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FRUIT LOGISTICA Spotlight - Cosa c'è di nuovo? Il primo palcoscenico per tutte le innovazioni

"Spotlight"- Dove gli Espositori possono presentare le loro novità ed anteprime di prodotti e servizi che vengono presentati per la prima volta al Salone Internazionale dell'Ortofrutta. Una panoramica esclusiva su nuovi prodotti o sviluppi di prodotti già esistenti, su macchinari e nuovi processi, su sistemi tecnologici, su promozioni e su campagne da parte di Espositori.

“Spotlight” è uno strumento utile sia per i giornalisti che vogliono raccontare nuovi prodotti sia per operatori del settore che vogliono pianificare la propria visita in modo più efficace.

Questi erano i riflettori di FRUIT LOGISTICA 2022:

Filtra per parola chiave

Reliable protection for sensitive fruit

Reliable protection for sensitive fruit
The VitaFresh Botanicals coating from Agrofresh protects fruit like a second skin.

An unscathed skin preserves the quality and taste of fruit. It keeps them from drying out, and thus from becoming lighter. Agrofresh drew inspiration from the natural protective membrane when developing VitaFresh. This new coating for citrus fruits, avocados, and mangos is edible and plant-based. The Control-TecTM applicator from Agrofresh applies an even coating of this protective layer. It dries in minutes and extends fruits’ lifespan, even on long shipping routes. Food waste is reduced, and the products’ quality is preserved.

FR-Saint Denis
Padiglione 21., Stand D-02

Contact: Patricia Borredá
Telefono: +34 648 271477

Black skin, red centre

Black skin, red centre
The new RedNoir™ tomato from BASF has a black skin and red flesh.

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable in Germany, so it’s no wonder that new varieties are always taking the market by storm. BASF is now presenting RedNoir™, an unusual variety with a black exterior and a striking red inside. It does not have the typical appearance of a tomato, and adds some variety to the plate. The almost spherical tomato weighs between 70 and 90 grams. It has no juice, and consists entirely of flesh. Its umami flavour makes it a great addition to all sorts of meals. Health-conscious consumers will enjoy RedNoir™ as a source of antioxidants like vitamin C, lycopene, and anthocyanins.

NL- Nunhem
Padiglione 1.2, Stand B-20

Contact: Carlos Bonilla Bartret
Telefono: +34 677 562 056

A bed for berries

Sensitive fruits like strawberries require optimal packaging, otherwise they can easily become damaged and spoil. At the same time, customers increasingly want to protect the environment and generate as little waste as possible. This company has found a way to bridge the gap with a new strawberry container made 100% from recycled PET. The material is obtained from drink bottles and other plastic waste, and the packaging is completely recyclable and can be disposed of accordingly. The company has thus created a use cycle that protects both the environment and the fruits themselves.

BE- Sint-Katelyne-Waver
Padiglione 27., Stand B-06

Contact: Glenn Philips
Telefono: +32 15 565271

Efficient greenhouse cultivation

Efficient greenhouse cultivation
Make use of your greenhouse space: the Tray Spacer from Bosman van Zaal

Space in greenhouses is limited. Bosman van Zaal has developed the BVZ Tray Spacer to make optimal use of the space that is available. This is a patented, reusable tablet that can be expanded like a chess board, which makes it possible for the cultivation space to be adjusted to plant growth. Because they are in the same tray, there is less risk of the roots being damaged during repotting. Bosman van Zaal can provide all the machinery required to automate greenhouses. Easy cleaning makes the trays reusable.

Bosman van Zaal
Padiglione 8.1, Stand B-03

Contact: Ben van der Heide
Telefono: +31 297 344 344

Secure transport for fresh fruit

Secure transport for fresh fruit
The perforated SB3 pallet box from Craemer makes it possible to transport fruits securely

With the SB3 pallet box, Craemer presents an innovation in the transporting of fruit. Made from food-safe polyethylene, it is extremely robust thanks to its highly stable wall and base strength. The perforated walls ensure the products remain ventilated, while rounded interior corners protect the perishable cargo. The SB3 is easy to stack and clean. It is available with three runners or nine feet, and weighs 41 or 39 kilogrammes depending on the variant. The 79-centimetre tall container has a carrying capacity of 610 litres and a payload of 700 kilogrammes. The universal stacking system also makes it compatible with a wide range of other containers. The box is also optionally available with a transponder.

