTICA and then cast their vote.“

A trade visitor fills in her ballot paper for the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2023.

A trade visitor fills in her ballot paper for the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award 2023.

We present the nominees below:

FLIA Technology 2024 nominees

Compact asparagus peeling machine: Asparagus can lay claim to being Germany’s most popular vegetable, which is why Hepro has designed the world’s smallest asparagus peeling machine. Covering an area of 0.34 m², it peels a standard commercial quantity in under a minute and uses an individually defined cutting pattern depending on the thickness of the asparagus to ensure perfect peeling results. “Aspara to go“, Hepro, Germany, Hall 1.1, C-33

Precise overview of crop yields: How big will the harvest be? Crop Load Vision is a mobile app from Croptracker that collects the numbers. Using a mobile phone, it captures the crop size and fruit count and produces a real-time result without double counting. “Crop Load Vision“, Croptracker, Canada, Hall 3, D-35

Pest control from a box: Koppert’s new packaging concept not only improves the efficacy of its Mirical predatory bug, it also makes the product fully compostable. Mirical (Macrolophus pygmaeus) combats whitefly infestation of greenhouse vegetable crops. Instead of using plastic, Koppert now supplies these predatory bugs on corrugated cardboard strips in a cardboard tray, which are both attached directly to the plant. “Mirical“, Koppert, Netherlands, Hall 2.1, B-41

Fully automatic AI-controlled vegetable trimmer: 80 percent labour reduction, 20 per cent less waste. The fully automatic Wyma Roto-Cut vegetable trimmer is the first of its kind to use a combination of optical technology, smart recognition system and AI to remove foliage, crowns and stalks. The system can precisely size, determine a cutting point and make a cut in 0.2 seconds. “Optical Roto-cut vegetable trimmer“, Wyma Solutions, New Zealand, Hall 2.1, B-41

Exoskeleton provides extra support: German Bionic is the first European company to design and manufacture an intelligent exoskeleton. The Apogee robotic exosuit assists those working in physically demanding jobs, whenever they have to lift and lower loads of up to 30 kilos, maintain a static hold (in a bent over position for example), or when they walk. This benefits workers’ health, safety and well-being. “Apogee“, German Bionic, Germany, Hall 21, C-50

FLIA 2024 nominees

A visibly perfect avocado, fresh for 30 days: No brown spots or any other unwanted surprises after peeling – Infuseo’s Naked Avocado range now presents three avocado halves in transparent packaging, fresh and ready-to-eat. Harvested at just the right moment, the fruit has a 30-day refrigerated shelf life and is free from preservatives, acidifiers and additives. Avocados should be enjoyed and not wasted. “Three Halves Avocado Fresh with 30 days shelf life“, Infuseo, France, Hall 5.2, D-30

Squash on the outside, cucumber on the inside: Or does it not look like a cucumber on the inside when cut? Zucchiolo is a vegetable new to Europe that is grown in southern Spain. Weighing 250 grams, it can be consumed fresh and raw in a salad, similar to a cucumber, or can be cooked like a zucchini or eggplant. Zucchiolo is rich in fibre, vitamin A and C and anti-oxidants. Fifty per cent of the sales income is donated to social causes such as fighting cancer. “Zucchiolo“, Unica Fresh, Spain, Hall 18, A20

Parthenocarpy produces perfect squash: Frutastic is an innovative squash variety from Gautier Semences that is highly parthenocarpic (fruit production without pollination) and extremely adaptable to various indoor growing environments. This ensures reliable crop yields and high-quality fruit production even under difficult growing conditions, while its appearance fulfils every market expectation. “Frutastic“, Gautier Semences, France, Hall 1.2, B-40

A volleyball-sized water melon: For consumers in a small household the average water melon is simply too large. By contrast, an Exceed mini water melon weighs an average 2.6 kilos, is slightly larger than a volleyball and can easily fit into small fridge. It is also seedless and crisp in flavour. The advantage for growers: the plant thrives even in hot and challenging conditions. Staay Food Group is introducing EXCEED to the European market in close cooperation with Hazera Seeds. “Exceed Watermelon“, Staay Food Group, Netherlands, Hall 3.2, B-45

Full-flavoured sweet onions: British grower Alastair Findlay worked for 30 years to create the perfect sweet onion: eating a Calypso is as normal as taking a bite out of an apple. Findlay was able to reduce the variety’s pungency to a minimum, allowing its natural sweetness to shine while it retains the typical flavour of an onion. The skin is a deep red, while the flesh itself is pink and crunchy. And crying when peeling is now a thing of the past. “Calypso Sweet Red Onions“, Bedfordshire Growers, UK, Hall 5.2, B-42