DE- Herzebrock-Clarholz
Padiglione 21., Stand E-07

Contact: Petra Adibelli
Telefono: +49 5245 43129

Berry protection with less plastic

Berry protection with less plastic
Driscoll’s participates in protecting the environment with new packaging made of less plastic.

Berries belong to the most sensitive fruit category, and hence need intensive protection when being transported. Driscoll's, the berry producer, showcases a new packaging line at FRUIT LOGISTICA, which has 94 % less plastic than the previous trays. It consists of recycled, FSC-certified cartons. Due to the transparent film, consumers can simultaneously be ensured of the content quality. In the blueberries category, Driscoll's extended its offer with a snack box that has an ergonomic handle, also with 98% less plastic. With its sustainable packaging innovations, the company founded in California more than 100 years ago wants to play its part in protecting the environment.

Driscoll’s DEMEA
Padiglione 1.2, Stand C-05

Contact: Marieke Appel
Telefono: +31 85 217 000

Better network

Better network
Eurocirce app digitalises processes for the cooperative of the same name.

Along with the software developer GreenTOP, the Italian Cooperative Eurocirce has developed an app to improve the global management of producers. The application facilitates the exchange of documents and digitalisation of processes. It enables easier tracking of goods, exchange of certifications and management of yields and cultivation. The app also facilitates communication amongst members. They can advise each other and share latest information. The cooperative for production and trade of fresh vegetables that was founded in 1979 takes advantage of the digital application, and facilitates improvements for its members.

IT- Terracina
Padiglione 4.2, Stand A-09

Contact: Simona Barbisan, Angela Rita Laganà
Telefono: +39 0773 756222, +39 06 89995048
sbarbisan@eurocirce.it, ufficio.stampa@greentop.it
www.eurocirce.it, www.greentop.it

Virtual assistant for grain storage

Virtual assistant for grain storage
Hotraco supports grain storage operators with EVA (Easy Virtual Assistant

Hotraco is expanding its Croptimiz-r automation system for grain storage with the supplementary module EVA (Easy Virtual Assistant). With this new smart assistant, farmers and grain storage operators can respond to changes more quickly, more easily, and more effectively. EVA helps make the ideal base settings from the very start of the storage process. Throughout the entire season, the storage operator is always up to date on the storage conditions and can act quickly. This results in less food waste and energy consumption.


Padiglione 5.1, Stand B-20

Contact: Puck Deumens
Telefono: +31 77 327 5020

The machine Caliper from Konatic measures fruits entirely automatically.

Determining the size of potatoes or other produce is important for precise sorting. The innovative, internationally active company Konatic has developed a new machine with an automatic measurement system: Caliper. Foods pass along a conveyor belt through a measuring unit. A three-dimensional laser determines the size of the fruit or other bulk in a contact-free manner with the so called LiDAR-technology. Artificial technology (AI) identifies the fruit without the need for calibration. The machine can also scan stacked or overlapping products. Caliper can be easily integrated into conveyor belt systems, and is both affordable and easy to use.

Padiglione 22, Stand F-11

Contact: Guillaume Bathelet
Telefono: +33 4 82 53 70 68

Clean salad

Clean salad
The GEWA AF pre-wash machine from Kronen gently cleans leaf vegetables while saving on water.

Consumers enjoy ready-to-eat mixed salads from the fridge. One challenge manufacturers face is how to thoroughly clean the fine leaves without placing mechanical strain on them. Only then can they both maintain their fresh appearance and retain their vitamins. With the GEWA AF pre-wash machine from Kronen, there is now a way to remove cell sap, sand, and soil from floating leafy products. The special filling slide surrounds the product with water to ensure submersion, and the leaf vegetables are washed without any pinch or pressure points. The machine can provide relief during peak production times and process large quantities of salad intermittently, such as 400 to 1500 kilograms of baby leaf or three tons of iceberg lettuce per hour. The water-product ratio is only 4 to 1. The hygienic design, including an easy-to-clean ventilation system, is up to date as well.

D-Kehl am Rhein
Padiglione 3.1, Stand B-05

Contact: Christina Maier-Streif
Telefono: +49 7854 9646-161

Off into the box

Off into the box
Kuku International Packaging showcases cartons made of natural materials.

Kuku International Packaging at FRUIT LOGISTICA showcases an alternative to plastic packaging. The cartons for fresh fruits are made up of natural materials. The nets are made of linen or cellulose fibres, hence the consumers can see the contents. The fruits are exposed to air and can "breathe". The cartons are suitable for all types of packaging machines and ensure a safe transport, for example, of citrus fruits such as mandarins. Furthermore, the company also supplies nets for apples, onions and shallots. It offers even paper and net rolls which are compatible with packaging machines.

Kuku International Packaging
IT- Crevalcore
Padiglione 6.2, Stand A-03

Contact: Serena Ruppi
Telefono: +39 051 6830969, +39 345 7442980

Sustainable container for healthy salad

Sustainable container for healthy salad
The new Family Salad packaging from La Linea Verde contains Prevented Ocean Plastic.

For its ready-made salad mix Family Salad, La Linea Verde has a new type of packaging partially made from Prevented Ocean Plastic. This is a recycled plastic material collected on coastlines, so it is not polluting the ocean. The collapsible container holds enough salad to serve as a side dish for three to four people. Because condensation cannot form in the container, the contents stay fresh longer and retain their delicious appearance. The container is entirely recyclable, too. The label on the packaging provides clear information on its characteristics, and encourages users to get involved in the recycling process.

IT - Manerbio (BS)
Padiglione 4.2, Stand D-02

Contact: Valérie Hoff
Telefono: +39 030 9373611

Purified water for healthy plants

Purified water for healthy plants
Nanobubbles clean watering systems thoroughly and without chemicals.

When it comes to keeping watering systems clean, nanobubbles are an efficient alternative to chemical cleaners. One single bubble is 2500 times smaller than a grain of salt, and invisible to the human eye. Yet these bubbles are incredibly strong. The company Molaer develops nanobubble technology on an industrial scale in the interest of sustainable plant production. These mini-bubbles improve water quality and clarity. They purify the water with oxygen, keep algae at bay, and prevent the formation of biofilms. This has a positive effect on the plants themselves, as the roots can grow better and the plant takes in more nutrients. Molaer’s Neo™ nanobubble generators are available in three variants depending on industry, body of water, and quality control requirements.

Padiglione 8.1, Stand A-11

Contact: Jenn Fisher
Telefono: +1 775 420 7540

From field to plate

From field to plate
The Mylagro app makes it easier for farmers to directly market their products.

More and more people want to know where their food comes from. One way to connect the end consumer with the producer is the free app Mylagro. Farmers create a farm profile and advertise their products. Dealers, restaurants, hotels, and end consumers can order them online directly from the producer. Mylagro also wants to make it possible for smaller agricultural operations to benefit from the growing e-commerce trend. With a special logistics service, fresh Spanish produce can be delivered within the EU in 24 to 72 hours.

Padiglione 5.1, Stand A-13

Contact: Hernan Gomez
Telefono: +34 932 20 80 69

Vertically grown Strawberries

Vertically grown Strawberries
Vera Berry from Netled facilitates the vertical cultivation of strawberries.

There are many benefits to vertically cultivating fruits: It requires little space, promises yields over a span of years, is less susceptible to harvest risks, and can be very efficient when done properly. The Finnish company Netled is specialised for vertical farming solutions on an industrial scale. It offers solutions for the cultivation of leaf vegetables and herbs. With Vera Berry, it provides a vertical cultivation solution for strawberries and varieties with similar space requirements, like Arctic raspberries or even cut flowers. The elegantly designed system is fully automated, from lighting to watering. Pesticides and herbicides are not required. Vera Berry will be commercially available in 2023.

Padiglione 8.1, Stand B-05

Contact: Sanna Andersson
Telefono: +358 40 358 4976

Colourful fruit bowls

Colourful fruit bowls
R-PET fruit bowl-accessory line A4-Q18 is available in a wide range of colours.

Fruits are safely preserved, like in a nest, in the new fruit bowl accessory line A4-Q18 of Novapack Sud. The round packaging elements consist of recycled PET and stand out due to their customisable colours. The fruit bowls can be used as an insert inside the plastic packaging. They also protect the fruit when packaged in a stretch film or a flow bag. A4-Q18 is suitable for all round fruits such as apples, pomegranates, oranges or kakis. Its practical four-pack presentation is suitable for modern households and enables safe transport.

Novapack Sud s.r.l.
Padiglione 4.2, Stand C-09

Contact: Lisa Pisani
Telefono: +39 3389209239, +39 0932985353

Maggiore spazio per i prodotti freschi

Maggiore spazio per i prodotti freschi
Penta-Plast presenta i suoi nuovi Agri Bins.

Con il suo nuovo prodotto Agri Bins 113x113 Gran Volume Penta Plast soddisfa la richiesta di grandi contenitori per colture da parte dell'industria agricola. I contenitori in plastica sono adatti anche per il settore ortofrutticolo. Sono costruiti in materiale plastico resistente e sono riutilizzabili più volte. Il loro materiale è riciclabile e offre garanzie di igiene assolutamente superiore. I contenitori Agri Bins sono disponibili in tre diverse altezze: 58, 63 e 76 centimetri e in diverse varianti di colori che possono essere adattate alle esigenze del cliente. Penta Plast è presente sul mercato dal 1985 e vende i suoi prodotti sul mercato nazionale ed europeo. L'azienda è socia fondatrice CO.N.I.P. (Consorzio nazionale imballaggi plastica), un consorzio nato per il recupero degli imballaggi a fine vita e la loro rigenerazione in materia prima secondaria.

# Sostenibilità

Penta-Plast srl
IT- S.Agata Feltria (RN)
Padiglione 4.2, Stand D-02

Contact: Andreea Radu
Telefono: +39 0547 699040

Healthy tuber

Healthy tuber
With the Miss Tata brand, the Portuguese Potato Association hopes to take international markets.

Portugal boasts ideal conditions for growing potatoes: fertile soil, sun year-round, and an Atlantic climate. And, for the first time, the Portuguese Potato Association (Associação da Batata de Portugal) is presenting Miss Tata at FRUIT LOGISTICA. The brand hopes to raise awareness of Portuguese potatoes in Europe. Miss Tata potatoes grow between May and August, and contain no preservatives. They are grown inland and close to the coast, and are initially geared toward seven strategic markets: France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, and Angola.

PT- Lourinhã
Padiglione 5.2, Stand C-09

Contact: Ana Rute Silva
Telefono: (+351) 910 488 337, (+351)914 22
porbatata@porbatata.pt, marketing@porbatata.pt

Secure labelling for foods

Secure labelling for foods
The Print On-Demand® technology from Sinclair allows for on-site labelling.

Bar and batch codes are becoming increasingly important in automated sales and logistics chains. However, it is no simple task for manufacturers and traders to apply them to products. Thanks to the Print On-Demand® technology from Sinclair, labels can be printed with a flick of the wrist. The system helps manufacturers save on storage costs, as they no longer have to have different label designs at hand. Instead, the innovative device provides a blank label that it prints with variable data on site and then sticks to the product. In direct thermal mode, the machine works at a speed of up to 720 units per minute. Print On-Demand® labels are available in various sizes and shapes, and comply with EU and FDA food safety requirements for direct contact with fruits and vegetables.

Sinclair International
Padiglione 4.1, Stand B-08

Contact: Duncan Jones
Telefono: +44 1603726400

Stem cauliflower – healthy and conveniant

Stem cauliflower – healthy and conveniant
The cauliflower iStem from Syngenta is edible, including the stem, and has a nutty flavour.

Syngenta wants to use a new cauliflower brand to make it easier to enjoy this healthy vegetable. According to the company, iStem is “edible from top to bottom”. This name includes cauliflower varieties that develop side shoots, meaning that the customer does not have to remove any stalks before consumption. Instead, the entire, easily divisible fruit can be eaten as a whole. There is a four-centimetre-long, white tip on the 13-centimetre-long, green stem. While the cauliflower is currently available in 250-gram packaging, it will also be available in microwave bags and vegetable mixes in the future. It stands out for its nutty flavour, high fibre content, and immunity-boosting vitamin C.

Padiglione 1.2, Stand D-16

Contact: Jérémie Chabanis
Telefono: + 33 (0)7 86 88 70 29

Emission-free cooling

Emission-free cooling
Goods can be cooled in trains without generating additional emissions.

How can perishable goods be sustainably transported by train? A team at the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) decided to get to the bottom of this question, and developed a solution: The locomotive’s electric power keeps the products at the right temperature without generating more emissions, regardless of whether the products are in reefer containers or reefer semitrailers. Long-distance train transport is already being conducted with these tested wagons, which have also recently been approved for use in Europe. The products are monitored by the railway transit company. There are no costs for the diesel generators. All containers that can be used on roads or ships can be reused, allowing for a faster, easy transition to emission-free transport.

Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)
Padiglione 20., Stand A-19

Contact: Markus Hecht
Telefono: +49(30)31425150

Travel companion for fresh fruit

Travel companion for fresh fruit
The non-lithium 5G tracker from Tive monitors fresh goods during transportation.

In the interest of safety and the environment, the company Tive abstains from using lithium-ion batteries in its products. It is presenting its first non-lithium 5G tracker at FRUIT LOGISTICA. With a simple user interface, the device provides real-time information on the location, temperature, moisture, vibrations, and lighting to which the cargo exposed. All these factors can impact preservability. The integrated 5G technology facilitates precise tracking of the delivery, making the transportation process transparent. Customers can also optimise it, such as with regard to more sustainable and affordable solutions. In addition, the tracker ensures that the deliveries arrive on time and whole. It is suitable for one-time and recurring use.

Padiglione 23, Stand A-15

Contact: Greg Hustler
Telefono: +44 7888869861

Under one blanket

Under one blanket
The bright white TLX2 thermal blanket protects perishable goods from sunlight.

On their often long journeys from producers to traders and consumers, fresh goods have to endure a wide range of ambient conditions. Heat, cold, humidity, insects, and light can impact their preservability considerably. The bright white TLX2 thermal blanket protects temperature-sensitive goods from direct sunlight. It provides a healthy microclimate, as it is both watertight and breathable. Air and steam can be easily exchanged, and the moisture inside the pallet does not reach harmful levels. The blanket can also provide additional security against theft or manipulation. The TLX2 is easy to store and can also be recycled.

TLX Cargo
Padiglione 8.2, Stand A-16

Contact: Thomas Hunt
Telefono: +44 (0) 07947 687744

Precise weighing

Precise weighing
Goods can be efficiently packaged with the new weighing tables from TopControl

With its new, smart weighing tables, TopControl is making the packaging and repackaging process more simple and efficient. The tables made from robust, hygienic stainless steel can be integrated in packaging lines or used on their own. An integrated system scale, which uses a colour-coded LED display to show the matching weight, or the missing or excess quantity, makes the packaging process especially manageable. It is thus easy to fill containers with the right quantities in just a short time. The tables are compliant with foodstuff industry standards, and can be ergonomically tailored to suit the user. This makes work easier and faster, while saving on costs.

Padiglione 4.1, Stand D-06

Contact: Christine Dorigoni
Telefono: +39 393 952 7073

Excellent climate in greenhouse

Excellent climate in greenhouse
LedFan Toplighting System of TungSram Operations compensates temperature in the greenhouse.

Those who grow tomatoes or cucumbers under full LED lighting, often have to struggle with a loss of heat. The infrared radiation of HPS lamps also cause vegetables to lose moisture. LedFan Toplighting System of TungsRam Agritech has a solution to this problem. On the one hand, the device benefits from the high efficiency of the LEDs and on the other hand, adjusts the temperature by blowing air from above the lights over the LED modules back down to the vegetables. This creates a warm air blanket that holds heat longer in the crop. It can thus absorb a higher volume of water. LedFan Toplighting System helps vegetable producers in saving heating energy and is energy-efficient.

Tungsram Operations
Padiglione 8.1, Stand B-17

Contact: Krisztina Jávorszki
Telefono: +36202353880

Efficient seeding

Efficient seeding
ANTHEA1600 seeding machine of Urbinati fills 1600 trays per hour.

With its high-performance seeding line (seed drill) ANTHEA1600, Urbinati, by its own information, introduces the fastest seeding line in terms of hourly production to the market. Thanks to special dimensions, the trays are arranged horizontal to the direction of movement on the conveyor belt. This fact together with the perfect modulation of the individual work phases, is the reason for the achievement of a high production of 1600 trays per hour by the machine. For the work to run continuously, the tanks for filling and covering the trays are designed with large capacities. This reduces labour efforts. A hydropneumatic final stacker accelerates and stabilises tray stacking.

IT- San Mauro Pascoli
Padiglione 5.1, Stand B-10

Contact: Davide Barotti
Telefono: +39 334 6159392

Fresh juice from fresh fruits

Fresh juice from fresh fruits
Zumoval’s Big Top squeezes fresh juice from oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits and lemons.

The new BigTop machine has been developed by Zumoval especially for supermarkets as well as grocery and convenience stores. It can squeeze up to 28 oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits and lemons per minute without needing any cleaning when switching fruits, due to its double self-cleaning shower system. The double pulp-out filter system automatically clears seeds and pulp from the juice. Customers can independently fill the juice with a robust self-service tap. Thanks to a 0.75 hp motor, a steel gear and an aluminium body, the machine is maintenance-free as claimed by the manufacturer. To use Big Top irrespective of a fixed water connection, Zumoval has also developed a portable water supply system.

ESP- Paterna (Valencia)
Padiglione 6.1, Stand A-03

Contact: Bart Wijnia
Telefono: +34 638544699